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  1. I always have perks designed for specific counselors in case the random selection happens, but people would quit mid match, start of the match before the patch as @tyrant666 mentioned. They needed to influence the repercussions more imo i.e instead of salt mines, have suspensions for periods of time like a 5 minute ban, then the ban increases each time they rage quit. Sounds harsh but at the end of the day, no punishment means they will continue to do it.
  2. As the topic suggests, if there was no lawsuit and they were allowed to release new content i.e new counselors, maps, skins etc. What would you have liked to have seen added? Personally, i would of loved to see Mark in the game from Part 2 as the thought of a guy in a wheelchair would be so fun, also a new york map would of been nice to.
  3. Thank you. Yeah I decided to join because the friends I played the game with don't play F13 anymore, I figured I'd sign up here and enjoy talking about the game with everyone here.
  4. It's such a shame the state the game is in considering how good it used to be. It got me out of my depression phase. It was an enjoyable, fun social game where i met down to earth people and it's a sad prospect seeing how bad this game has become.
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