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  1. Ahh.... I wondered if it was due to a poor connection. Cool, thanks for that. I’ll stick to hosting it myself.
  2. My friends and I got a car up and running in 3 separate games last night and each time it was on the verge of uncontrollable. It was like the car was being driven on ice! It was hilarious to begin with, but can see it being a bit of a drag if it’s all the time. There also seems to be random loss of sound effects. The audio for some drawers opening or characters footsteps seems to come and go as well. Anyone else noticed?
  3. Apart from F13 and “Doom”, i’m not a regular gamer. Is hacking of games like this common, or is it just occasional smaller titles that sometimes get targeted (i’m assuming the large software devs are better placed to prevent it)?
  4. It’s getting a bit tiresome coming to this forum daily to find out if there’s any updates on the dedicated server or other patch issues only to end up scrolling through screeds and screeds of petty back and forthing. If as much effort was going into repairing the game and servers as goes into some of these essays, the game would be in A+ condition.
  5. We need a response from the team. It’s been 6 days since this problem kicked off and even the “game is down” type websites are full of players commenting on the issue. A bit galling that for 2 or 3 days it was being blamed on the patch build needing time to stabilise when it was pretty obvious early on given the number of people reporting server issues (especially EU), that something wasn’t right. It’s like they weren’t believing what the people were telling them. No other F13 patch that i’m aware of has caused server problems like this and with the huge number of players affected, the team needs to give us a status report - after all the other issues of late, it’s the least the players deserve.
  6. Like others in the forum, since the patch dropped i’ve consistently been waiting 20+ minutes to get a game (PS4). That’s 4 or 5 days now where I can’t seem to get connection to the EU servers. If i wait long enough, i eventually get the CA server or a hosted game. I’ve been playing for 2 years and never had connection problems on anything like this scale before. Players patience is bound to be wearing pretty thin by now...... We’ve waited a long time for a patch that appears to work ok and now we can’t get a game! Think this needs looked at as a matter of urgency.
  7. You squashed nothing, though you did manage to come off as exceptionally arrogant with your “if it wasn’t for me backing the game, you wouldn’t have a game blah, blah, blah...” Perhaps you want us to bow down before you in appreciation of your Kickstarter prowess? The point being made is that some of us are surprised that at this point in the games sorry life there are any attempts being made to fix it at all. I agree it’s utterly frustrating that each patch is making the game worse to the point where we’re desperate for a rollback, though it would appear this is unlikely to happen. I also agree that the testing is woefully inadequate and like many others including yourself, have commented that they really need to look seriously at involving the scores of players willing to test these patches. The games in a really sorry state and that’s not acceptable, but i’ve certainly had more than my moneys worth and am glad they haven’t just said “f*ck it, it’s too far gone” and wound it down.
  8. I realise that recently and with very limited resources, a lot of effort has been put into trying to fix the various issues new & old that have cropped up over the last couple of years and if the core program wasn’t watertight, can understand the can of worms trying to patch stuff must be. However, as a previous poster pointed out, the players/fans desperate to try out the updates are exposing new or unexpected glitches within an hour of release. This sort of resource needs tapped into before a patch goes live. I appreciate it’s a technical undertaking all on it’s own, but if there was some way players who wanted to, could sign up for involvement in a testing phase, with some sort of pre-planned games or lobbies only available to those registered, it would massively help to get the patches right. Currently, even the most optimistic players have resigned themselves to expecting any new patch to create umpteen new issues. I fear with the game over 2 years old now, with no additional content likely and (i would assume) limited income for improvements, we may have to accept what we’re getting and be thankful attempts are still being made to get it sorted out.
  9. Just played a game as Part 3 Jason and had a group of 4 or 5 pretty proficient players giving ‘ol Jase a hard time. This wasn’t helped by a Vanessa who kept dissapearing and then reappearing a short distance away ??? Almost like she was doing a micro shift! I’m thinking it may only have been visible to me as Jason, but it happened multiple times and made it a nightmare when trying to close in on her. Anyone else experienced similar?
  10. Hi folks. Has there ever been an explanation for the inconsistency in the game lobbys? You know, where you sometimes get 4 or 5 games in a row with the same lobby of players before getting thrown back to the main menu, yet other times you get booted back after 1 game? With the game continuing to suffer from mass douchery (running people over, roof dancers, Jason’s sidekicks etc.) it’s a real shame when you find yourself in a good lobby with players working together for it to exit back to the menu after a game or two. Was just wondering? 👍
  11. It’s a pity the player with map choice in a lobby didn’t have more options. I think a good (albeit problematic) addition would be having the ability to jettison or block players that screw around (running people over, helping Jason by blocking windows and opening doors etc). That way, for however long the lobby holds together, you don’t have to put up with their crap for more than one game. I suppose it’s not technically possible or creates other issues (or the folks playing like douches will just hold out till they get map choice in a lobby). I can always dream though 👍
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