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  1. I definitely love the game so I continue on! New options would be nice but not necessary for me to continue.
  2. I just started playing F13 and I really do enjoy it. (PC) It's my 'speed' - multiplayer survival without 100 players. (I'm not an elite or everyday gamer). A good mix of action, tension and fun. I think the interaction between players can definitely add a LOT to the enjoyability of the game (as well as the other way..;)) This forum is a great place for me to scroll through for recommendations for similar games to try out as well. In my fantasy world this game never goes away but, always willing to move on to other ones!
  3. Console=PC Gamertag=45RPM (noob)
  4. I had my first run-in last night. Troll running people down with the car and giving away locations. Then in another game they would each get a vehicle and do head-on collisions. I just try to kill as many as possible if I'm Jason in that second scenario and leave the lobby afterwards.
  5. Oh I agree! It would be but is that true? Seems like a lot of background noise if it is.
  6. When we are NEAR others - or even Jason - as counselors, we don't need to hit the push to talk key to chat with anyone, is that correct? (PC)
  7. So, I know these are rare and maybe I got really lucky, but I just played my VERY first live game - got counselor - and the SECOND drawer I opened I found a cassette tape. Wild!
  8. I would appreciate that. I've been practicing offline but tonight.. I shall jump in live!
  9. STEAM name is kld3169. 45 RPM for forums and gameplay!
  10. LOL, thank you! Yeah I have no problem with a little trash-talking to strangers but it is all done in good taste to be sure!
  11. Hello all. Never been an over-the-top gamer, but I now have nephews and cousins wanting me to join in and do some stuff with them so here we go! Despite some glitches and the fact that many may not get fixed, F13 The Game is just my speed. Perfect length and funny interactions between most players are it's big draw for me. It can be exciting and I'm hoping to catch on quickly. I play the game fairly and like to have fun doing it. After watching a handful of gamers on YouTube it just had to be done! When playing with the family the trash-talking is great but not obscene to the outsider. (In a family-only private game that's a different story :)) Looking forward to stalking and or running with all the players in this game - which will be the first of many new ones I try. I will always be looking for a fun-competitive and fair lobby once I get a little better...:) PC platform.
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