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  1. Anybody know when the next patch is supposed to drop? I know Gun works hard on this game but this last patch has been a total abomination, I straight up stopped playing the game for like a month. Just played for the first time since like May and of course, Jason grabs me, kills me, game glitches, I break free. Then I repair the phone box, call the cops and escape except the game glitches again so instead of the "you survived" graphic the screen is just stuck on the police and my connection times out and I get no XP. I'm trying to get 100% completetion on this game (badges, achievements, maxed out XP) so it's really annoying when the game glitches and I don't get credit for it. Hopefully the next patch fixes these bugs and gets here soon.
  2. See the problem I keep having is that once he's on me, I'm screwed. I enjoy a good challenge but this seems to be one I can't beat. It doesn't help that I seem to always end up in garbage lobbies with players who can't seem to do any objectives. Maybe I would have more luck playing in a party.
  3. This is actually really helpful, I'm gonna give this a try thank you
  4. Maybe it's just me but does anyone else feel like Savini Jason is severely overpowered? It seems like anytime I'm playing against one they have half the lobby killed in the first 4 minutes of the game, at which point objectives are borderline impossible to complete if they havent already been started. Even then, if you get the cops called or the car/boat repaired, Savini Jason is so strong that he can still seemingly catch you before you escape and kill you with ease. I don't know if he's just overpowered and needs to be changed or if maybe my playstyle just really screws me over when I'm competing against a Savini Jason. Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter or maybe some advice or technique they can suggest when playing against one?
  5. The biggest problem with that though would be Jason helpers. If they use perks to start with a med spray and get 2 uses out of it, then they just search the map looking for more spray, they can just set off all the traps so that they can't be used on Jason. Ecen worse tgey could set all the traps in useless areas that Jasonwould never go.
  6. Isn't that all the more reason to add leaderboards then?? I wanna know how I stack up against other players around the world
  7. Ive been considering it, its annoying when the game glitches ans i have to play as a Jason that can't run, because like I said I just suck with those ones. I'll take you up on that advice, I know part 9 has a crazy range for shift. If I can get better with shifting and shift grabs I can probably manage. I also need to get better with throwing knives, I'm sure one reason I struggle with Jason's that can't run is because I'm not great with that either, it's tough to catch a Bugzy, Vanessa or Tiffany (hell even Chad) when you can't run and knives are useless.
  8. Am I the only one who would be interested in having leaderboards? I know you can compare your stats to friends and all but I'm talking like actual leaderboards in the game itself that shows a global ranking for stats? Stuff like kills, repairs, escapes, etc. I think it would be cool. Also I'd like to have some type of player rankings, similar to what we have on the forums where you can go to someone's profile and upvote or downvote them or leave comments/feedback about them and everybody would have a reputation visable to other players. You can click on someone's profile in the lobby and see if they're a Jason helper or cheater or rage quitter or if they're a reliable player and a good teammate. This way you don't have to find out mid game that you're in a garbage lobby with people who aren't gonna do anything to help the team escape. Not sure if it's possible with the lawsuit but just a thought.
  9. Honestly, I only run part 2. I don't know what's wrong with me but I just can't do anything with Jason's that can't run, I'm garbage. I also struggle with shift grabs so my traps are really what saves me. But I've adapted my playstyle around that loadout so I usually manage to kill the entire lobby or at the very least 5 people. It's pretty easy for me to dominate with part 2 the only real negative for me is how long he takes to breakdown doors but once you get rage he's borderline unstoppable if you're using him right.
  10. Im down for this but how exactly does it work? Ive never done any type of league for gaming.
  11. I would love to see leaderboards become a thing (Which I guess technically they can still do) I wanna know how I stack up against other players in terms of kills, escapes, repairs, etc. I would love to see what paranoia was supposed to be. Obviously Grendel and Uber Jason. Would love a NYC map too and new counselors as well. While we're on the topic of counsolers I would LOVE a create a counsoler option.
  12. I actually just got an email back from Gun, they said that progress is earned through online matches apparently bots don't work. Still though, doesn't explain why my progress dropped from 66 to 60 but whatever I guess. At least now I know what to focus on.
  13. I thought the game is set up so that if you suicide you can't return as Tommy? I see your point though, there are plenty of people who would rather suicide than get killed by Jason (which imo should cost you XP the same way a betrayal does) but I've honestly thought about it since the game came out and kinda wished they would have made counselors and Jason able to climb up ladders or something to get to other areas I fell like it would add more fun to the game. A ramp on the side of the building wouldn't be a bad idea either, probably easier.
  14. I'm on Xbox one, do you have any idea about whether or not you can progress by killing offline bots though? I've performed nearly every kill I can find and still am only in the 60% area
  15. Good to hear, fingers crossed hope it works this time. So are you a dev or do you just get all your info from the forums?
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