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  1. Like I understood it was a backer exclusive but at this point the game is dying. If they put up Savini Jason as dlc then two things would improve. First of course people would be happy and buy it so gun/illfonic would make more money to improve the game. Second is that people would stop begging which would make gun able to work harder without all the begging
  2. Hi! I’ve been playing a LOT of Friday the 13th recently and died to a savini Jason so many times. I really want that Jason but it seemed like you needed a physical copy of the game. Why not just make him paid dlc for like 5-10 dollars? Would be good for the developer and the player, win win
  3. okay so I just found out I just gotta do them again and it's fine! Thanks for the tip though!
  4. Do i have to sync the game files on my second pc then? otherwise I loose those emotes forever or? And after I do sync the files, then are they just automatically there when I boot up the game on my first pc?
  5. hi! I'm a fairly new player to the game and I play on two different computers. I completed challenges 1-3 on my first pc and 4-7 on my second pc. But then when I went back to my first pc all my emotes I earned from the second pc were not there! Is it because I play on two different pc's or is it a bug? I use the same account and all so please help me!
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