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  1. Fuck yes. I just let the server search wo cancelling and would leave the room sometimes to come back and find myself as Jason w my shift ability half full. But after four games I found 7 people w mics and hosted a private lobby for 5 hrs. It was so chill. Especially since all of us were over 30 w jobs and families. No dumb shit.
  2. Wow! Thanks @TedWhiteJ4 for that well thought out, I’m so cool and above you all opinion. cmon baby girl, stop acting like a bitch. Please. Really?? Because the side of 7 might always get favored, in qp lobbies and the competitive leagues/tournaments, the side of 1 usually at least keeps it competitive. If not completely wiping out all 7, no?
  3. Have you noticed when you have prep. equipped they’re in every3-5 drawers?
  4. What are y’all talking about, settings as in gamma, volumes and what not? I’m Xbox and maxed out the account but i actually just but it for steam because the graphics look cleaner. Unfortunately I have to play on low quality mode I still have a 130 ping so I basically wasted my money and I have the recommended requirements to play. Kinda sucks
  5. Yes of course I know that. I know how to cancel my knife.
  6. Oh c’mon!!!!! Micheal Myers doesn’t run!!!! Not realist at all. Jus kidding i got 2min. Are you not supposed to get the final shot off before he chases you?
  7. No it’s fucking stupid. The only legitimate kill is I have pocket knife so you’re trash if you slash, you can grab Me but you better give me 4-5 seconds to get out of your grip. Like it’s disrespectful to slash or choke. Unlike the respectful way to play, taunting teabaging and gangbanging. I love this fucking game.
  8. 1st off, I was just kidding yo, i get shit all the time when I use the equally Despised choke(asphyxiation) kill. Apparently you’re considered trash w no skill when you use those two kills, because they would know, they just got taken out by me B, I love the Pamela, I main jason9 w the machete. don’t you think it’d be badass if you could execute the splitters jarvis and throat slit w the machete? My set up would be, Jason9 heavy blood, machete w choke, Pamela, Jarvis , and throat slit.
  9. Fuck the tapes and the double xp. lm sorry I know it’s probably important to some of you that aren’t capped but I hate how that is all this game can offer anymore.
  10. You’re in this thread saying you did have this problem. Uuhhhhh huh??
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