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    Video games, comic books, science fiction and horror. I am here, after all.
  1. Wait, Tetsuo as in "Tetsuo: The Iron Man?" They made two more of those? That's... hard to imagine. I'll always remember Dark Water, if only because almost the same thing happened to that poor college girl, Elisa Lam, just ten years later in real life. Both very creepy stories, but it did start to seem like Suzuki Kouji did not have a lot of range. Drowned Japanese women were kind of his thing, I guess. There is way more focus on the spiritual in Asian horror, usually limited to ghosts. That can be creepier, but I do dig the occasional human killer... I'm trying to remember the name and having trouble looking it up, but there was one about a sadistic Japanese woman who sewed her husband's eyes shut. Hard to describe it without spoiling it, but I just can't remember the name. Not bad, as I recall.
  2. Saw the Human or Zombie thread, but it looked like that was more general. I was thinking specifically of the book.
  3. Thanks! I really need to check out those comics. I knew of them, but didn't think they would go into quite so much back story. That's great!
  4. I looked around for a while, but didn't see anything. The forums have grown impressively quickly. I'd assumed Pamela Voorhees jumping out of the river was a bad dream, same with little Jason jumping out of the lake in the first movie, since he was apparently already fully grown.
  5. Most horror movie deaths are too quick to be the worst. It's really got to be pretty slow. I think Mister McCulloch in Jason Takes Manhattan is one of the worst for me. Drowning, but also in a tight space, upside down, in the most rancid possible liquid. It definitely depends on each person's fears though.
  6. One thing I haven't seen anyone bring up in these forums so far is possibly my favorite moment in the entire Friday series. When the main characters are exploring the Voorhees house in Jason Goes To Hell, the guy finds the Necronomicon Ex Mortis from the Evil Dead series, just kind of sitting on a random table. To me, this explained everything. In those missing 20 years between Jason drowning and the first movie, Pamela Voorhees must have searched everywhere for a way to bring her son back to life, eventually finding the Book of the Dead and using it to resurrect the little boy, but of course everything that book does is evil, so he was brought back either possessed by a demon, or somehow powered by darkness. He might even need to keep killing just to stay alive, according to whatever deal was made. I know this might make a simple scenario too complicated for some people who love the simplicity of the series, but at least when Jason came back as a zombie in Part VI, something had to explain it (lightning alone obviously isn't enough) so I just loved this touch and thought it brought the whole series together perfectly. Even when he was sort of human in parts II through IV, he was already somewhat supernatural, mysteriously recovering from fatal wounds after each movie. Does everyone else ignore the book's appearance? Was I assuming too much of a small reference to another horror movie? Is there any other explanation implied for how a drowned boy became an unstoppable killing machine? I was surprised to see the crossover, thinking there were legal reasons preventing the mixing of the series, but I'd actually kind of love if a movie or TV show explored the connection a little more, especially now that Ash Versus Evil Dead is back. Thoughts?
  7. So a lot of people dig some comedy in their horror? I guess the combination does go back a long way, though I'm not sure how often the comedy was intentional, but I see a lot of Evil Dead, Friday the 13th Part VI (which I think was the very last one I saw all the way through) Hatchet and Brain Dead. Part VI seemed a little out of place, as Kane Hodder mentioned trying to stay serious even in Jason X, Jason's always been a humorless character so I think it's a more difficult fit than it is in other series like Evil Dead, where Bruce Campbell makes it feel completely natural. Thanks for the lists, everyone!
  8. Multiple locations would be great, but never more than one at a time. The developers said that they started with a much larger map, but that caused a lot of problems, where people would run off, get lost, and not see anyone or anything and get bored. Things have to be kept at the right size, so that teams can effectively work together to gather tools and parts, set traps and Jason can have ambush locations. Basically, every part of the map should serve a purpose, either as the location of a necessary item, weapon, piece of information, environmental kill or ambush spot. Running the same map over and over will get boring though, so either a variety of maps located around Crystal Lake (other camps like Packanack, or local houses and barns) or at least randomize the locations of Camp Crystal Lake, providing different layouts of the same structures, making some strategies easier or more difficult because of where things are and the path you take to get there.
  9. Because he said "Cheers?" I see a lot of that online, but he could be.
  10. Yeah, I'm always desperate for new information, always hoping for a screenshot or short video, but I know they're extremely busy right now with the Kickstarter just ending. Can't wait to see more! Welcome!
  11. All time, I guess. I'm more likely to enjoy recent stuff, as gore depends on tech, but I do like some of the older stuff. I think I've seen Nightmare 3 more than any of the others, for some reason. Maybe they play it on TV more because it's the most popular. I've had a strangely difficult time finding Nightmare 4, actually, though I think that might have been my favorite from what I can remember. Nobody ever seems to talk about 2. They went in a strangely different direction with that one, which is usually a bad idea for iconic horror series.
  12. I was just thinking that they've been talking about how every counselor will have a Fear level that will effect everything they do. It'll make them clumsier, slower and less effective, stumbling around, making more noise which Jason can hear to find them, and making them worse at everything they do. Being alone raises fear slowly, seeing Jason raises fear more, and seeing him kill anyone raises it a lot. So there must be some way to lower your Fear level back down, and that is the perfect reason to make players do comforting, recreational things like laying down, taking a shower or making out. It'll recharge a crucial stat by relaxing the character, bringing them back up to full speed and nearly silent movement. Then you can go back to what you were trying to do, as long as Jason doesn't catch you during your "nap" or whatever. Maybe 30 seconds for each relaxing activity?
  13. Just because nobody's asked yet, what's your favorite horror movie? And if it's not a Friday the 13th, which is your favorite Friday the 13th? I think I'd probably go Part VII, because I think it had the best Jason costume (the first done by Kane Hodder!) and the very unusual addition of telekinesis into the story, which I'm sure bothered some people but it definitely made the movie stand out from the rest of the series. It was almost like a superhero fighting Jason, which combines everything I love into one movie. Outside the series, I think the first movie that comes to mind was an interesting horror film called Creep from 2004, about a woman accidentally locked inside the London subway system overnight. It was really well done, and combined a creepy atmosphere with a cool "forgotten evil" concept. If I haven't heard of your favorites, I'd love to check them out, so also share any horror movies you think people may not have seen, and are worth a watch!
  14. My wife's from New Jersey! She's even been to Blairstown where they shot the first movie, though it was years ago and she had no idea it was filmed there at the time. Jason's state! Awesome. Welcome!
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