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  1. 1) My worthless small channel actually has very little to do with gaming or this game for that matter. If you checked it out you would realize that. 2) I'm not trying to be an asset to this community. Not even sure how one would be. That's kinda weird. 3) The whole 20 people who watch? This video alone has almost 300 views already and it was just made to be something dumb. Mind posting any type of YouTube/Twitch/Mixer channel that YOU have so we can see what your following is like? Btw, YouTube is by far my lowest following as I really don't care about it and only upload on there out of necessity, I actually despise YouTube if I'm going to be honest, nothing but more work. iTunes, iHeart Radio, GooglePlay and Spotify are where the majority of my views come from, so if you're going to try and put down somebody's platform maybe you should at least look into it a bit before you make a fool of yourself by talking about something you don't know. I love when people bring up someone's following and try to minimize it when they have none of their own. 4) It's funny how you're pointing out things that aren't really mistakes, simply just things you would do differently. It's hard to call these mistakes considering I was successful. 5) I shot him with the shotgun because I felt like it, I was casually playing. I don't even like having the shotgun in game so that means nothing to me so that point is pretty invalid. The fact that you think you "need a shotgun on your back" to have any type of success really shows up your skill-set more than anything else. 6) As far as the bat goes, I tried to pick up the pipe (better stun chance than a machete) but messed up and had to leave before I could pick it up again. My thought process was he is going to be in rage soon and the machete would at least give me a chance to knock his mask off if needed down the road in the round. Again, clearly I didn't need it and had a big stretch of houses in front of me so stunning him really wouldn't be necessary. Not to mention stunning him when you don't need to will do nothing more than get him into rage quicker. Especially considering it is Savini, him being able to shift at an even faster rate than he already does isn't really something you would want. Clearly this is something you didn't think about. Maybe before you go dissecting someone else's game-play you should grasp a better knowledge of the game first. 7) As for the window with the open door, how was I to know the door was open? I didn't know if he was shifting behind me or not. Also considering seeing how bad he is the chances of him being able to shift around the house and into the door and a direct path to me in that short period of time with Savini's fast shift is highly unlikely. The fact that shooting a shotgun, not picking up a bat, and me having a crystal ball to know which doors are broken are the only things you can knit-pick about, I feel even with your negativity I did pretty well for myself. 🙃
  2. 1) Putting effort into something is one thing. Going into your own world and obsessing over a video game that means nothing is a completely different story. 2A) My video was made for entertainment. Not somebody who wants pure gameplay because, well... You can just play the game for that. If that's what you're looking for, my channel isn't for you. 2B) It was the grab that was the fail at the door. Why would he even try to grab at that point? If he is as good as he claims to be, why would he even go for that grab? 2C) He should know better. If you notice I seen him behind me before I dove. And how was I to know there was no door? Plus, given what I seen, I highly doubt he would have been able to pull off a shift around the house and into the door then right on me perfectly, let alone even think to do it. And he didn't.
  3. LMAO NO DAMN WAY! LOL! Dude he swears up and down hes good too. That is the funniest part of it all. He needs to get a refund for that Savini skin he bought on eBay 😂
  4. I mean... You did come on here to write two really big posts about it... So it might make you a tiny bit salty 😂
  5. Rage quitting at it's finest 🙄 This is another big problem too... The ones who will rage quit as Jason then message you all kinds of crap because they're mad.
  6. Don't you love when the try-hards think they're good but they aren't? lol Check out this video of xXJasonKILL3RXx getting ran and rage quitting/messaging me after. I literally didn't even care until he messaged me complaining and making excuses. So I figured I'll start a collection of try-hards getting shut down 🤣 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_AHBlzxf4U Anyone else have funny in-game videos?
  7. I don't think I need to read the rules to voice an honest, valid opinion. In no way did my post intend to be offensive or anything like that. It is just a player's opinion. Oh... I'll play the game to have fun like I always have. 😀
  8. Preventing Jason from getting on the roof is pretty dumb to me and I suggest it be pulled back. It has zero effect on the game. Jason gains zero advantage by getting on the roof. More importantly, just like after the last big update that fixed one avenue of counselors getting on the roof, there will be another eventually. Jason being able to get on the roof is like an accidental fail-safe. There has been a lot of occasions counselors got on the roof as I was Jason but I knew how to get on as Jason and they were killed. I've run into several of the people again and purposely picked Packanack to see if they would do it again and they never did. Just seems really pointless. If anything I would think GUN would advertise that Jason can get on the roof to deter players from doing it. Just my thoughts though. Another thing I would like to mention and kind of a note to developers... I see a lot of 'try-hards' wanting the game to be easier so they can succeed easier. You guys at GUN need to remember part of the reason you made this game was to make it fun. If you take out ALL the glitches, it's just not fun anymore. You're going to boil the game (which unfortunately already has a declining community) down to appease the try-hard community... What are you going to be left with? 50 people who play just to go 7/7 or 8/8 as Jason every round and come on here to cry when they don't. The Friday The 13th movie's foundation was being campy (literally and figuratively), don't lose that.
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