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  1. Ran into something I have not seen before: couldn't interact with a window and was brutally hacked to death...LOL As I was spectating the last player, he had the same issue. Just that particular game - you think? - or does this pop up occasionally?
  2. I am an honest PC player. I have a group I like to play with as we are all fair and have fun..but, yes, we always run into some "hinkey" stuff....;)
  3. Thank you for the patch. F13 is one of my favorites and It's going to be for some time yet!!
  4. I agree. In fact, If I happen to slash - and someone whines - they ALL get slashed.....:)
  5. If it's not a glitch then I think facing a wall is a good strategy. Suddenly, Jason is at a disadvantage and you SHOULD do everything to avoid being killed. Facing a wall is hardly cheating. I'll be honest here - if I can avoid a kill by doing that or using the water I'll do it ESPECIALLY if the lobby 'cries' about it. BUT I will never troll or 'cheat'. FWIW.
  6. I'm still fairly new, so I'm now learning how to 'block' e.t.c in combat stance. Have run into kill-squads and I need to get my muscle memory going to activate the blocking and shift-grabbing and THEN maybe I'll try alternate styles but I am still fairly basic. Trap phone then maybe try to find Tommy power box...
  7. This is my problem as a fairly new player. I still am learning all the 'techniques' of Jason. So when I can get a LOT better at blocking and reversing I look forward to squaring off against obvious kill-squads. I CAN identify them, just little I can do at this point in time.
  8. Yes. Just for 'fun' to show some friends what it's like and to laugh at myself!
  9. This is a question for someone who understands terms/conditions better than I. Since it was unclear (to me) on the YouTube site, I'd like to ask what violations/problems - if any - there are for me just posting rounds of F13 on my own YouTube channel? Free to do whatever or will they be taken down?
  10. I'm getting closer and closer to just muting everyone in the lobby from the beginning. I figure the decent ones would DM me to join a group that is non-toxic. I just ignore right now but it IS tough when the personal insults start over a video game! Don't get me wrong - trash-talking TO Jason or a counselor is hilarious at times but not personally to the PLAYER.
  11. I have got to the point that if I KNOW it infuriates someone - I'll slash them even more and let them scream about it. Prefer the grab/kills but I'll slash just to get reactions now.....it's IN THE GAME..it gets used I say!
  12. I was killed the other day by an obvious 'kill squad'. I'll just need to get better at playing Jason and first recognize that this is their plan and then try to avoid the sweater. I don't MIND groups trying to do this, what makes it bad - for me at least - id the toxic taunting and chatter as they do it. The derogatory terms and personal taunts are making me think about just muting EVERYONE in the lobby to start. Some nasty-ass players who would cry if they fail and yet can drop some plain old mean taunts when they kill. Practice, practice, practice for me!
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