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  1. Perhaps it's just coincidence or my god-given talent of over thinking everything, but doesn't it seem strange that there are so many 'horror-related' happenings going on of late? I mean we have the return of Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers to the big screen just in time for Halloween, the return of the beloved horror publication Fangoria (complete with the aforementioned horror icon gracing the cover) and now the ruling on this case coming so close together; not to mention the developers being a little more active on social media in the last few days with giveaways, etc. Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but it seems like GUN waved goodbye and washed their hands of the prospect of future DLC long ago so unless there is a retraction on that front coming what type of statement would really need to be made and what sort of clarification would require it to go through the IP holders, etc. first? Why rile up an already uneasy fan base during the month of all things spooky if there was no good news to report? From a monetary perspective there would be no better time than the present, when All Hallows Eve is fast approaching, to re-invigorate a slowly dying fanbase with some much needed 'new blood'. I get that the ruling may be just the beginning but it seems like more stands to be lost from an appeal than gained (at least in my minimal understanding of the legal system and law of averages). All parties could stand to make more money by moving forward and getting this franchise back on its feet. Perhaps we need Mr. Jarvis to dig up the 'hockey mask wearing killer' one more time and bring him back from the dead? One final thought... if the use of Crystal Lake is truly off the table (due to the recent judgement), it is a good thing that Camp Forest Green is well established in the lore with Part VI. (my personal favorite of the series). A new map with that locale in mind would be awesome! Cheers fellow campers!
  2. Whatis the likelihood that bots will appear in random clothing packs in the future? Also, will they eventually be able to fix/attempt to escape on the boat? Love these planned updates to the Offline Bot AI and look forward to what's to come. Cheers!
  3. I still believe we should be able to grab counselors through open windows and pull them outside the cabin if they are standing too close and to help resolve the "hitting Jason through a hole in the door issue" it would be great if Jason could grab through that same hole in the door and pull just the counselor's head through and decapitate by pushing down as an example. It might deter people from trying to damage Jason as he's breaking a door down or waiting until the door breaks to get the free stun.
  4. It's supposed to be a camp for kids. I think the elimination of several sharp instruments and medications is probably advisable. We don't want adolescents running with scissors and huffing aerosols, now do we? Thanks for the update, Shifty.
  5. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
  6. Truth - You might want to try some that you think you've done too. I just finished my achievement last night and it was a part 9 weapon kill that I was SURE I had done before. Wondering if maybe it had glitched or something the first time around. I got it when I stopped trying to get it if you know what I mean. There is a checklist out there floating around but since they all seemed familiar to me I just gave up. I know there are few variations on the desk ones as well as one on the barn fence that I had forgotten about. Good luck!
  7. Wow. 5000 topics, hey? Nice! No, he passed EVERY outside environmental kill available. I can name the stump, the smaller tree, the birdbath and I'm sure there were others. He literally walked back and forth with no obvious directive. If he had something specific in mind I'm sure he could have asked the counselor to walk to that area. There was no back and forth banter between them AT ALL. His username said it all and it was clearly just a 'measuring' contest. "Oooo.. look at me. I'm the big bad.. Everyone has to wait until I'm done". To use another useless analogy he was like the cat who kept pawing at the dead mouse over and over. Just finish it already.
  8. I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere. I tried a search and came up with nothing similar. Any suggestions on what (if anything) can be done when Jason stalls killing the last remaining counselor. I recently had a match where Jason had killed all but one person in the first 10 or so minutes and then proceeded to catch and release the last counselor (like a fisherman). The counselor was holding her arm and clearly could no longer run. Jason had all manner of open terrain not to mention several environmental kills in their surrounding area and had no intent on using any of them. It is really annoying that you can't talk to Jason once spectating and 9 times out of 10 when I just wait the match out to give the person a piece of my mind they leave before the game returns to the lobby. Are people that bored in their lives that they get their kicks from wasting other people's time? I know it would be a ridiculous fix but it would be nice if the game intervened in a situation where clearly there was no escape for the counselor and just made it an insta-kill like a 'Seek and Destroy'. I'm all for the thrill of the hunt if it is actually a chase, but it got ridiculous watching him grab the Vanessa who was holding her arm (no health spray and no weapon) and just walking her forward while she flailed and escaped just to do the same thing over and over (ad nauseam). It was like the fight scene on Family Guy between Herbert and Franz. Excruciating to spectate. What do you guys think?
  9. Constructive criticism. I'll all for THAT. I also agree that people have a right to be upset, but there is a fine line between stating your case and leveling accusations. The implications (made by some) that the developers are liars for having to delay certain features and/or thieves because they haven't awarded certain items to backers yet is a little harsh. If development finishes on this game, DLC dries up and they STILL haven't made good on all promises then you have my sincerest apologies. Try to keep in mind that even though some things have not come to fruition they have added other things that were over and above what was promised and some of their focus has been on fixing things that they hadn't accounted for. I'm not saying they are right for trying to please the masses at the expense of the few, but here we are. I think we can all agree with what LuckyDrunkTed said and that we are all (in our own ways) passionate about this game. Those who defend it and those who are upset by its shortcomings. If we didn't care so much about it there would be nothing to discuss. I'm just trying to approach this "discussion" with a less toxicity and a little more levity. I welcome banter if it serves to forward the game, but unfortunately, most of what I read on this board is negativity. The manner in which some are calling out the developers on their mistakes might just be a little bit heavy-handed; that's all I'm saying. We can agree to disagree and I'm okay with that. Despite my thoughts on where I think the game should be and how much it does or doesn't meet MY expectations, I try to remember that they are a small company with people just like you and me who are fans and are just trying to do their best. I have to believe that they did not set out to mislead, confuse or annoy their customer base. If my post serves no other purpose perhaps it will give another direction to point your anger toward. : /
  10. Working in retail I know first hand that NOTHING motivates me to work harder and faster more than people moaning and complaining. [Sarcasm intended]. The title of this thread can be taken both ways. "Enough is enough" with the belly-aching. It doesn't solve anything. I think someone else said it best. If you're frustrated with the game walk away from it for a bit. I know I have a few times. I agree wholeheartedly that it would be nice if Jason were menacing again and not fodder for memes and unnecessary teabags but I can still manage to be successful even with the nerfs (some of the time). I have faith that the developers are fans of the franchise (first and foremost) and will bring our "hero" back to form in the coming weeks. They have been entrusted with this IP for a reason so lets all just take a step back and trust that they want to do right by those who gave them the license to use those characters. Besides, I think the last thing any of them wants is to make a mockery out of Jason (and by virtue of that Kane himself). Nobody wants to make Kane angry. As frustrated as folks are with this game, and the path it has temporarily taken, the beauty is that you can take that anger out (in game) on scores of hapless counselors, right? Or if you can't catch them I find it is also quite cathartic to break every window and door I can find. I just don't suggest playing Cuphead to get your angst in check... I tried that and it had the opposite effect for me. Admittedly the game has definitely become a little bit lather-rinse-repeat and if I could make a suggestion to those Jasons having difficulty remember this: The counselors know all too well what your likely game plan is... so mix it up. I would suggest taking out power boxes early and placing traps in random places. Use stalk often. Maybe even let the counselors get the phone repaired and then wait inside the cabin in stalk mode so that you can grab them while they are trying to make the call. Too many players I have shared lobbies with have had the alt-tab mentality and were checking the possible spawn locations of items on each map to try and get certain things done quicker. A quick hot-fix to address the lack of randomness of some spawn locations would fix that. Like that Zeppelin song I've [Rambled] on enough so I'll leave it at that.
  11. I didn't find my first tape until level 72, but since then I have found them quite regularly. I joke that Deb's luck stat is misleading (a paltry 3/10) as I have found 6 of my 7 tapes with her. Tried for quite some time to see if Chad's luck had any bearing but never did find one with him. So far I have sessions: 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 14, 20. My best advice is to leave no drawer unopened. All of my discoveries have come in public matches and time of the day and day of the week seem to have little bearing on their frequency. I was very discouraged when I reached level 70 and not even a hint of a cassette to be found. I'm now level 96 and have averaged one about every 4 levels. Perseverance and lots of matches is the key! Good luck and Happy Hunting!
  12. If I'm not mistaken, the devs did mention tweaking Tommy a bit to make him a true 'hero' character. I agree, though, his one trick pony shotgun is not much help. Even if you do hit your target it doesn't stun Jason long. Why would he bring only one shell with him anyway?
  13. I agree with A.J. I like Jason being OP. He SHOULD be. Do you remember in the movies when 50-80% of the people escaped from him? Neither do I. Surviving/escaping should be the exception and not the rule. Nothing truly game-breaking after the patch for me, however, I did get grabbed mid jump through a window. That was funny. The person playing Jason even said, "what happened there? You were floating.".
  14. I think in the strictest definition (besides Tommy) the only true "spawn killing" would be if a counselor spawned at the shack at the beginning of the game. That being said I have morphed to an objective to find someone AFK and had an, albeit brief, conflict of conscience whether to kill them or not. At the end of the day, I think like Jason would and I dispatch them. If players can't be bothered to refill their bowl of Doritos or grab another energy drink, bio break, smoke, whatever BEFORE the match starts then they are fair game.
  15. Even though the bat shows 4/4 bars I am more of the belief that it is just to imply that it has the maximum stunning power of all of the weapons. 4/4 might not necessarily mean 100% just as a 5-star movie isn't necessarily flawless. It just represents that whatever the cap is for stunning (80%, 90% 75%?) the bat is the top end of the spectrum.
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