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  1. Little surprised how many don't rate part 2 higher. I usually use that Jason or part 4 or 5. Usually one of the more popular ones in the lobby as well. Yes his shift isn't great but being able to run and have so many traps mean you can trap all the objectives.
  2. Few games last night. Finding a lobby was quicker than usual, but did have a few hosts quitting in the lobby or in the game. Even Jason quitting as well. A bit laggy in some games when opening windows and draws. Strangely when I was host it felt sped up when interacting with anything. Recently got the 500 Jason games perk but got a lots of other games to start playing now. So likely to play once in a while now on xbox.
  3. No just running in the open normally a Chad or Vanessa player. I chase them for a while thinking their stamina will drain and catch up eventually. After a while they actually seem to increase in speed and take off? Shouldn't be possible as they should be out of stamina. Seem to do this without actually stopping to recharge stamina either?
  4. I'm not sure if it's a a perk or players cheating some how? On Xbox sometimes you can chase a player who is sprinting full speed for a while. Once they should actually run out of stamina and slow down some actually seem to speed up all of a sudden like they suddenly got a burst of stamina again. Usually Vanessa or Chad players mainly but happened quite a few times. Is this a perk or cheating somehow?
  5. This happened to me recently on xbox. Usually if you come back out to the menu. When it loads the next screen it disappears.
  6. Yes had last week, quit the game not going to wait the remaining 8 minutes just because someone wants to hide under a bed until the clock runs down. Just laughed when I said why cheat?
  7. The 2 that stand out for me those who form a kill squad with 5 players or more and expect you to walk right into it, earn the kill! I'll shift past a well place trap especially if more than 1 player in the cabin, not noticed anyone have a problem with that. I prefer to close and bar doors to cabin simply because it stops a good Jason shifting straight in before you can lock it. Annoying late in a game to climb in a window to find the door is wide open for Jason. A bit annoying if you get a Jason trapping every window at the first cabin they get to, just for one kill. Often run out the door once knocked down
  8. I'd say as a counselor surviving is a win whether escaping, get to the cops, surviving the night or killing Jason. As Jason killing everyone, maybe against a good lobby 1 survivor is a win especially if they don't fix any objectives call TJ.
  9. I rolled my first legendary hypo last night, worse stats than the epic I have.
  10. Did it count the final kill though? Mine came up 8/8 so guess it did.
  11. I find it's normally those who make everyone else wait the full timer quit the second the game starts actually or rage quit. They tend to enjoy annoying other people it seems.
  12. Wasted around 10mins to get a game last night, 7 lobbies in a row? What are they waiting for? How about a bit of respect for the other 6 or 7 players you're forcing to wait or is that a new generation thing? You want to play the game or not. No doubt sitting there watching the timer tick down just because you can. What's the point? Learn some respect.
  13. Nothing to do with patience, 7 lobbies in a row all have people 1-2 making everyone wait. No doubt sitting there watching the timer tick down just because they can! I'll wait 30-40 seconds when it's clear they are just being annoying on purpose I'll leave. Have respect for other people. Do you want to play the game or not? If you away making a sandwich? Leave the lobby.
  14. Just had a go where I got the 8th kill after the game timer had hit 0?! I saw the counselor jump out of the window, so I shifted through the open door and around the side of the cabin. As I grabbed them the timer was up and the graphic started to come up to say the game was over. I hit A button during this to throw them back through the window. I couldn't see it but heard it happen. It then stated 8/8 kills. Definitely the latest kill I've had as it seem to happen after the timer hit 0?!
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