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  1. The pigsplitter for the range and if you need to slash more than one player ganging up on you. I like the Fire Axe animation kills though.
  2. You can kinda guess the counselors running up to trying to get a high stun perk hit are going to have a pocket knife or even 2, same for TJ. Slash away and go for a grab on those trying to run away.
  3. Part 2 mainly good alround, loads of traps with the pig splitter as slightly longer weapon. Especially helpful if a lot of Vanessa players in the lobby. Otherwise part 4 for the destruction on bigger maps.
  4. Don't think I've ever used sneaky and definitely not friendship? The best or most used are Medic, Thick Skin, Hypochondriac, Marathon. Then probably restful, slugger, Thrasher, Tinker. Depends on your play style though. Are you going to hide, fix things or fight Jason?
  5. Try to find a pocket knife early on, you might find one in a draw but often they'll be at a campfire site located on the map. Some maps often have the shotgun in the same place, like in the barn on the PineHurst map. It will knock Jason down usually giving you more time to get away. Don't just hide under a bed, in a cupboard the whole game. Eventually Jason will spot the cabin you are in and you will be Seek and destroyed! 🤘🏻
  6. Had 2 of the worst teamers in a game yesterday. I was playing as Tiffany on Packanack and still managed to survive the 20 minutes. A Vanessa player was leading Jason to me, opening doors trying to block window exit. Yet they still failed to get me as I just ran from one cabin to the next. Lasted about 6 minutes last one alive
  7. The come here, or pointing out a window to say follow me. Sometimes flashlight helps as well.
  8. Need a bit of luck with spawn location, finding items in draws etc, where Jason spawns. After the first few minutes more skill, getting items, fixing things, setting up traps. Once Jason is in rage mode need some skill to stay on the run and survive especially if not using Vanessa. Also choosing the right perk set up.
  9. Only for sore losers. I got called my 1st Try Hard the other day. I wouldn't let anyone fix anything and went and killed players as they set off the traps. So basically playing as you should lol
  10. I think the only time, situation a Jason player is a bit of a Try Hard is when you are the only player in a cabin and they smash every window and use 2 or more traps by the windows. That's a lot of effort to get one kill. Usually wait for them to smash the door down and stun them and go out the door. They just wasted most of their traps for nothing.
  11. Here is the link just as well managed do capture last 5 minutes played.
  12. Yes I don't think playstyle will vary your survival. I quite often play as a lone wolf. I'll fix things if it's nearby or drop them to highlight on the map if my counselor is slow at fixing. If I'm about to escape to the cops I'll drop weapons, first aid, penknives for others to have a chance. I quite often survive the night often as the last player giving Jason the run around. I normally use Tiffany, or Deborah or Victoria. You need to use thick skin, try and grab a first aid or penknife early on from the normal locations. Make sure you close internal doors, barricade others, set bear traps.
  13. It makes me laugh when you get the Vanessa only players, no doubt with medic, thick skin and high stun perk group up to fight Jason. All probably have a penknife as well and try to troll you. Running around furniture or having 2 or more penknives doesn't make you a good player. Try fixing things, escaping, survive the night or kill Jason. Getting a few stun hits in early on before being killed isn't badass. Also I think Jason should get a dance motion as well haha
  14. Only if you know the lobby is definitely going to try for a Jason kill otherwise it's a bit of a waste, especially if you have a Jason with only 3 traps.
  15. Very helpful on a lot of counselors but depends what else you use with it. Most counselors die when run out of stamina too quickly. On a large map if you try to run away from Jason it helps a lot. Otherwise with Jason constantly on your tail you'll not get much time to recharge your stamina. Use it with Marathon and you can give Jason the run around for ages to survive the night.
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