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  1. I personally run Thick Skin on every counselor except the counselors I think are Trash. La Chappa, Sheldon, Mitch, Kenny, Jenny etc. I never play when I get bugged counselor anymore. Then your last 2 are going to be preference/play style. And your final aim is to have NO NEGATIVES. So start with a Thick Skin no Negative or -1% and go from there. Figure out your personal play style. Good Luck Counselor!
  2. This is obviously a quality of life game impacting bug fix for everyone Priority number 1. Roof Glitch that was priority number 2. I main Tiffany still, but nice try Dev's!
  3. If I was these F13 Developer guys it's simple do like your fanbase (me). Get a few cases of beer for the weekend, smokes too. Gather a party of at least 4-5 people party up, set preference to Counselors. Now you have a kill squad. Go see how people are playing. Get ready for the laughs, and the depression. Break out the STREAM, and take notes. After one weekend you'll have enough work for you and black house all weekday long. (probably a month if I'm being honest. Next weekend buy some more cases of beer. Gonna need it MY CREW did the work week for you free of charge bud @mattshotcha 1. FIX ALL ROOF GLITCHES (PACKANACK & PINEHURST ARE THE BIGGEST OFFENDERS) 2. PUT BACK IN ALL OF VICTORIA'S PANTS WITH THE NEW ASS, NOT ONLY 1 SET OF PANTS (BLUE) (you literally half assed it!) 3. FIX JASON GETTING ON THE ROOF TOO (BUT ONLY IF YOU CAN COMPLETE 1.) 4. FIX THE BUGGED ENVIRONMENTAL KILLS (I DO LIKE GETTING OVER 10 KILLS BUT ITS A BAD BUG) 5. RANDOM BUG GETTING YOUR COUNSELOR OUT BENEATH OF THE BED, WHEN HIDDEN UNDER BED ALSO HAS A CAMERA GLITCH 6. PACKANACK WINDOW CLOSEST TO BACK PORCH GETS COUNSELOR STUCK IF THE CRAWL THROUGH IT ALSO HAS A CAMERA GLITCH 7. JASON KNIVES STILL CAN DESTROY CARS 8. JASONS COMBAT STANCE CANCELS SENSE AND STALK EARLY WHEN USED 9. CAN NO LONGER PLAY TOMMY AND PAMELA TAPES 10. RANDOM COUNSELOR BUG/GLITCH (GAME PICKS A COUNSELOR RANDOMLY THAT YOU DIDN'T SELECT) 11. PINEHURST (FIX THAT RAINBOW NON-SENSE @ MAIN HOUSE AND DURING KILLS BLOOD IS REPLACED WITH SPARKLES!) CHEERS!!!! EVERY GUY LIKES BEER AND/OR SMOKES SO DON'T GIVE ME THAT YOUR PLAN WON'T WORK NON-SENSE. BEER IS THE ANSWER BROTHER!
  4. They (DEDICATED SERVERS) are back up now from whatever reason?
  5. Been like this all Day for me. Tweeted Wes, F13, IllFonic. Reported to Jason Kills Bugs. Who else plays XBOX 1 here? Same issue right. How is PC and PS4 today? Any word from the Team? Can we get Dedicated back today? Thanks!
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