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  1. 18 hours ago, I'm Not a Goalie said:

    Best of luck to ya! I definitely support anything or anyone trying to keep this game alive. I could certainly use something else to listen too to help keep me awake when I'm at work.

    Appreciate the kind words! This is the very beginning stages but I'm hoping to have everything done and up and running by the holidays. We'll see.


    Until then you can check out my regular show if you want, everything is in my sig. #Horror

  2. 10 minutes ago, Somethin Cool said:

    The lawsuit? That saved the game tbh. From what I've seen, the Grendel map would play like shit anyway. They should've stuck to basics and made maps for 6 and 7 before taking Jason to space. I would've rather seen a Hell map for Savini than the Grendel map.

    Eh, to each their own. They had a lot of small things that were going to be rolled out too. Hell, I'd rather play Grendel than Higgins Big or Jarvis 🤣 

  3. 10 minutes ago, Somethin Cool said:

    I mean that. 

    Honestly I think you're looking in the wrong place. Check the threads in here over the last 4 years, let alone recent topics of discussion like: "Anybody that plays Vanessa is garbage and you can't change my mind..."

    Knowledge left this place a long time ago...

    Yeah I haven't spent too much time here, but from what I remember, that seems pretty on point.

    I guess I'd just hope everyone runs around screaming so much about how they hate the situation the game was put in, maybe they'd put their 'gAmEr PrIdE' down for a bit... Who knows lol

  4. Sorry for the clickbait title, I couldn't resist 😂


    Hey guys! Anyone who knows me, you're familiar; for anyone who doesn't, please check my signature when you're done reading this.


    My F13th credentials are I'm an original who has backed this game and still an active, frequent player on console (Xbox). I have a podcasting platform called Slasher Radio which is based around the horror genre that has seen modest success from. But as much as I love doing Slasher Radio every week, it has become very formatted and dealing with sponsors and all that type of stuff, pretty much the ratio of what I 'ACTUALLY ENJOY DOING' vs. it being 'Work' has definitely changed. With all that being said, I've been kicking around the idea of starting up a new, completely separate, less formatted, more laid back, topical show about something I'm passionate about. I mentioned this to a few friends while playing F13th and what started as a joke, has grown (in my head anyway) into what seems like it could be a really fun idea... A Friday the 13th The Game Podcast! And my reason for posting this is.... We need one more host!


    Why a Podcast about Friday the 13th The Game?

    Why not?! Has work on the game stopped? Sure. But the community is still so strong and active and some players have a connection to this game like I've never seen in gaming before. I feel like this type of connection is possible because of how closely with every detail that GUN was able to get to this franchise that we all grew up on and love. I feel like there is a ton that can be discussed about this game from so many different aspects, but most importantly, I know there are people who also appreciate it and who want to hear it and talk about it!

    This project has already been accepted by Slasher Radio's parent network (Fansided) at launch. Obviously this will be a fan show. This is in no way associated with Gun Interactive.


    What would a Friday the 13th The Game Podcast even sound like?

    A different game-related topic every week! This isn't to say every topic will COMPLETELY revolve around the game. Another thing that is so great about this game, is it allows us to talk about so much more than just itself. Here are some early ideas of topics I feel we'd be able to hit:

    - Connection between game & movies

    - The current community/current players

    - The leagues

    - Comparison to other survival games

    - The classic 'Fantasy Convos' of what could/should have been

    - Reminiscing on the old days of the game

    - .... Friday the 13th movies in general, duh!


    What is being looked for in a co-host?

    The ideal third host doesn't necessarily need to be an 'original' of the game.... Hell, they don't even need to like the game. Contrarian/Differing views and debates are always a good time! But these are a must:


    Obviously a complete understanding of the game is needed. Also a pretty thorough understanding of the film franchise is pretty much a must as well.

    Decent Audio Setup

    You don't need to be in Dr. Dre's studio or anything, but at least a mic or even headset where your audio comes in clear. No cell phones and headphones. 😂

    MOST IMPORTANTLY.... Dedicated.

    We're looking for someone who is serious and will commit to this project, not someone we'll have to worry about dropping out a few months in. There will be 3 hosts so that means 3 schedules that need to be worked around for recording sessions, these are things to keep in mind. Also keep in mind, podcasting isn't a gold mine. Especially in the early stages. We aren't interested in someone who is doing this just to make money. To me that isn't a true commitment. We want someone who cares as much as we do and only cares about making something great and fun. So if you're serious about becoming a host for this project, either DM me or reply here and I'll reach out and we can start a process of getting to know each other and seeing if its a fit. Chemistry is everything!


    Thank you for reading and hope all of you will be part of this in one way or another and we can keep this community strong! Positive Vibes!

  5. 17 hours ago, aurllcooljay said:

    If I'm not mistaken, Crotch Grab and How Rude are actually the same emote. Only difference is if you are playing as a male or female counselor. Crotch Grab doesn't even appear in the list of emotes from the topic List of All Unlockables Levels 1-150/Skull Challenges Emote Unlockables.


    Ahhhhhhhhh okay. I was super confused!


    That is disappointing tho damn... This is where I would ask for a rally of this being changed and the female version being made it's own thing and the actual crotch grab animation just be a universal emote for all consolers but... 😭😭😭😭

  6. 45 minutes ago, gettodachappa said:

    Yep soon as i sent him the video you showed he blocked me🤣🤣

    LMAO makes sense. It's funny when someone throws random profanity all over the place trying to be as big and bad as they can be, but yet they fold so easily to so little lmao. I think the bigger knock on him isn't even how bad he is at the game, it's the fact that he's such a coward. Really pathetic.

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  7. On 5/3/2021 at 2:24 PM, Ste_Wolf said:

    In my experience the biggest rage quitters are the Vanessas. They think they are invincible with their endless stamina, and when they get outplayed they rage quit.

    Eh, maybe. I think Fox's are imo.


    That is deftly the 'sweat' survivor choice and it's usually kids who think they're good playing against level 50's and die almost instantly when they play someone with actual experience. Don't throw shade on Nessa tho!!! 😂

  8. On 5/3/2021 at 12:12 PM, I'm Not a Goalie said:

    Hey, that's my buddy! 🤣 I told this story a while back, but I didn't drop names due to forum rules. But this is the guy who got the sweater during a match and went a profanity laced tirade on me because I slashed Tommy to death... Like I was supposed to do anything other than slash his ass to death when I found him running up the road out of stam and weaponless while somebody had my sweater. Not to him though. I was apparently trash, didn't know how to play, and was every gay slur in the book all because this salty little punk didn't get what he wanted. He waited until after I took his second PK, used the sweater, and then quit in the middle of the animation... And then decided to keep up his tirade by messaging me after the fact, a chat I still proudly keep just to show off to my friends how pathetic this guy really was.  I've never seen someone so angry over what was essentially nothing. He's the embodiment of the whiny entitled salty little bitches polluting this game who can't handle any real form of competition. I still have the video of this incident, but for some reason I can't bring it up on my DVR to load it to Youtube, so whatever.

    The only part of this post I don't believe is that he teams with Jason. I highly doubt this loser has any friends to team with.

    Eh, personally I only slash if there is a group around me and all my grabs will just get me hit, even then depending on the situation I'll just do that until their weapons break. I don't slash Tommy because that's a free PK laying around, so I would rather waste that and grab him again for the kill. That being said, I'll bitch about a Jason slashing an entire round or just out of frustration because he's not good enough to get a grab kill on someone or something like those scenarios, but given your situation I can't say I really blame you. If he's that good he should have been with Tommy to help him or at least planned it better, so that's on them for sure. So his tears are pretty invalid. If you're going for a Jason kill you have to pretty much expect that all "unwritten rules" are out the window and he's clearly no where near smart enough to do that lol.


    But yeah I believe you. The first set of messages is from when I ran him an entire game years prior then the second set was this video again. Apparently both times I'm garbage and I'm a 'do nothing' even though Jason is on me, as Vanessa, and apparently I'm supposed to repair an entire car right in front of him... lol. According to the messages he can do that btw....... The kid is a clown and I've spoke to several of his friends since this video kinda 'blew up' within the community and they all say the same thing, he wants to be the best at the game. I can understand that but reality needs to kick in that not only is he not the best, but he is actually really bad. Hopefully you can get that video up because I'd like to get a good laugh from it. Especially since now everytime he sees me he leaves the lobby immediately and will block anyone who messages him and mentions me lol

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  9. On 5/3/2021 at 7:01 AM, Deano78 said:

    Played this guy so many times, rage quits as Vanessa as well and often teams up with Jason. 

    Yep, sounds like him. He rage quits constantly then comes up with every single excuse under the sun as to why he lost... It's never his fault, of course 😒🙄

  10. On 5/3/2021 at 7:24 AM, Carlso said:

    IDK why this guy keeps counting his "fails"tho.  If a Jason can grab a counselor with none "fails" that either means he made incredible use of stalk or the counselor is incredibly bad.

    Edit: lol that was quite a lot of fails, especially at the end.

    If you've ever interacted with him (like you see stories from others), you'll understand. He literally acts like he is God's gift to Friday the 13th The Game to the point that words can't even describe.


    Plus when I play Jason it's actually pretty rare that I miss a grab. Shift grabs I'll miss maybe one or two a game but just walking behind someone it's very rare that I miss a grab. And I've many times spectated people who have gone rounds and rounds in a row without missing a grab at all. So someone who claims to be as good as he is, this should be easy.

  11. On 4/2/2020 at 10:16 PM, SirMang said:

    So you have a worthless small channel that's designed just to finger point at people to shame them?  yeah, that doesn't sound toxic in the least.  What an asset to the community you're providing.  The whole like 20 people who watch your videos that is.

    Meanwhile, you made enough of your own mistakes in that video.  Like shooting Jason with a shotgun near the beginning for no reason.  The way that all played out, you should have still had the shotgun on your back.  Meanwhile, you passed up a bat to keep your machete for no reason after that when a bat is a better stun weapon than a machete.

    I mean if you're going to mock a Jason player, maybe you should look at the gameplay at your own mistakes and what to work on...like don't dive through a window into a cabin that has no door.  Sure that Jason didn't take advantage of that, but plenty of Jasons will and you'll either lose your pocket knife right then and there or get thrown right back out that window.

    1) My worthless small channel actually has very little to do with gaming or this game for that matter. If you checked it out you would realize that.

    2) I'm not trying to be an asset to this community. Not even sure how one would be. That's kinda weird.

    3) The whole 20 people who watch? This video alone has almost 300 views already and it was just made to be something dumb. Mind posting any type of YouTube/Twitch/Mixer channel that YOU have so we can see what your following is like? Btw,  YouTube is by far my lowest following as I really don't care about it and only upload on there out of necessity, I actually despise YouTube if I'm going to be honest, nothing but more work. iTunes, iHeart Radio, GooglePlay and Spotify are where the majority of my views come from, so if you're going to try and put down somebody's platform maybe you should at least look into it a bit before you make a fool of yourself by talking about something you don't know. I love when people bring up someone's following and try to minimize it when they have none of their own.

    4) It's funny how you're pointing out things that aren't really mistakes, simply just things you would do differently. It's hard to call these mistakes considering I was successful.

    5) I shot him with the shotgun because I felt like it, I was casually playing. I don't even like having the shotgun in game so that means nothing to me so that point is pretty invalid. The fact that you think you "need a shotgun on your back" to have any type of success really shows up your skill-set more than anything else.

    6) As far as the bat goes, I tried to pick up the pipe (better stun chance than a machete) but messed up and had to leave before I could pick it up again. My thought process was he is going to be in rage soon and the machete would at least give me a chance to knock his mask off if needed down the road in the round. Again, clearly I didn't need it and had a big stretch of houses in front of me so stunning him really wouldn't be necessary. Not to mention stunning him when you don't need to will do nothing more than get him into rage quicker. Especially considering it is Savini, him being able to shift at an even faster rate than he already does isn't really something you would want. Clearly this is something you didn't think about. Maybe before you go dissecting someone else's game-play you should grasp a better knowledge of the game first.

    7) As for the window with the open door, how was I to know the door was open? I didn't know if he was shifting behind me or not. Also considering seeing how bad he is the chances of him being able to shift around the house and into the door and a direct path to me in that short period of time with Savini's fast shift is highly unlikely.


    The fact that shooting a shotgun, not picking up a bat, and me having a crystal ball to know which doors are broken are the only things you can knit-pick about, I feel even with your negativity I did pretty well for myself. 🙃

  12. On 3/29/2020 at 7:21 PM, HaHaTrumpWon said:

    1) "Try-hard" is one of the stupidest fucking terms ever invented. Why is putting effort into something suddenly scorn-worthy?

    2) The constant sound effects and appearing/disappearing text are annoying as fuck. A counselor shutting a door can hardly be considered a "Fail" on Jason's part, especially since the counselor in question then made the idiotic mistake of diving through the window of a cabin with no door. Jason could have hit Shift as soon as she jumped and had enough time to Shift inside and grab her before she gets to her feet. Sure, she's got a PK, but now it's gone, and that means it's over on the next grab.

    3) Next time you find yourself in a similar situation as Jason, here's a friendly word of advice: Stop chasing the counselor, go to a nearby cabin, and destroy EVERY SINGLE DOOR AND WINDOW IT HAS. When you're done, go onto the next cabin and repeat the process. After every door and every window on ALL of the nearby cabins have been destroyed, THEN resume chasing the counselor. 

    Why go through all that effort? Well, let's answer that question with another question: What is the most vital aspect of successfully kiting Jason? Knowing his location. This is why counselors will run into an inner room, lock both doors, and wait by a window. They know that Jason can't get to them without revealing where he is, and when they know where he is, they know where NOT to be. Taking a few minutes to destroy doors and windows on cabins that aren't even occupied may sound like a waste of time (and if there's several counselors still alive, it is) but no doors = no way of locking Jason out to regain stamina as well as no way of knowing for sure where he is. This puts an unbelievable amount of pressure on whoever's trying to kite you.

    Pretend your that counselor. You've been stringing Jason along from cabin to cabin trying to run out the clock when suddenly, he disappears. You climb through a window, run to a back room, lock the doors, and open a window. A couple of minutes go by and there's no sign of Jason anywhere. Maybe he's in Stalk, waiting for you to climb out of the window. Maybe he's off trying to collect as many TKs as he can. Maybe you've irritated him so much he just said 'Fuck it' and is wandering the map waiting for the time to run out. Suddenly, he rages through the door. You hop out the window, maybe take a second to be an obnoxious twat and taunt him with a dance emote, then run to the safety of the next cabin. Except... he's not following you. Once you get inside, you notice all the doors and windows have been broken down, and a few seconds later you hear his music getting louder. Realizing you're a sitting duck, you hop back through the window and run back to the cabin you were just in, but it looks like Jason destroyed all it's doors and windows as soon as you left. As loud as the music is, you know he's right on top of you, but you don't know where. Should you run? Hunker down in a corner and wait? Maybe make your way to a different cabin? Then, the music stops and everything goes quiet.



    1) Putting effort into something is one thing. Going into your own world and obsessing over a video game that means nothing is a completely different story.

    2A) My video was made for entertainment. Not somebody who wants pure gameplay because, well... You can just play the game for that. If that's what you're looking for, my channel isn't for you. 

    2B) It was the grab that was the fail at the door. Why would he even try to grab at that point? If he is as good as he claims to be, why would he even go for that grab?

    2C) He should know better. If you notice I seen him behind me before I dove. And how was I to know there was no door? Plus, given what I seen, I highly doubt he would have been able to pull off a shift around the house and into the door then right on me perfectly, let alone even think to do it. And he didn't. 

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  13. 19 hours ago, FridayThe31st said:

    This, exactly! I’m one of the few who uses stalk a whole hell of a lot in quick play, and whenever I do pull off nice kills or whatnot, I get angry players who either rage quit, send me hate messages or, once they see me take down the whole lobby, suicide. And when I say suicide, I mean they injure themselves then stand by an open bear trap waiting until I come into the cabin they’re  in and literally suicide right in front of my face. Which to them means I’ll get salty over it when I don’t

    I mean... You did come on here to write two really big posts about it... So it might make you a tiny bit salty 😂

  14. 9 minutes ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    @Bonez, mind doing an intro post, maybe reading the rules while you’re here. 

    Oh... and stop glitching.

    I don't think I need to read the rules to voice an honest, valid opinion.


    In no way did my post intend to be offensive or anything like that. It is just a player's opinion.


    Oh... I'll play the game to have fun like I always have. 😀

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