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  1. I don't really have an opinion as I haven't tried the beta yet. However, I have played quite a lot of other online co-op/versus games and most, if not all, let you see where your team mates are at on the map. Probably it is a necessity in order to be able to coordinate in the game. Just look at games such as CSGO, Division, DOTA2 and the rest. Surely they display team mates for a good reason, and these games have been around for a long time. In fact the game would be rather frustrating without that info.
  2. I like it! A really creative way of solving the teleporting issue. The smoke effect seen months ago broke the immersion for me, but the VHS-effect is a really nice touch (and in a way a tribute to the era the franchise origins from).
  3. Damn, that Tommy Jarvis trailer got me even more hyped! Anyway, I pre-ordered the game through slasher backer and I believe that this won't give me keys to the first beta due this year. Only the kickstarter backers get 5 keys for this initial beta, right? So, I am here to ask if anyone backing the game from the start may have a spare key to give me, either through pm or email (I know the keys haven't been sent out yet). Thanks in advance!
  4. As a slasher backer I do not have access to the beta, but just as much as everyone else I would like to be able to participate in the upcoming beta. Kind of a long shot, but if someone reading this can't use their PC beta-key for some reason or another, then I would be interested in buying or trading (for example I buy a Playstation, Xbox One or Steam digital game key of your choice and give you the unused key). Let me know if you are interested.
  5. Regarding the testing room I think it is only used for rough prototyping, and some of the animations that were not finished in the test room were actually finished in the trailer. So I wouldn't draw any conclusions from that. But I agree with you in believing that the game won't be out next month. In fact the devs have made it clear here on the forum that the realease will be sometime in Q4. Personally I prefer a polished game over a rushed one. However, I read yesterday in a swedish gaming magazine that the release will be in October. I think the team needs to clarify regarding this to avoid confusion.
  6. The teleportation didn't bother me that much really during the E3 gameplay presentation, but I understand that it has been an issue to some. Of course Jason must be able to "teleport" in order to mimic Jason's ability from the movies to be at the right spot at the right time (he sure does know a lot of short-cuts around the Crystal Lake surroundings). Only thing that bothered me a little was the smoke animation that made Jason appear like some sort of magician. I am aware that it was an alpha version and that the devs are improving this area, but I am still curios to the rest of you have any good ideas for how the teleportation-ability should work including the possible animation that goes along with it...
  7. I would pay for a virtual reality mode of the virtual cabin. I got a HTC Vive some weeks ago, and just by looking around in the Jason room yesterday in a non-VR version of the cabin got me a bit scared. Just imagine being able to move around the cabin in virtual reality. But in that case I would prefer to "teleport" around in the cabin (which has become the standard way of moving around in VR), otherwise people would probably get motion sick.
  8. I am thinking of subtle touches of detail using the in-game engine and not full blown cut scenes. Cut-scenes would be very cool, but I assume it would get old very quick having to watch them over and over again. If the dev team does not have the time to implement brief animations, it would be a nice touch to just be able to see the stone and broken chain at the bottom of the lake, or in the case of starting at the graveyard it would be a nice touch to be able to see the grave the Jason just got up from (with some smoke and sparks on the ground hinting that Jason got hit by lightning some moments ago, and is now awakened and ready to begin the hunt).
  9. I would support new content after release such as maps and single player. I'd rather pay for a good single-player experience, than one that is rushed in during the last few months. I'd also purchase skins. Don't mind supporting a good game, as I would like development to continue post-release.
  10. Just came here after pre-ordering the game and a couple of the pre-order DLC's. The game is already looking really good with a lot of attention to details. From what I understand it is possible that Jason will spawn at the bottom of Crystal Lake, at the graveyard or at other places. It would be a nice touch of detail with a short animation of Jason breaking the chains holding him to at the bottom of Crystal Lake at the start of a match (something similar to the part 7). Likewise, when Jason is spawning at the graveyard it would be cool if a strike of lightning was used to bring him back to life so to speak (like part 6). Not exactly like in the movies as the setting is different.
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