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  1. Thank you bro!! I think Savini Jason is a fucking joke and I’m shocked Tom Savini when designed and finished his last Jason, hit save. I remember him saying it was going to be true and accurate to all of Jasons injuries. He got rid of all of all the features of jason9 (definitely one of the coolest looking jasons). And it seemed kinda lazy to make him all black. Most importantly, I don’t get that F13 feeling w him.
  2. I get what ur saying but fuck that. I gonna try and kill them mother fuckers. I live for fucking up the attempt to kill me. Especially when they talk shit. Shifting away is cool as long as you you plan to go back. Why not try? You obviously know how to use your stalk/shift/sense. Who cares if you die. Tommy can’t really talk shit because 90% of the time he’s Tommy because you killed already. They can talk shit all they want but they all know they have the advantage in that situation and have to respect the effort. And if I am killed by cool people or trash talkers, I say damn good job y’all and they start realizing there’s no need to act like an asshole and are pretty cool they rest of the time. I don’t know how you didn’t try while they were taking the car and just sat in the what you call the bitch room. And that’s what you made Jason look like homie, a bitch. Jason dies in every movie it sucks but damn , there’s no shame in dying especially how easy it is for them to just stay together. C’mon bro, I don’t ever wanna hear you doing this bullshit again. Haha
  3. Sure, just stop acting like you’re immortal and can gang bang him like he’s just a bitch w a mask The fear factor is totally fucked in this game. I don’t know how to fix it. Maybe after being around him for a minute or X number of seconds your screen goes almost black and and moving is the only function you’re able to do until your fear level drops. IDK.
  4. That’s how you trap a car son. You gotta have some consequences for being able to fix the bitch 2 minutes in the game
  5. I’d call having a 10 sec cool down for shift a big fucking +. But like I said, as of know he’s bad ass when it changes back to neutral shift, I won’t be using him as much don’t know how my text got highlighted but ok.
  6. I don’t understand what that means? How do u use -stun traps and run to an advantage?
  7. Well I’d put him up there now as well. Since the latest fuck up he’s the one I use most. W +sense +shift and both stalk and morph neutral, he’s finally getting the love he deserves. I main jason9 so Im pretty decent w only three traps. I never really understood the negativity against him to being w.
  8. What are you talking about not fair!?? Fuck them cocky tea bagging mother fuckers HAHA. What’s not fair is the baddest killer in the planet only needs 2-3 hits w a machete and anyone with half a brain to grab a sweater press Y button, then have Tommy hit R2 then A and he’s dead.
  9. I had one just kill me then 10 min later send me a message asking how to do it. I told him to go by the camp fire next to the house and walk around it 84 times then swing his weapon 16 times. I told him the fire place so we could watch him on the camp camera. So funny listening to him say to the roofer you have no idea what’s coming buddy then count to 84 then 16. I don’t care that he killed me. But no fucking way am I typing to explain that process.
  10. RIGHT??!!! I loved it when could convince a Jason to follow me so I could walk him thru it.
  11. Ah the roof glitch seems like those were the good old days for some reason
  12. Shack knives phone car rec i could careless about the Tommy box. I want him to be called especially if it’s a 150 lobby because I love the challenge and the opportunity to use my stalk shift on sweater girl. I’m pretty sure some of you know how the great feeling of killing tommy or sweater girl to ruin there kill especially when most of the lobby is involved w mics. It takes every bit of me to not act like the fucking asshole councilors that talk shit because they hit me w a bat and tell me I’m going to die. I give them a nice try good game and I can feel there hatred towards me. It also takes every thing to say good job good game when they succeed, the mother fuckers.
  13. I like using part 9 and 7. I never really understood all the hate for Jason 7. Hes always worked for me. W the new shift he’s pretty bad ass. Part 9 has always been my main. I like stalk kills so I basically keep stalk on as much as possible. Traps are brutal sometimes especially w good thick skinned/medic lobbies. I trap the phone, blue car and the last One to replace 1 of the other 2 but mostly phone. Anyway sorry I got off track. I kno I’m in the minority here but I think Jason’s supposed to be a bad ass mother fucker so I love the ++++shift. I see now there’s usually 7-8 kill matches the way it should be in typical matches. Anything to balance the lack fear people have and the fucking tea bagging.
  14. The last match I had it took the fifth driver grab for the kill slots to light up
  15. Yea I think as of right now part 8 is probably the best overall Jason. He’s always been in the top tier and now running isn’t really a factor when you can shift the whole match.
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