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  1. Hey guys, Sorry for the absence. Being the thread creator, I should have been more involved but I was caught up with a lot of work. I'm really glad to see this topic has gathered so much traction. Here's hoping the developers notice this and actually considering adding some tweaks to Jason's rage mode in the next patch so that no party gets the short end of the stick. As I said, I'm not asking for the update to be removed completely but in my honest opinion, it would have been more than enough to just add the stun immunity while breaking through doors in rage mode rather than the full-blown invincibility that we are currently seeing. That's just my opinion, y'all are more than welcome to agree or disagree
  2. Hey @GeneiJin, first of all I appreciate you putting thought into your reply to my post. Unfortunately the advanced tactic you described of saving counselors from a slashing post-rage Jason is known by very few and tbh I'm not very perturbed by not being able to save crippled counselors from a slashing Jason. My main concern is not being able to save my fellow comrades from a spam grabbing Jason, that's all. I've already listed many toggles to this problem already so you can scroll up . In the end, I made this post so that my opinions are heard and perhaps even considered, but I've also had the pleasure to receive the opinions of many others as well ,so for that I'm thankful.
  3. Yea obviously, if you're all alone and Jason grabs you, you're finished. What i was talking about was to make it possible for other counselors to save you from Jason post rage which isn't currently the case
  4. Appreciate you for speaking your thoughts on my post, you had quite a lot to share Here's to hoping the devs apply some of these toggles to the game so that we atleast have a chance of saving ourselves and others from Jason's clutches post rage.
  5. Hey @OCT 31 1978, i apologize if my "band-aid" comment sounded entitled but I can assure you that it wasn't the intention. I would like to attribute a different emotion to that sentence, disappointment. Also I said the exact same thing in my main post, why didnt you react then?🤔. Hope you read my whole post before placing such labels on me. I'm starting this discussion after months of observing the rage update, believe me most of us counselors have adapted.. and so have the Jason teamers and Jasons themselves. There are some things good about the update such as Jason being stun immune when breaking thru doors in rage but in my honest opinion, the bad outweighs the good, I've already discussed in depth on my main post and in my replies so kindly read up . All I'm asking for is a possibility of saving ourselves and other counselors from Jason even after he hits rage becoz not everyone is fortunate or experienced enuff to escape before he does. Post rage, the game really reminds me of DbD where you can only run away from the killer without any option of defending yourself BUT with a stamina meter that WILL run out unless you're not Vanessa or some other high stamina counselor. The fact that you can actually fight back is what drew me into this game. I still love this game, I really do, but I'm sure me and many other counselors feel that some balancing has to be done on Jason's end
  6. Another toggle/suggestion that i would like to share to balance out the rage mode is that when a counselor strikes Jason in rage, two things can happen: > Jason freezes in place for 2-3 seconds unable to perform any action whatsoever. > Jason is able to move freely but he is unable to slash/grab or perform any other action for about 2-3 seconds. Both of these suggestions/toggles will solve the problem of spam grab/slash that Jasons tend to abuse now-a-days and make it possible for counselors to actually save each other even after rage hits.
  7. Glad to hear it @mattshotcha, thanks for replying :). While a complete overhaul of the rage mechanic will be preferred, i think the counselor community can settle for some of the easier to implement toggles suggested by myself and other people here :). As I said in my main post, this update is like a "band-aid" fix for Jason players who didn't have the patience to ride the learning curve and adapt to the way counselors played.
  8. Yes @Dragonfire82877, I should have posted this earlier given the current state of the game , but i still wanna cling to the iota to hope that atleast some of the suggestions materialise in the game and make it more fun to play as a counselor. Also 12 months ago, i didn't really have a negative opinion on the rage update coz all these scummy practices have been developed only recently.
  9. Thanks @Fair Play, I put a lot of thought into this post and I'm glad that y'all appreciate my efforts Honestly I was half expecting to be trolled by Jason mains who are relishing the rage update but I ended up witnessing a very mature discussion from people on both sides of the spectrum. Not to mention a few more reasonable toggles to the overpowered rage which I hadn't thought of. Now that this post is more visible to the wider public, here's hoping that it captures the attention of the devs and they atleast consider implementing some of the suggestions listed here.
  10. Not very common for me, it only happens when i end up in a lobby of lv150s or when a random kill squad joins my lobby. So that makes about 5% of the current playerbase, the remaining 95% , well let's just say they like smacking Jason till rage mode coz they don't know what to do or are just trolls.
  11. Welp, i still stand by the fact that the rage update was the worst but Jason slowing down could help even the playing field even if it's a little bit..
  12. Well that's one of the positives, but unfortunately the negatives far outweigh the positives. Honestly they should have gone for the less extreme ways of buffing Jason as i have listed. I just hope this post reaches the devs and makes them consider these ideas. And yes it does require more skill to play post buff, but if the Jason has even the slightest idea how to play, the counselors won't survive the night
  13. Also I would like to narrate another incident I got killed by Jason (and his teaming buddy) and was spectating. I saw that the teamer was hitting Jason repeatedly while the Jason was blocking. At first, it didn't make sense but then I realised what they were upto, it was a quick way to filling up the rage meter. In the blocking stance, the Jason wouldn't get stunned but his meter will still get boosted so it was quite efficient ... Well, the Jason hit rage within 1-2 minutes of doing this and killed the entire lobby with ease, along with his buddy ofc. Honestly it was so scummy that i left the lobby. So this is one of the many ways that players have wrongfully exploited the rage update and ruined the game for counselors.
  14. While there are quite a few people who feel thay the rage update given to us on January 2019 was a much needed buff, i beg to differ. I feel that it is ,as some people on reddit say, a "band-aid" fix for the beginner Jasons who didnt have the patience to ride the learning curve. To add to this as a jason player, I don't feel any sense of accomplishment when i kill an entire lobby with my OP abilities. Its been many months since the rage update and ive noticed that 9 times Outta 10, there will always be a group of trolls who senselessly smack jason all the way to rage mode. As a result, the penalty of their actions falls on the peaceful players who are focused on the objectives. Another problem with the rage mode is the spam grabbing. The stun invulnerability of post-rage Jason makes it such that counselors can be grabbed instantaneously after being saved . The only way you can escape a grab after rage is to hope for Jason's mask to come off because of which he is stunned momentarily. And this brings me to another grievance , once you're injured post-rage, doesn't matter if the entire lobby tries to distract jason, you WILL not survive. Again, we have to thank the stun invulnerability for this. I liked this game more than other games such as DbD because you can atleast fight back but now it has turned more or less into a game of waiting for your stamina to run out. There are alternatives I can suggest: - Make all stuns post rage "instant recovery standing stuns" , the ones where you dont have to mash buttons to recover from. This would result in a stun that is about a second long. Very quick recovery but still solves the issue of instant regrabs, being unable to heal when Jason is on top of you, being unable to distract Jason when he's on top of an objective and combat that feels very unrewarding/unresponsive. -Keep the rage abilities but make it such that the rage meter is unaffected/less boosted by counselors attacking jason so that we dont get the rage mode too early in the game as a result of a group of trolls. -Remove the stun invulnerability but give jason more throwing knives from the start. -Remove the stun invulnerability but make counselors recover slower from melee hits so that they cannot instantly hit jason after being slashed. I got many of these alternatives from Reddit, so Gun Media, kindly go through the F13 subreddits if you want to hear a wider range of opinions on this . (Note: After the rage update, everybody seems to be using only high stamina characters like Vanessa/Buggzy etc which I cant blame, so many of the other counselors tend to be unused because they just can't survive jason post rage, this is another proof that the game still needs some balancing. Not to mention the number of jason teamers have rapidly increased...)
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