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  1. @slasher_clone Thanks. Just a bit of panic setting into me. Ha ha. It's hard work but a lot of fun. I finished Challenge #10 today. I got 3 skulls in all 10 offline challenges 💀
  2. Hi....can we tape farm ? Or is that a Neddy-No No ? If we can I'd love to start a thread. I have 23 now...I'm just worried I won't get the 33.
  3. Hi folks. I'm new to all this lawsuit stuff so apologies if I sound ignorant. I think it's a great game as it is...I just hope I will be able to play it as it is now. I'm not too upset about new content not being added. It would be a shame if we can't play a match together. Anyway, this game is a credit to whoever worked on it and I hope it all works out for you. I think the little bugs and glitches give it a 80s vibe. You wanna try loading a game on a Spectrum 48K....ha ha.
  4. Hi folks. I rolled a 10% Nerves of Steel last night so with Lone Wolf and Preparedness I have 19% fear resistance. However Jason is still locking onto me. What do I do ? I'm not sure how visible I am to Jason. Maybe I need to creep around a bit instead of jogging. I don't sprint unless he's right behind me. I'm definitely flying under the radar better than before. I'm one of the last to get killed now. I hope they extend the double XP thing too. It's been a great weekend
  5. Thanks for your warm welcome. This is a really cool site. I'm still learning my around it. I'm happy to see lots of posts and interest in F13. I got 13 tapes now so I'm real happy. Just trying to build a no-fear Jenny Myers... research tells me I need 20% fear resistance to become virtually undetectable. There's an awful lot more to this game than I realised. Right, I better get to it. Apologies I'm not tagging people above as I'm still learning...I nearly reported Damon earlier...I hit the wrong button, ha ha. But yeah, I remember F13 on the Spectrum...it was made my Domark. My cousin gave me the tape. Skool Daze was on it also.
  6. Heavy metal...listen to heavy metal with headphones and get into it. I find great power and strength though metal. Positive energy even though it can be dark and scary. Listening to Lizzy Borden now...I grew up with Iron Maiden, Megadeth , Metallica and of course...Guns'n'Roses. Listening to these guys will purge all that stress out of you. Exercise too...try weightlifting....start with light weights as you can damage your back. I smoke a lot of cigarettes...I'm not going to recommend that. I don't drink as much beer but a 6-pack twice a week takes the edge off things for me. Heavy metal.
  7. Days Gone...I highly recommend it. It's only on PS4 though. A game hasn't scared me like this in a long time. It's slow at first but picks up. You're a survivor in Oregon...a virus was released and it mutated people. All you have is your motorbike and memories of...Days Gone.
  8. Good job ! I'm back playing again and am hunting for tapes. They are there...but the second drawer you opened. Beginners luck maybe. I reckon I get 1 tape for every 70 drawers I open. I have 10 tapes now.
  9. Thanks guys. I found a tape last night so I'm all excited. It's good to be back playing F13.
  10. Hi folks ! I got a tape last night. I have 4 now. I switched to Jenny Myers as I can last longer in a session to search for tapes. Her composure helps. It was in Higgins Haven I found it in a desk with a big teddy bear next to it. Jenny has a high luck statistic....does this make the chances of finding these tapes greater ? I don't know. Do you have to survive the game in order to keep the tape? I didn't know this either Also, I uploaded my game data save thingy in case there is a bug and I lose the tapes. I am not sure if this works but I guess it's always good to upload/backup your game data save. Edit: July 09 . Struggling to text here so I'll make it short. Can we start a thread to farm these tapes ? Cos I'm real worried about this lawsuit and online play ? I have 23 now but am concerned I'll not get them all if the online game is shut down. Happy camping !
  11. Hi...I'm getting back into this game. Going on a hunt for the tapes. I grew up on Friday the 13th films and played the game on a Spectrum 48k in the 80s. You had to load the game with a real cassette tape
  12. Of course...I'll do an introduction post. I love this game. I grew with Friday the 13th films. Thanks
  13. Hi...I am level 34 and have 3 tapes. I'm just getting back into the game since I didn't play much in the last year. Does your characters luck rating matter? I watched video on YouTube to farm the tapes but I think I'll just enjoy the game and maybe in 10 years I will have all the tapes
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