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  1. Fuck yes. I just let the server search wo cancelling and would leave the room sometimes to come back and find myself as Jason w my shift ability half full. But after four games I found 7 people w mics and hosted a private lobby for 5 hrs. It was so chill. Especially since all of us were over 30 w jobs and families. No dumb shit.
  2. Wow! Thanks @TedWhiteJ4 for that well thought out, I’m so cool and above you all opinion. cmon baby girl, stop acting like a bitch. Please. Really?? Because the side of 7 might always get favored, in qp lobbies and the competitive leagues/tournaments, the side of 1 usually at least keeps it competitive. If not completely wiping out all 7, no?
  3. Have you noticed when you have prep. equipped they’re in every3-5 drawers?
  4. What are y’all talking about, settings as in gamma, volumes and what not? I’m Xbox and maxed out the account but i actually just but it for steam because the graphics look cleaner. Unfortunately I have to play on low quality mode I still have a 130 ping so I basically wasted my money and I have the recommended requirements to play. Kinda sucks
  5. Yes of course I know that. I know how to cancel my knife.
  6. Oh c’mon!!!!! Micheal Myers doesn’t run!!!! Not realist at all. Jus kidding i got 2min. Are you not supposed to get the final shot off before he chases you?
  7. No it’s fucking stupid. The only legitimate kill is I have pocket knife so you’re trash if you slash, you can grab Me but you better give me 4-5 seconds to get out of your grip. Like it’s disrespectful to slash or choke. Unlike the respectful way to play, taunting teabaging and gangbanging. I love this fucking game.
  8. 1st off, I was just kidding yo, i get shit all the time when I use the equally Despised choke(asphyxiation) kill. Apparently you’re considered trash w no skill when you use those two kills, because they would know, they just got taken out by me B, I love the Pamela, I main jason9 w the machete. don’t you think it’d be badass if you could execute the splitters jarvis and throat slit w the machete? My set up would be, Jason9 heavy blood, machete w choke, Pamela, Jarvis , and throat slit.
  9. Fuck the tapes and the double xp. lm sorry I know it’s probably important to some of you that aren’t capped but I hate how that is all this game can offer anymore.
  10. You’re in this thread saying you did have this problem. Uuhhhhh huh??
  11. At the beginning of the match, if you see someone in a cabin, they re collecting shit survive. DO NOT GO INSIDE AND LOOK IN DRAWERS LIKE WE’RE ACTUALLY TEAMMATES. THE FIRST 3-5 minutes, Everyman for them self. FIND YOUR OWN CABIN AND DONT TOUCH THE FUCKING FUSE UNLESS YOU DROP IT RIGHT AWAY
  12. NICE HOMIE!!!!!! I bet he had to get a new Xbox, controller, and tv.
  13. Exactly bro!! That’s my MAIN issue w this game. They need to make attacking Jason feel like a last resort to where the player doesn’t want to fight but flight and try to escape. I mean seriously, in reality if I see a car to the right of me and Jason to the left, shhhiiiiiiittt, I’m not messing that big bitch. No, in reality I’m gonna go to this house where I put the gas for the car, then down the street where I put the battery after each use and finally grab my car keys in my bed room drawer. I also like to put the phone fuse in a drawer after each use..... sorry
  14. Fair enough bro. I did the in game messages for a while still do actually. Yes it’s definitely scarier wo instant communication. I Definitely think it’s flawed in that you can see were the other counselors are on the map. I’d love for that to be taken away for a trial run. Maps ok but in reality it shouldn’t show where people are or where someone else saw a gas can.
  15. I wouldn’t say it’s cheating but it’s pretty lame. Regardless, I fucking love that shit. It’s great practice for combat, knives, stalk shift grabs, whatever.
  16. Haha!! Idk what my man said but he sounded pissed. I think it should be available after a councilor jumps in and out of a window x number of times in a minute. Can u imagine how bad ass that would be? Grabbing that bitch Vanessa after she had been window hopping the last 2 minutes w a tea bag every time
  17. Really??!! I’ve been wondering where everyone was.
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