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  1. Just to add I notice a lot more players, usually ones who only play as Vanessa funnily enough, constantly trying to block you in a room. Opening barricad doors, trying to show Jason where you are etc. A recent game a player arrives at the 2 seat car with the battery and another player. I did the gas but didn't have a key. Just because I was close by they along with another player refuse to fix the car. I thought ok well I'm not that bothered but I'll see how long they keep this up. Jason arrives, I go in the nearest cabin. Jason ignores those 2 players only going after me. Despite the 2 of them helping I give them all the run around for a few minutes before going elsewhere. Jason grabbed one of them by accident and let them kick out. Eventually they fix the car and escape. What's the point in playing like that? 🤔
  2. Jason rage quitters are worse. I had a game last night playing as Victoria. Against someone with a user name starting with Twitch. A part 3 Jason appears where I spawned right at the start of the game. He bashes the door down and steps on the trap. I'm out of the window and just make it to the next cabin. He smashes the only 2 windows near the front and uses 2 of his 3 traps. He knocks the door down, I wait for around the corner at the back of the cabin and manage to sprint past him out of the door. It's a long run to a 3rd cabin I just managed to jump through the window before he got me. So as now around 3 minutes have passed and he has wasted 2 traps he quits 🤣 But you also get people quit the second the game starts, maybe because they're not Jason. People quit before you can kill them when they know they can't escape you. It's annoying when you're Jason and the host quits ending the game.
  3. Well the bed kill prompt wasn't coming up. They appeared to be running along the wall at one point. Actually did a grab kill in the end..
  4. So just had a go as Jason said the last player appeared to be outside the main white building on the second floor? Not climbed out of a window. Only way to hit them was with a knife. After about 7 hits and them using up all their first aid they tried to hide under one of the beds. Which made it look like they were in the wall space. Did a grab and of course the cheat quit.
  5. Just wondered how quickly anyone has managed to escape? Obviously the boat would be quicker as you only need 2 parts. I managed to escape from Crystal lake map last night in just 2 minutes 40 seconds. 2 other players brought the battery and gas I had the keys. This was uncoordinated as well I rarely use the mic or pick up the walkie.
  6. Done this a few times normally using marathon, thick skin, and stamina recharge perks.
  7. I seem to come across a lot of part 3 and 8, because of the destruction strength I guess. If I'm choosing a Jason and there are a lot of Vanessa players I normally pick 2 or 5 as they can run and have more traps.
  8. The ones I don't get are people climbing back and forth through a broken window continously until they die. I had a Tommy player do this recently and there were still a few councillors left in the game. Or the other type who carry a bear trap just to walk into it. Does seem silly, just take it as they aren't very good players lol
  9. I think it did change a while back with one of the updates from last year a lot less windows were able to be opened. Since the current update I do think they have changed it again. One of the big cabins last night while playing which has 3 windows along the back of the cabin, didn't have any that were able to be opened, would normally be at least 1 window out of 3 that could be opened?
  10. Only a few times had the game just over a year, the first time didn't know it could happen. Usually pretty good against most squads lately, sometimes they don't even get as far as calling tj if you get the right power box.
  11. I keep spotting the same player names always teaming up on a regular basis or fixing the car to run over players.
  12. Would be nice if he was a level 150 unlock. Had the game just over a year and play very regularly. Would be a nice reward for those who play regularly.
  13. Yes a bit sad, I play often most nights quite late. See the same player names pop up and know right away they will try to fix the car just to run over players or show Jason where they are. Players trapping windows or unlocked doors or helping out Jason. Not too mention every game at least 1 player quits the second it starts, what's the point? Hard to find a fun full lobby these days.
  14. Yes few times with thick skin, stamina boost and quick recharge. If you get a map with lots of cabins close together can lock doors etc makes it easier. Can give slower Jason's the runaround.
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