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  1. Been playing F13 since almost day one, never had any issues. Controller was a bit old, I could tell cuz my right joy stick wasn’t working in other games, anyway so I bought a brand new controller and got back on F13 and now my right joy stick always pulls upward. Thought it was because I messed with my settings in F13 so I reverted them back. Got on 7 Days to Die, controller still does it. But doesn’t do it in any other game I play. Anyone have or had this issue? I’ve turned off other Bluetooth devices, used a USB cord, i’ve seen lots of articles about cleaning the controller but it did this damn near right out of the box and only on these two games. I’ve got a warranty so I’m going to take it back and replace it. Maybe it will help. Don’t know if it will help but it’s a red CUH-ZCT2U wireless. Much thanks for any help!
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