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  1. Pro and ONE X should have some form of increased performance. But can't code for shit so.
  2. Hence The Final Chapter, The Final Friday, or The Reboots
  3. Colorblind colors for traps would have been nice but they only did it for perks.
  4. Yes YOU DONT HEAR IT when you DONT PAY ATTENTION LOL! Anyway it sounds like starting a lawnmower.
  5. Vanessa is garbage for Gabage counselors. Thread in this forums is not surprising at all.
  6. Tom Savini. Reasoning. +Shift and +Slash Damage Need I say more? OK 5 Traps and Destruction.
  7. It will never happen like everything else in the F13 UNIVERSE.
  8. How many of these "I suck @ Counselor" So let's give counselors that suck like me more PERKS do you guys have here in this forums?
  9. All DOORS should be half opened and half closed randomly at the start of the match on ALL Cabins. Already closed gives Counselors the UPPER hand. Another reason JASON gets TROLLED/KILLED/SMOKED.
  10. Yeah, my KILL SQUAD will Flip U UP ha ha. Maybe Dev's will let you start the match with RAGE next Patch
  11. You might think RAGE is stupid but they broke KNIFE throwing and Combat Stance activation/use is a clunky as an Atari controller. Fix Knife throwing! I used to love being able to hit counselors with them, and slash the speedy chads n vanessa's. But we got Victoria's butt so all is forgiven.
  12. Looks like you do a huge line of coke and get double run stam speed for the nite. But that's me.
  13. I'm playing @ 4 or 5 eastern today. SamuraiZen1980 Xbox. Find me if you want to get a TON of Jason KILLS. I have same gt on PS4 pro but hate that controller lol! Bloodborne was fun while it lasted.
  14. From the man UPDATE: The team is testing a new fix for the "Bear Trap Method" counselors are using to slingshot themselves onto structures. Given the nagging resistance of this issue, the team is running additional testing on this fix, but hope to have it out to you within a week. The teams 1 week is equivalent to 1+ month, perhaps longer.
  15. Been playing forever, add me SamuraiZen1980 Counselor Crew Main. Jason when I'm bored/solo. 100% 52/52.
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