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  1. Thanks for the indefinite extension on double XP and tapes. It was a nice touch as it's a tough time for everyone now. Thanks again. Stay safe campers.
  2. @DefiantEnd Hi. Main menu - Progression - Tapes There are 2 types, Pamela tapes and Tommy tapes
  3. Happy Christmas\Holidays campers ! I seem to be finding lobbies games easier now. Dedicated servers back ? I'm not even sure what a dedicated server is. Anyway, I'm really enjoying F13 and hope it continues for a long time. Oh, I hope you all have a great New Year and a new decade. "It's alive !" I'm loving the double XP
  4. @Wolledc Hello camper. I hate to sound negative but I grinded all summer to get all 33 tapes because I fear this game is jeopardised by the ongoing lawsuit ....so if you have the time , then grind like a madman. It's not easy, it takes a lot of time but I felt I had to advise you - Get the tapes sooner rather than later cos this game is in the courts. I know the pressure I was under. Some say you can listen to them on YouTube but I don't like that. If you have time, get them now. Just saying...I hope I helped out.
  5. Get in there campers ! Guaranteed tape drop in every match ! Can someone explain that to me ? I got all 33...well worth it if you are a F13 fan. It's Friday the 13th ! Ha ha
  6. I'm dreading this trophy cos I'm on PS4 and have no idea of my kill history. People talk about graveyard fence impaling and tombstone kills. The first thing I did is play every Jason in offline bots and executed every kill I could purchase. Chop Suey and all that stuff. And the game is buggy so maybe you'll get it 3 weeks after doing it. Idk
  7. @GhostWolfViking It is a grind but I'm kind of relaxed now that I got the 33 tapes. I can enjoy it more now. It's like an atmosphere thing now... joining a lobby and playing for fun. PhD in Murder sounds brutal and escaping on a boat as a passenger 13 times. I've got the 500 games as a counselor. I'll keep playing I think. It's great with a 6-pack late at night
  8. @Nathan5226 That's nice to hear. Good vibrations, ha ha. Jason's giving me excitations. Lol. Enjoy
  9. You know what I'd love though....is a game for every horror film we grew up with. I hope this F13 lawsuit fiasco hasn't ruined it. I downloaded Dead by Daylight today - it was a free game with PS4. But imagine Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Hellraiser, Phantasm (my favourite) and other genres. There is a huge open market for this kinda thing so if anybody is reading...get it together and I'll put on some popcorn
  10. Still...it's a great game. I got my tapes but am now relaxing enjoying the game. Got 71% trophies and watched that Slash'n'Cast guy on YouTube with latest lawsuit update. Life is good
  11. Do you guys have PhDs or something ? Those posts are awful long. Now, PhDs ? Can you help me get a PhD in murder? Ha ha
  12. Hello campers I got all 33 tapes. It's a hard grind but it is doable. I will monitor this thread. It is just about opening drawers. Playing the game really. But it became an obsession for me. I counted drawers...the worst was a 2500 drawer gap. I will always remember the summer of 2019 as F13. But it will be a good memory. It was a blast. Just keep playing....you will get them. Happy camping
  13. I played all the offline bots... every map in the last 2 days. Only Jarvis House were the bots standing still. All other maps they moved around. Once or twice they might stand still when indoors near a window but in general they were moving. But Jarvis House.... completely frozen in place. I'm on PS4. I'm loving this game though. Happy camping
  14. I'm in Europe. PS4. If you are lucky to find a few players then stick with them. Finding a game is hard but once you get into a group of players, keep playing. Don't leave. I'm currently in a grou of 8. Time your breaks and you will get a few hours out of it.
  15. I got real lucky. I was host and got 3-4 hours of matches with 6-8 players. I'm logging on now again. If you get into a session of players, don't leave. Hide in the wardrobe if you want to go for a quick coffee. Happy camping Sweet Jesus ! Daddy got tape #32 ! Only 1 left....here we go !
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