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  1. We tried last night (10 hours ago) and the private matches were even dumping...:(
  2. Agreed. If someone actually complains about it in-game then I'm definitely slashing them. I'll slash if I suspect a knife near the end-game or if it's Tommy perhaps. The animations are too fun to slash all the time.
  3. Platform? I play with a group of friends and we have a great time!
  4. I agree that escaping should NOT be a 50/50 things overall. It should be a bunch of kids vs. an OP Jason - that's the point. He needs a buff or the kids need a nerf IMO. Makes an escape that much more rewarding.
  5. Ok, are they 'stuck', admittedly or just programmed to stay there after a certain timeframe in the game? Was this a proven bug?
  6. The one that FEELS the best to me personally is surviving 20 minutes after being chased for a bit too!
  7. I don't turn anything off right away, but there are PLENTY of times waiting in the lobby that you can tell who you need to mute immediately..LOL
  8. Welcome! As you play Jason more often, you will begin to recognize the players that go into the game with that EXACT plan from the outset - and you will learn to adjust. I have killed Jason and BEEN killed both many times. There is NO shame in avoiding the counselors to avoid being killed if that is their plan. Obviously any game like this Jason should be close to OP, I think it needs to be a BIT tougher to kill him, but I have a LOT of fun playing. Especially if you find the right lobby or play with the same group often,
  9. Anyone else seen this yet? I was offline and chased Victoria into the 4-seater passenger side. Just as I was about to grab her - she exits the driver-side! LOL
  10. That was a REALLY good movie for the genre. However, I personally believe American remakes of horror movies - in general - fail to capture more than just the action. There is little 'feel' e.t.c. So, I'd be surprised if I like it better.
  11. I'm a big fan of random on both sides. RARE do I choose ahead of time. Like to learns the pros and cons of all characters.
  12. Because they don't know how to defend against it. They have a PK most likely. Slashing sometimes is harder, but you know what? The more they bitch about it the more you should slash! It's in the game so use it and let them bitch about it. Easier for you if they don't want to improve...
  13. This was great! Couple of little cheating b*****s!
  14. Ran into something I have not seen before: couldn't interact with a window and was brutally hacked to death...LOL As I was spectating the last player, he had the same issue. Just that particular game - you think? - or does this pop up occasionally?
  15. I am an honest PC player. I have a group I like to play with as we are all fair and have fun..but, yes, we always run into some "hinkey" stuff....;)
  16. Thank you for the patch. F13 is one of my favorites and It's going to be for some time yet!!
  17. I agree. In fact, If I happen to slash - and someone whines - they ALL get slashed.....:)
  18. If it's not a glitch then I think facing a wall is a good strategy. Suddenly, Jason is at a disadvantage and you SHOULD do everything to avoid being killed. Facing a wall is hardly cheating. I'll be honest here - if I can avoid a kill by doing that or using the water I'll do it ESPECIALLY if the lobby 'cries' about it. BUT I will never troll or 'cheat'. FWIW.
  19. I'm still fairly new, so I'm now learning how to 'block' e.t.c in combat stance. Have run into kill-squads and I need to get my muscle memory going to activate the blocking and shift-grabbing and THEN maybe I'll try alternate styles but I am still fairly basic. Trap phone then maybe try to find Tommy power box...
  20. This is my problem as a fairly new player. I still am learning all the 'techniques' of Jason. So when I can get a LOT better at blocking and reversing I look forward to squaring off against obvious kill-squads. I CAN identify them, just little I can do at this point in time.
  21. Yes. Just for 'fun' to show some friends what it's like and to laugh at myself!
  22. This is a question for someone who understands terms/conditions better than I. Since it was unclear (to me) on the YouTube site, I'd like to ask what violations/problems - if any - there are for me just posting rounds of F13 on my own YouTube channel? Free to do whatever or will they be taken down?
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