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  1. i guess i disagree.I don't really play the online mode due to my learning disability,so i only play the offline modes.I don't see why they couldn't improve BOTH the offline and online modes.I'm also not sure why people seem to think that gamers are ONLY interested in online play.There's still many who play offline,and other who enjoy both online and offline play.For me,online gameplay is not the end all,be all, of gaming.Yeah,online co-op is nice,but i also still play alot of offline co-op games,as well as offline single player games.
  2. Thanks for the thought,but i don't celebrate Father's Day anymore since mine passed away unexpectedly a few years ago.
  3. If the swithcversion has the offline modes on the physical media(and not as DLC update data),i would buy a Switch just for Friday the 13th.However i have been wrong before.The Ultimate Slasher Edition for PS4 was supposed to included the offline modes and it didn't.so i guess we'll see.
  4. sadly i won't ever be happy since the offline modes are not on physical discs,and i don't see it happening with the way things with the game have gone.
  5. picked Captain Marvel up on dvd while i was at work,enjoyed the hell out of it.Also watching my dvd/blu-ray set of Hyperdimension Neptunia- The Animation.They got the voice cast from the games to do the voices in the anime,so it's pretty good.
  6. To settle disputes,i talk things out with my friends.Video games for me are mainly stress relief,though i enjoy co-op games with friends alot.
  7. I'm looking for people who want to play on PS4,too,but for games other than Friday the 13th.Name is RanmaruMori13,games i play online are Ghost Recon- Wildlands,Cyberdimension Neptunia- 4 Goddesses Online,Dynasty Warriors 8- Xtreme Legends Complete Edition,Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and Warriors Orochi 4,Bladestorm- Nightmare,Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2,Resident Evil 6,Lara Croft and Temple of Osiris,TMNT- Mutants in Manhattan,Ghostbusters,and 3 English International games from Japan...Kunio- Kun World Classics Collection, Gundam Breaker 3- Break Edition and Biohazard/Resident Evil Umbrella Corps.Send me a friend request if interested,i have a few days off work at the moment.I'm only into co-op games though,due to my learning disability.
  8. At one point i changed the names of my PS3 and Vita because my Sony systems all had different names,and i decided i'd rather they all share the same name just to make things easier.When i changed my name on my PS3 and Vita,though,it came at the cost of losing all my save data for my games.As a result,i don't recommend it,unless you really wish to change your system's profile name that badly.
  9. sadly,i can't.I'm blind in one eye and i can't play VR or 3D games,nor can i watch 3D movies,it could ruin what little eyesight i have left.Not really interested in RE7.Didn't like how it was a first person shooter style game,and i also read up on the story and i really didn't care for it.Also didn't like the fact that the Gold Edition still makes the 'Not a Hero' content still DLC instead of putting it on the physical disc.I'm glad you enjoyed RE7,but i have no interest in it.
  10. No thanks.I'd rather have the offline modes on a physical disc.I don't like all that DLC taking up room on my hard drive either.To each their own.
  11. No,my idea for a Pamela mode was very different,it's in a different thread.Still,it's nice to dream.
  12. I recently posted an idea for a playable Pamela Voorhees....i'd want her weapon to be that six inch hunting knife Pamela pulls off her belt before attacking Alice at the end of the first movie.
  13. before the servers go down,i would like to see a new physical disc version that has all the offline modes on the game disc,so we don't have to worry about losing the ability to play the offline modes if someone's system dies and needs to be replaced at a point when the servers are down,and the offline modes aren't available as DLC anymore.I hope they can do this.
  14. Here's how i got into the Resident Evil games.At the time the first game came out on PS1 and Sega Saturn,i remember the craze that went around town on it.However,at the time,when i asked people what the game was like,all they would say is "It's awesome,you shoot people and blood comes out!"....then i asked about the story of the game,and people would look at me like i asked if i could light a fart and they'd say "Who cares about story?!?You shoot people and blood flies out!" Needless to say,i avoided the game for awhile.Finally,a few years later,when Code Veronica was on the Dreamcast,i finally felt ready to check Resident Evil out myself.However,at the time,everyone was sold out of all the games.I found a used copy of RE2 for PS1 at one store in town and the rest is history.RE2 was the first game i played in the series,and because of that,William Birkin has always been my fave RE villain.Here's some more thoughts... 1. Loved the Outbreak games for PS2,kinda wish they would put them both on PS4 so everyone could play them online again(I didn't have internet back then,so i never got a chance to play them online.) I still have Outbreak 1 and 2 for PS2 and enjoy the offline play on them alot,fave story characters to play as are Alyssa and David.Fave NPC type to play as are the various Umbrella soldiers. 2. RE2 is still my fave game in the series,I got it for N64(for the extra files and bonus options in that version),Gamecube,the PS4 remake,and i have a Japanese PS3 game that has Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles on one disc.Most of the text is in Japanese,but the voices are all in English,which is nice.It also lets you play the games with either a Move Remote or PS3 controller,but you'll want a Move Remote so the headshots are easier to get. ( I tend to import Japanese video games alot,got my 103rd coming in the mail in a few days.) 3. I also like the Revelations titles.Got Revelations 1 for 3DS and PS4,and Revelations 2 for Vita and PS4.I like the multiplayer Raid Mode on both games alot. 4. Got the Sega Saturn version of Resident Evil 1.The Battle Mode has a zombie version of Wesker you can kill,but he can take more shots than a normal zombie!He's a tough one. What are some of your favorite Resident Evil games?
  15. Offline Singleplayer Legacy Mode- (If they could add in a playable Pamela Voorhees) You start as Pamela Voorhees.You try to kill all the counselor bots in the match,and Pamela can use first aid sprays if she finds them.A new item that Pamela could find while searching drawers is Jason's hockey mask.If Pamela is killed while carrying Jason's mask,you then respawn as Jason in his lair.You then try to kill the remaining bots.I'd put in a points multiplier for those who succeed in killing all the bots without Pamela getting killed.Game on!
  16. Nice!I can't drive,due to my learning disability,so i take the city bus to and from work and other places,unless i'm getting a ride from someone.
  17. me too.I think the cast was fine,but the scripts should have been more faithful to the games.
  18. played challenge mode for the first time in forever,managed to get all 3 skulls in one go on the higgins haven level that starts with Shelly juggling the fruits in the starting cutscene!I've only ever gotten 3 skulls at once on the first challenge mission,and sadly i don't have all the missions unlocked because some of them are to hard for me due to my learning disability. However,i'm glad that i at least finally got 3 skulls at once on a second map,that feels awesome for a disabled gamer like me!
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