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  1. @Ahab Thanks for the suggestions, I had run across those before as well. Went ahead and did all three for good measure, still fails to verify one 624 byte file over and over. I think im going to just give it up on this problem. 6 months and I've found no solution. If I get bored maybe I'll do a wipe of everything and restart. Thanks again everybody.
  2. @Ahab im thinking that file is the problem too. Don't know what else to do to get it to verify. I only have windows defender, turned it and firewall off for a bit, and placed the entire steam folder on the exception list. Restarted everything, still tries to redownload every time. Repaired EAC. Gonna run a few games and try the car, ill report back if freezing still occurs Update... it took a few shifts but it did freeze up on me again....just dunno
  3. ah yes the edit button, Good Eye Coach, good eye
  4. Yea in the few games I've played I have noticed all the new issues, but despite them all we still play. It's always been a janky game, but a fun janky game. Bugs happen, frustrating, but give them time.
  5. Thanks for the reply and acknowledgment of my rule breaking. I have posted an intro, and removed the reddit link and posted my own personal google drive shareable link(is that permitted or still no, I really don't know I will be glad to delete it just let me know. No offense taken this is pc players after all. No I do not mod, hack, glitch or any of that, ive done my fair share of reporting players that have suspect advantages in game like the weird Jason X skin thing a while back. that was back on April 6, so I kind of gave up on a response. I don't think this is a game bug. It has to be on my end I just cant for the life of my figure out what. Its just weird that it ran fine for 200 hours then all of a sudden, and no weird changes to my pc just a few more Steam games Thanks for all the responses so far I appreciate everyone's time
  6. Hello all. My name is Perpangular. You can find me on Steam, PS4, and Xbox (although not on consoles very often anymore) as Perpangular. I have a pc related issue with this help and I figure if anybody can help it is you fine people. Thanks for future conversations and maybe I will see you out there.
  7. Don't get me wrong I can still play the game, this is the only problem I have. I just cant ever drive the car or ride along if Jason was to stop it. I miss driving the car. Its probably karma for all the off roading messing with Jason, but I promise I won't do that anymore, I just want to drive in a straight line and exit without dying or getting others killed. lol
  8. I don't pay for the PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold anymore. Plus seems like Steam players are a little more....mature....yea mature one way to put it. But thanks for the reply
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LkfeRJFKyeSk5vhENaaDMsa3GmNaNf9Y/view?usp=sharing ok. So I enjoy this game. I own it on 3 platforms. Played it a lot when it came out ~200 hours on Steam. Played fine. Stopped for a little while came back around the patch that changed Jason's grab animation whichever that was. Now when I play, been going on for a few months, anytime Jason shifts while I am driving or passenger in the car, my game will freeze on the "static" I have to hit the windows key, go back into Steam, wait a sec, then click back into the game to make it unfreeze. By then car is crashed, I am dead, others are dead, its terrible. This happens every game. I have sent a response to the Jason Kills Bugs with video and screenshots, but they never got back with me. Scouring the internet seems to prove I am the only human being with this problem. I am not a noob when it comes to PC, I have done everything I can think of reinstalled game like 4 times, verified integrity of game files (which always comes back with one file failed to validate, like a 600byte file, redownloads it, nothing. I check it again also still 1 file failed to validate. All drivers are up to date, All Visual C++ redownloaded, repaired, etc. I just don't know. Anybody have any ideas, this really hinders my enjoyment of the game. Posted this on reddit and various content creators videos hoping for some community help, but nothing as of yet. Maybe someone here knows something. Above is a link to a video link showing this happen in game. Thanks everybody
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