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  1. Hey I kno that chad video! but I thought you were gamingnerd97. sorry bout that
  2. Oh btw, I just started watching your yt. Your Jason/Roy game is awesome bro. I was gonna tell you when I saw you in pleasevini twitch tournament and ask why you didn’t compete but I got banned
  3. No, what’s evil is, waiting ten minutes for a game t start just to find out that it’s a 5v2, 4v3,or whatever. And the fact that when I try and ask them politely, why are messing that up for everyone else? You don’t think it’s a little messed up that the rest of us are trying to play the game the right way and you’re helping Jason? And get a stupid response back. I just don’t see how that’s fun? part of me totally gets meeting someone that’s pretty cool and then having to kill them. But these mother fuckers are just straight up ignorant. I run them over every time I can. I’m not the kind of person that has control and can just leave the game
  4. It’s so fucking aggravating how it’s so Easy for people to do that bullshit. It really sucks the life out of me when I first notice there’s teaming. Every person/party I get w I say before our first match that, I am gonna attempt to kill EVERYONE in the match so if they want me to leave there party it’s cool.
  5. And I think that’s fucking sad. I wouldn’t even feel right using him.
  6. Hey brother, welcome! Not the place at all to ask that. Especially your first post. It should be a warning Post t new members so you don’t get started on the wrong foot. Even tho I think he’s a fucking bum, it should remain something special to the people that were there since day one. The people that you see hear actually. I was waiting for this game since nes f13 but wasn’t into video games anymore or I would have supported gun even wo getting Savini. Unfortunately some people think it makes them above everyone but I kno a lot of cool Savinis too. Anyway you don’t want that trash, you don’t wanna be that guy that bought it online. We all kno if you were a backer or a hacker so you’re not gonna make any friends w him but most of all and no offense homie but you don’t deserve it
  7. To be honest w you all, I’m quite all right w the game as it is. Even with the environmental kill glitch. I mean the only ones that seem to glitch are the window toss and door slam. Sorry and coat rack. Not really a huge deal to me. I’m just in love with thewhole idea of 7vs1 and setting up my game plan the first few minutes and the hunting down the kids and ruining there attempt to fix something, trying and escape or my favorite ruining there kill attempt. And of course the rare sneer up stalk kill. I kinda w I could play councilors for 45min or so matches so I can try and make every kill a stalk kill. But anyway add a good mic’d up lobby to all of that, and lts exactly where I wanna be. Bugs really aren’t a bother to me at all (now what you guys that love the game like me have to deal w on pc is just straight up bullshit). I just want a 7 vs1 match, that’s all. I just get bitter about this no new content so enjoy the game why the servers are up feel.
  8. Yup 44. jason4 probably has 2 of the coolest kills in the game, But I wish the machete (which as far as I’m concerned was created by Jason), could do the Jarvis and throat slit. The Pig splitter doesn’t have that Jason feel to it imo. sorry but I can’t help but think every time he’s brought up that, he doesn’t look like movie masked Jason4 but he still looks creepy as fuck. more than the movie I think. That kill where he smacks you with the splitter and kicks you to the ground then the camera changes to the councilors POV, and you watch those creepy fucked up eyes coming at you, V now that I think about it, let me rephrase, only jason4 can rock that pig splitter. I see a lot of people use it w other Jasons but they don’t look right to me. In fact Jason4 can rock all weapons, EXCEPT!!!! them stupid fucking scissors , but nothing could make those look cool. I main 9 but have been switching between him and 4 and started using the spear. fuck I’m rambling again. Anyway, it’s gonna be awesome getting to 44 then the only thing That matters in life til you get there is 113.
  9. If they don't announce it, then people who don't play as much would miss out. Now, if it was made permanent, then it would be a nice surprise to anyone who comes back to the game. Yea I kno that man, it just seems like a “I’m sorry I can’t answer any questions you’ve been asking for months now and though most of you here have been 150s for a year now, but here’s some 2xp anyway” gift. And I’m sorry Matt, I appreciate the fuck outta you and this game, but I don’t know anyone else on the team that have spoken in a while so you’re gonna get most of the heat here. one of the best games ever and its pretty much fucked and I still can’t play but jason3 or roycocksucker5 offline nor get a straight answer if That will change. No fuck that!!! Who had the brilliant idea of proposing that in order to play with Jason2, 4, 6, 7, 8 or 9, you had to be online? Sorry Gang, I’m adderall writing again. god I love this fuckin game
  10. Sorry I don’t mean to sound like a dick but, fuck double xp!!!!! It shouldn’t even be announced anymore it should just show up. When they announce it, it feels like they think they are giving us this great thing, when It’s really aN easy way to give people something that doesn’t cost them time or money. Just a quick code input
  11. Really??? I haven’t seen anyone on the roof since they patched it.
  12. HAHAHAHA that’s funny a shit. What are they redesigning the whole game? Did they at least say what “the team is looking into” that’s being patched?
  13. I remember the day my dad took me to star world video, the first store around that had more than one copy of the movie, and he had me close my eyes and walked me to the horror section and said open. There were 20 boxes of Jason lives and I lost my mind but noticed that there were no video tapes behind any of the boxes. I was so upset but my dad had the store manager put one behind the counter for us along w a Jason lives poster. Sorry for rambling but The post got me thinking about them days. Anyway I fucking looking at the covers. There were movies I would go look at every time I went in just to look at the cover. oh and how the fuck are you gonna sell the collection without the part 3,4, or 6 mask on the cover?
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