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  1. Had 2 lobbies tonight largely working together to try and fix the 4 seater car and or phone. At least one seem to have a swift attacker and high chance of stun perk. But stopped them on crystal lake from fixing the car completely and the phone fuse at least twice. Once a couple ran out of pocket knives finally start to kill a few, no sign of Tj as took out a power box. So host ends up quiting either after being killed or because they weren't as good as they thought they were and couldn't fix anything. Funny how upset and salty they get when they can't keep stunning Jason and do what they want? πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
  2. Does make me laugh they go straight to the Packanack lodge as quick as possible. Had Jason follow me for over 10 minutes from the start, by then cops called, car fixed others escaped. Think he got a couple of others before trying me again then I escaped to the cops as well. Some do pick the most obvious spawn point rather than objectives. πŸ˜‚
  3. Usually get other players joining in a minute or less, none at all last night. Also tried to find another lobby and nothing for about 25 minutes last night. πŸ˜•
  4. Hi just trying to get a game on Xbox, not finding any lobbies or other players while I'm host? Is there an issue with the game tonight?
  5. I swear 8 out of 10 games I play are on Packanack small πŸ™„
  6. The usual typical Vanessa, Chad players, who never play any other characters. Think they are great because they use swift attacker, with a high chance of stun perk as well. Like to just run around furniture and do silly emojis if they get a stun hit in. Usually teamed up with others, make no attempt to fix anything or escape. You can guarantee they will rage quit when they run out of first aid, Pk often even before you grab them. πŸ™„
  7. People quit even before you grab them once their swift, sucker punch, high chance of stun perk runs out and they know can't get away they quit. So many sad players act like they are really good yet as soon as they know you will get them they throw a tantrum.
  8. I hate it when your character seems to get stuck on scenery while running you think you can round around or over. Also annoying when it looks like you have sprinted past Jason and out of reach only for his grab to be like a magnet and get you.
  9. Down to Jason, unless the other players are cheating. I recently had a player Glitch under a bed, last one alive and no way to kill them. They wouldn't come out from under the bed, I wasn't going to wait around for the timer to run out.
  10. Depends on the player, you get some silly players who deliberately walk into a bear trap once you knock the door down. Just makes them look a bit salty really. If you're trying to survive and escape but get to the point where you are just hobbling around then I'd say no. It's just a way to deny Jason killing you.
  11. Depends on the player, Vanessa players when you're out of knives, traps and just running around furniture trying to show off, then yes a little. If you have no other options to realistically escape and are just trying to survive as long as you can then that's not toxic and surving the night is a win for the counselor.
  12. I think some of the badges are glitched. Still on 76 boat repairs but done way more than that. Jason torpedo and playing as TJ. Achievements about 54% on 1000 games as Jason and 85% on Phd but heard some unique kills needed like Part 3 Jason on Higgins by the barn and graveyard?
  13. Had a rare Jason quitter tonight, I'm last one alive as Tiffany and after giving them the run around most of the map for over 5mins they gave up and quit Had another lobby of quitters including 2 Vanessa's who gave up once I stopped them calling the police and weren't going to last much longer. Best one a Bugsy player running around jumping through windows. Once stalk was available used that and sense. Could see him waiting other side of the door. Soon as he opened it Surprise! 🀣 Grabbed him, he tried to rage quit but wasn't quick enough and still counted the kill despite him disappearing half way through it.
  14. Played this guy so many times, rage quits as Vanessa as well and often teams up with Jason.
  15. So long as you wait until the kill animation has played that's fine. Too many people try to rage quit before that happens and just don't do it quick enough and leave after the kill has counted.
  16. I had a go last night and it was the first time I got 3 pen knives. I was on Packanack large. I found 2 in drawers and the other one at the campsite in the top North East corner. They are random but will normally be one at one of the campsite locations marked on the Map. Others tend to be in drawers. If TJ gives his up then there are 4 in play. Surprised recently playing how many times players seem to miss some drawers in cabins, quite often the green ones haven't been searched.
  17. Little surprised how many don't rate part 2 higher. I usually use that Jason or part 4 or 5. Usually one of the more popular ones in the lobby as well. Yes his shift isn't great but being able to run and have so many traps mean you can trap all the objectives.
  18. Few games last night. Finding a lobby was quicker than usual, but did have a few hosts quitting in the lobby or in the game. Even Jason quitting as well. A bit laggy in some games when opening windows and draws. Strangely when I was host it felt sped up when interacting with anything. Recently got the 500 Jason games perk but got a lots of other games to start playing now. So likely to play once in a while now on xbox.
  19. No just running in the open normally a Chad or Vanessa player. I chase them for a while thinking their stamina will drain and catch up eventually. After a while they actually seem to increase in speed and take off? Shouldn't be possible as they should be out of stamina. Seem to do this without actually stopping to recharge stamina either?
  20. I'm not sure if it's a a perk or players cheating some how? On Xbox sometimes you can chase a player who is sprinting full speed for a while. Once they should actually run out of stamina and slow down some actually seem to speed up all of a sudden like they suddenly got a burst of stamina again. Usually Vanessa or Chad players mainly but happened quite a few times. Is this a perk or cheating somehow?
  21. This happened to me recently on xbox. Usually if you come back out to the menu. When it loads the next screen it disappears.
  22. Yes had last week, quit the game not going to wait the remaining 8 minutes just because someone wants to hide under a bed until the clock runs down. Just laughed when I said why cheat?
  23. The 2 that stand out for me those who form a kill squad with 5 players or more and expect you to walk right into it, earn the kill! I'll shift past a well place trap especially if more than 1 player in the cabin, not noticed anyone have a problem with that. I prefer to close and bar doors to cabin simply because it stops a good Jason shifting straight in before you can lock it. Annoying late in a game to climb in a window to find the door is wide open for Jason. A bit annoying if you get a Jason trapping every window at the first cabin they get to, just for one kill. Often run out the door once knocked down
  24. I'd say as a counselor surviving is a win whether escaping, get to the cops, surviving the night or killing Jason. As Jason killing everyone, maybe against a good lobby 1 survivor is a win especially if they don't fix any objectives call TJ.
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