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  1. Its a recolor of part 3, but its still pretty cool/ funny. Im more interested in that 13,000 free CP/ Double XP.. pushing past lvl 70+ is a pain in my ass. Levels start to get pretty slow. Ill be more excited when they drop a new map/balancing patch. Couple of REALLY abusive meta strats / bugs ATM.
  2. There's generally 2 ways of cheating without hacking in online games.. glitching and server scumming. The bridge bug is an exploitable glitch, And its game breaking. So it VERY much qualifies as a cheat. Most games will warn you for performing even normal glitches, game breaking bugs often warrant banns in all online games. I agree that its the devs responsibility to fix it, but if they make a declaration that its a known bug. They have every right to ban for it after they acknowledge it.
  3. Its fine, unlike this ...gentlemen, I can stand to have my ideas challenged without having to tell the other side to shut up. Your right, I totally belong on PC. And you totally belong on the console that fucks up simple things like release dates, preorders and exclusive DLC. Funny... I guess things work themselves out after all.
  4. So basically what your saying is... nothing? All this post amounts too is the same shrieking stupidity your trying to condemn. Your post is no different than the 10,000 other posts bitching one way or another on the issue... don't try and act above an argument when your pretty obviously dedicated to a side. It makes you look hypocritical. Honestly the only folks this hurts is PS4 Backers. It does nothing too steam or Xbox exclusivity and just screws over PS4 supporters and that's pretty lame. This is a case of Sony once again fucking over there own player base. Best case scenario is they issue refunds and remove the skin, no harm no foul. But with Sonys track record that's super unlikely. Pretty shitty of Sony over all... but honestly its what I have come to expect.
  5. Me and my friends Un-affectionately call them Magnet Grabs. It appears your about 5ft away and you get pulled to his hand. This happens with or without lag, but the lag can make it reach even farther. Jason's grab range seems to extended an invisible 3-4 feet past his hand. It really sucks when this happens, and makes clutch dodges involving distance VERY hard to pull off.
  6. It seems that past a certain level, (I noticed it happening around 30, but wasn't paying attention before that) You get some CP for every game you play. On top of that you get a chunk of bonus CP on level ups (1000). After playing one game at level 35 earlier today I seemed to get about 300ish CP from just one game... I think it has some correlation to how much XP you earn during the match.. but don't quote me on that.
  7. Yea I prefer the Axe/2x4/lead pipe/Baseball Bat Anything else is just... uncivilized. ;P
  8. Prepare to be surprised. ;D When me and my friend play together we both run this set up an can virtually hogtie Jason. Hes very strong but cant do much is he spends half his time stunned or chasing us around. Can he kill us? Sure! Will he? Only if we screw up. Or a Baseball bat, or a wrench, or any blunt weapon really. With 8-10 strength the tank can KO Jason for 10ish seconds at LEAST most of the time.
  9. <3 Love you too baba! Once you get Thick Skinned to 40% plus you start to feel exactally how strong it REALLY is. Being able to eat two Jason traps back to back and walk away feels AMAZING. Also If you intend to go the melee path I STRONGLY recommend you look into Heavy hitter. MASSIVELY increased baseball bat stun is nothing to sneeze at, Ive had situations where I smack him and we all pile into the car and manage to get almost half way to the exit before he has a chance to react. I'm reverse that. I only have a 18% heavy hitter, but a 40% thick skin. I was lucky enough to score a 14% marathon with 0% drawback tho. That's pretty nice to use on Adam if you want him to be a bit more mobile.
  10. -Whats a Tank?- When one hears the word TANK without playing many video games they think of a giant armored machine, however in the gaming world a tank is more or less a shield. Built to help stave off threats that harm those around them. He draws the aggression and ire of his foes so they focus him instead of his allies and lets them accomplish there own tasks. In Friday the 13th this role seems unlikely, who would want to get up in Jason's face and piss him off... THAT'S CRAZY!? Right..? WRONG! The tank is actually probibly one of the most powerful and fun roles in the entire game! He helps allies and makes Jason's life a living hell by cleverly exploiting game mechanics, and group play! And I'm here to tell you how it works! -What do I need?- OK so first off! Who can be a tank?! I would like to say anyone, but it has two pretty strict requirements! First off, the camper NEEDS a high strength value! Tanks end up in melee range of Jason and tussle with him often, you have to be able to punish him every time an exchange doesn't end in your death! Requirement two, The camper must have at LEAST mediocre stamina/speed. He needs to be able to juke around Jason and stall him, as well as keep up with the rest of his team mates! This leaves 2 real options, Adam and Buggzy. Both are good and both have their strengths and weaknesses. Okay we have our campers, how about perks? There is ONE perk that makes this play style possible, Thick Skin (must be 40%+ to work properly). Their is a BUNCH of perks that suit the tank play style well, but Thick Skinned is uniquely gifted at allowing you to meddle with the flow of the game. Now you may be asking yourself... "Whats so good about Thick Skin? Won't Jason just grab you and make it pointless?" To this I answer, Not if you make it impossible for him to do so! Thick Skins damage reduction works on virtually ALL damage sources. Knife throws, broken glass, diving out second story windows, melee swings, friendly fire, traps. All are rendered 50% effective in front of a maxed out Thick Skinned perk. And funny thing about this... it makes it so the only thing you really have to worry about is his grab. And if you sit next to ANY other team mate with a melee weapon or have a pocket knife... suddenly big scary Jason isn't so big OR scary anymore. Another perk that is HEAVILY recommended is Medic. This perk makes not only you more sturdy but also a AMAZING team mate to have around. -How does a Tank work?- The tank is a role that requires a bit of communications skill and patience, as WELL as the skill to juke Jason and balls of steel. The tank has 3 general jobs. Job 1: The Bodyguard. The tank grabs a baseball bat and whatever gear he can find and starts gathering team mates. Convince them to come with you and patrol around looking for parts and weapons to arm you little group. With a group weapons in hand you go from and easy grab target to a Juggernaut. Able to take MASSIVE damage, Stun him for extended periods of time and completely block Jason from grabbing any near by ally. Most players fear Jason's grab and forget one simple thing... its basically impossible to grab someone in a group of even two people with stunning weapons. All it takes is one tap and the person is free and if you connected with a baseball bat Jason is more than likely knocked on his ass. Throw in the Heavy Hitter perk and every time Jason goes in on one of your team mates hes out for like a light for INSANE amounts of time. By moving with one or two competent allies and properly timing my melee swings I have been able to keep Jason distracted by my group for 10 minutes or more with good weapon luck. its actually pretty crazy how hard it is for Jason to deal any lasting damage to a semi coordinated group with a tank keeping an eye on them. God help Jason if you have 2 or MORE tanks in one cluster... me and my friend managed to get a time out victory by sticking in a group with 3 other people and abusing houses / decent baseball bat spawns. Job 2: The Distraction. This job isn't for the sane among us who want to try and survive every round. You are in essence trying to die as slowly as possible. It is exactally what it sounds like. Your Job is too taunt and goad Jason into focusing his wraith on you, Run him around in circles (Don't be afraid to use broken windows as your thick skin can help shrug it off) and just generally keep his attention where its doing no good. This Job requires the most skill, you have to be able to dance around Jason from house to house and even be able to stall him on broken houses and bad buildings. The better you get at this the more your team mates will LOVE to have you around. Once you get good at this.. This Job REALLY starts to get fun. But this role gets more suicidal still... Job 3: The Sapper. THIS... this is what will make Jason's despise you. Traps do little to slow you down do to your thick skinned perk, and on top of that your massive strength lets you escape them in mere seconds. Purposely eating Jasons traps will quickly make Jason wish all kinds of death curses on you... a confident Jason will suddenly be very skittish when he can no longer trap the phone line or the blue car. Muhahaha but it gets even better! The second thing about being a good sapper... Bodyblocking! Picture this, your friend just fixed the phone but messed up and alerted Jason. He comes over to quickly disable the box and prevent you from making the call only to see your smug ass sitting in front of it. What does Jason do? If he grabs you he risks the pocket knife and the call goes through, even if you don't have a knife choking you out will take too long and the call will finish. Best option is to hit you and make you move out of the way... little does his know your a fucking BRICK WALL. Jason has NO GOOD OPTION HERE! He cant stop this phonecall. Same for starting a car... how does he stop it if your standing in front of the drivers side door? He can keep smashing the hood, but unless he deals with you nothing can happen and hes just wasting time! Bodyblocking for your friends is an absurd tactic that pretty much puts Jason into a no win scenario. If he deals with you he looses, if he ignores you he looses. Now picture this.. but with you having a baseball bat and potentially landing a 20 second stun on him. This is the kind of thing Jason has nightmares about! -Suicide soldier- Ultimately the tank is a role that is built to turn Jason's greatest strengths against him. You don't fear death and are willing to use yourself as a shield to brute force your way through his tactics. The role is HIGHLY risky, bad teammates or RNG and suddenly your dead without ceremony. But the risk can be MASSIVELY rewarding! Also its hard to beat the reactions you get from stumped Jason's or amused team mates when your crazy shenanigans make crazy plays happen! Thanks for reading!
  11. Thats not hacks, its a glitch, And theirs 2 ways to do it that I have figured out. One of them requires the car be up and working. The other requires a lot of free time.
  12. https://oddshot.tv/s/7kLVW7 So basically, ive been doing nothing but practicing jukeing Jason for the past 30 or so hours. And despite everyone saying hes too OP to juke, Ive gotten REALLY good at it. I led this man on a 10 minute chase through the camp. And I was getting a little too into it... Good times , Good times. I actually went back and watched myself do it. Funny as hell.
  13. Ive been in games non stop, no problem with connection or anything, but quite a few of my friends have a LOT of problems. One of them gets the error and cant even start the game, one gets no XP because it shows him as level 0 constantly, and one gets both. Ive been fairly blessed by comparison, I'm at level 24 and have been having a LOT of fun. Was involved in killing Jason once... but he was messing around. This game is INCREDIBLY FUN... when it works.
  14. Ive had one Jason round, got 6 kills. About 16 camper games played, I managed to escape about 8 times. Enjoying the hell out of it so far. I was playing with 3 friends and going into public matches. With us actively talking to others it was pretty great! We managed to get randos who actively used the mic. My funnest moment was probibly when I was giving this Jason the run around in Pakanak. I managed to stall him out for 11 minutes, and the entire time we where talking to each other and I was giving him hints on playing Jason, he kept getting progressively better until eventually I fucked up. It was a chase funner than ANY I had in beta.
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