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  1. I don't think I need to read the rules to voice an honest, valid opinion. In no way did my post intend to be offensive or anything like that. It is just a player's opinion. Oh... I'll play the game to have fun like I always have. 😀
  2. Preventing Jason from getting on the roof is pretty dumb to me and I suggest it be pulled back. It has zero effect on the game. Jason gains zero advantage by getting on the roof. More importantly, just like after the last big update that fixed one avenue of counselors getting on the roof, there will be another eventually. Jason being able to get on the roof is like an accidental fail-safe. There has been a lot of occasions counselors got on the roof as I was Jason but I knew how to get on as Jason and they were killed. I've run into several of the people again and purposely picked Packanack to see if they would do it again and they never did. Just seems really pointless. If anything I would think GUN would advertise that Jason can get on the roof to deter players from doing it. Just my thoughts though. Another thing I would like to mention and kind of a note to developers... I see a lot of 'try-hards' wanting the game to be easier so they can succeed easier. You guys at GUN need to remember part of the reason you made this game was to make it fun. If you take out ALL the glitches, it's just not fun anymore. You're going to boil the game (which unfortunately already has a declining community) down to appease the try-hard community... What are you going to be left with? 50 people who play just to go 7/7 or 8/8 as Jason every round and come on here to cry when they don't. The Friday The 13th movie's foundation was being campy (literally and figuratively), don't lose that.
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