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  1. That's good information, much appreciated. Believe it or not I can count all the times as Chad on one hand, I don't like him very much. As for the flashlights, I'm just trying to think of ways to make gameplay more interactive without new content. Not that it's dull, love the game but something "new" is long overdue
  2. Well how do you do it intentionally? Intentionally for you is probably accidentally for me lol
  3. There's videos of weapon spawn points if you need help finding the ranged weapons, keep using them and it'll happen
  4. What happens when the last counselor can't repair? Also I'd rather let someone else get a little XP so we can all get our escape XP then that person drop the item and someone repair it 5 minutes later, time is.. Life.
  5. I know, this should be an option too though. Dropping an item near a counselor you're driving by is 100x faster and more likely to help then just hoping said counselor comes across the escaped items
  6. If I'm not wrong flashlights affect fear, also they actually help me see when Jason kills the lights (I keep my gamma down). Say I had spent the whole game running indoors with my flashlight on, spamming it at Jason etc, I might not have it when I really need it. Just something more to think about when in game
  7. PS4 counselor/Jason here, been playing since launch
  8. True! But what about a set timer, say 8 minutes and after that it's permanently off? That'd make counselors have to be a little choosy with their lights, no more hitting the button at the start of the game and forgetting? I think it'd make gameplay a little more interactive in general
  9. Who said you have to answer them Mr. Clone? ๐Ÿคจ I appreciate the feedback though, just the ideas I could come up with without new content. Would this be considered new content?
  10. I can see a flare gun bouncing off Jason's head as he bursts through a door. Shouldn't even stun him, just do a little damage and make a dull thud sound ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. If you think the very few times they come in handy offset the fact that the rest of the game they're useless, you're not the person I want to discuss this with ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Before rage they're useless and after rage they're actually more dangerous to counselors by getting in the way of the item they were trying to pick up ๐Ÿ˜‚ Firecrackers in all reality were just not a very good idea and stunning Jason? Well whatever. I think they should remove the stun altogether, give Jason that blurry stun effect while he's around them and force Jason to block which means his arm is up (Which looks badass walking through firecrackers), he can't be KO'd but he can't grab or attack while in the firecrackers radius. That would effectively "stun" him without stunning him and would make firecrackers useful throughout the game
  13. Too many times I've been stocked up on gear and well.. I kept it when I got in the car because you never know what's going to happen right? Well at some point I'm either really happy I kept everything or wishing I had left something as we're pulling out of the exit. Let players "throw things out the window" and allow us to drop things while in the car, moving or stopped
  14. In game I often end up glitching the shotgun/flare after shooting it, I won't be able to interact with anything. The easy fix to this is dropping the weapon manually, but I think between getting grabbed because I auto dropped the flare I missed and the glitches I'd rather just HAVE to manually drop the weapon I fire.
  15. I'm sure this has been mentioned before but flashlights should die/dim over time
  16. Permanently by 10% per counselor, or whatever anyone who reads this thinks is reasonable.
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