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  1. Yeah, my KILL SQUAD will Flip U UP ha ha. Maybe Dev's will let you start the match with RAGE next Patch
  2. You might think RAGE is stupid but they broke KNIFE throwing and Combat Stance activation/use is a clunky as an Atari controller. Fix Knife throwing! I used to love being able to hit counselors with them, and slash the speedy chads n vanessa's. But we got Victoria's butt so all is forgiven.
  3. Looks like you do a huge line of coke and get double run stam speed for the nite. But that's me.
  4. I'm playing @ 4 or 5 eastern today. SamuraiZen1980 Xbox. Find me if you want to get a TON of Jason KILLS. I have same gt on PS4 pro but hate that controller lol! Bloodborne was fun while it lasted.
  5. From the man UPDATE: The team is testing a new fix for the "Bear Trap Method" counselors are using to slingshot themselves onto structures. Given the nagging resistance of this issue, the team is running additional testing on this fix, but hope to have it out to you within a week. The teams 1 week is equivalent to 1+ month, perhaps longer.
  6. Been playing forever, add me SamuraiZen1980 Counselor Crew Main. Jason when I'm bored/solo. 100% 52/52.
  7. They're gonna fix ALL the BUGS after updating the Unreal Engine. Fast Forward to today.
  8. 3 Hits to Demask with Buggzy with no Damage Perks, and a Machete. Need I say more? OK call for Tommy. Thick Skin + Medic + Marathon. There I said it. Go for the KILL!!
  9. Packanack Roof Glitch has like 2 million views on Youtube. Yes UNTIL Blackhouse FIXES this you NEED to know how to KIll Counselors when JASON. Thanks for the video I sent it to Messenger for all my game friends so they can kill these CHEATERS!!
  10. I have temporarily stopped playing! DUH! They need to FIRE BLACKHOUSE STUDIO'S!!!!! They've ran the game into the ground ever since Pinehurst! It's the UNREAL ENGINE! The most used Game Engine in the Industry! And STOP HARASSING ME, and telling me I NEED TO LEAVE THE FORUMS. Everyone but you seems to agree this game has gotten WORSE! Are you stable? You must LOVE ALL THE BUGS! You're probably a ROOF GLITCHER/TEAMER TOO! You keep defending them. They've had a year to fix stuff, and the 2 year anniversary has just past. Their only excuse is they DON'T care or else BLACKHOUSE would be FIRED BY NOW.
  11. They promised bug patches and fixes. They LIED.
  12. I have never in my life seen a game fall apart as much as Friday The 13th The Game by this Publisher/Company. I would actually be happier if they did just shut it down. A year later it's worse, and it's never once been updated correctly. It runs so terrible, and most people don't play the game anywhere how it was intended. The dev's don't even try to do anything fun for it's anniversary. The dedicated servers lag so hard. The game bugs out 25% of the time weather its game crash, counselor crash, Jason crash car with Knives, roof glitchers, or sad excuse for teamers. It's no longer enjoyable at all. R.I.P.
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