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  1. 21 minutes ago, Somethin Cool said:

    The flashlight minimally effects stamina regeneration and fear. Not that much difference to be honest. 

    Here's something else to think about when you play: Fear and stamina regeneration are directly linked to damage and whether or not the lights are on when you're inside a cabin when Jason is around. Chad can stand toe to toe with Jason in the shack for a full 20 minutes without ever reaching max fear as long as he hasn't taken any damage. You can literally jog around the shack the entire time and stamina regeneration is normal. Step outside the shack and your fear quickly goes to 100 percent and stam regeneration is compromised. Go back inside with Jason and it quickly returns to normal.

    Take even a slight bit of damage inside the shack and it's the same as being outside. Heal to 100 percent and it returns to normal as long as your inside the shack. Counselors aren't afraid of Jason at all. They're afraid of the dark, what's in the dark (if Jason is outside/inside in the dark with them), and of course, being hurt. 

    That's good information, much appreciated. Believe it or not I can count all the times as Chad on one hand, I don't like him very much.


    As for the flashlights, I'm just trying to think of ways to make gameplay more interactive without new content. Not that it's dull, love the game but something "new" is long overdue 

  2. 18 hours ago, Somethin Cool said:

    Anything a counselor escapes with either spawns in at a campfire or spawns in along the lake, depending on the map. Everything will be in the same area when you find it.

    Just a little FYI 😎

    I know, this should be an option too though. Dropping an item near a counselor you're driving by is 100x faster and more likely to help then just hoping said counselor comes across the escaped items

  3. 18 hours ago, Somethin Cool said:

    What purpose would this serve exactly?

    If I'm not wrong flashlights affect fear, also they actually help me see when Jason kills the lights (I keep my gamma down). Say I had spent the whole game running indoors with my flashlight on, spamming it at Jason etc, I might not have it when I really need it. Just something more to think about when in game

  4. 8 minutes ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    Findable batteries was one of my first suggestions on here, just trying to fill those empty drawers. As someone who doesn’t use their flashlight all the time, this would effect me less but batteries for the flashlights would mean cool lighting effects, flickering and dying at the wrong time. 

    Unfortunately it would be new content and can’t happen now.

    True! But what about a set timer, say 8 minutes and after that it's permanently off? That'd make counselors have to be a little choosy with their lights, no more hitting the button at the start of the game and forgetting?


    I think it'd make gameplay a little more interactive in general

  5. 3 minutes ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    Wow you’ve been busy, lots of topics to answer. It’s an interesting idea for sure but I don’t think it has any real chance of being added. 

    It won’t stop the trolls who do it regularly, and there are car speed perks that would make it irrelevant.


    Who said you have to answer them Mr. Clone? 🤨 I appreciate the feedback though, just the ideas I could come up with without new content. Would this be considered new content?

  6. Before rage they're useless and after rage they're actually more dangerous to counselors by getting in the way of the item they were trying to pick up 😂

    Firecrackers in all reality were just not a very good idea and stunning Jason? Well whatever. I think they should remove the stun altogether, give Jason that blurry stun effect while he's around them and force Jason to block which means his arm is up (Which looks badass walking through firecrackers), he can't be KO'd but he can't grab or attack while in the firecrackers radius.


    That would effectively "stun" him without stunning him and would make firecrackers useful throughout the game

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