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  1. Yes few times with thick skin, stamina boost and quick recharge. If you get a map with lots of cabins close together can lock doors etc makes it easier. Can give slower Jason's the runaround.
  2. You get a lot of idiots online. Had plenty of messages for not stunning Jason with the sweater. Sometimes you press Y and it doesn't work, or the emotes come up instead. Played the game over a year, level 150 I know what I'm doing.
  3. Happens far too often had many games where they will pick up a car part or phone fuse and just walk around with it. Some will try and block you a doorway so you can't get past. Or just drive around the map to show your location to Jason.
  4. Probably easier at present as there are a lot of new players with no tactics. Never go for the power box or trap the phone or shack. I got a couple of Jason kills last night with just me and one other player mainly. Another night though a lobby was Jason killing got a few kills. Then I was Jason they didn't even get to call Tommy. Took out the right power box with a bit of luck. Trapped that and they just kept coming until I killed them all lol 😂
  5. Depends on many things. If you play in a lobby that have gone for Jason kills in previous games choose the the Jason that has more traps or knives than most pt 2 or pt 5 are good as they can run as well. Knives are handy against faster counsellors like Vanessa. Trap the shack entrance. From the Shack if you know the Map well enough go for the power box nearest the cabin you think will have the radio for TJ. Trap that as well after smashing it. Smash Windows as you go to damage players climbing in and out a lot. This way they might not even be able to call TJ. If you sense and see a group together pick them off with anyone away from the main group, use a quick kill like the head punch when you grab someone. Even in a group unless they're right next to Jason you can get the kill before others hit you. Once down to the main group if you are demasked make them come searching for you. It's harder to kill Jason indoors if there are objects, furniture or walls next to you.
  6. Had lots of good games, killing people with seconds to spare when with a tough group. Lots of Vanessa players going for the kill Jason. Had a go recently on Jarvis House map with only one person left but no sign of them anywhere when using the sense ability. Went to the main house and saw a door locked, went in and a bedroom also locked. Hiding under the bed, time was running out and was nothing else to give their location away. My best go recently was just a really quick game got 7 kills in a matter of minutes. First cabin out of morph from Jason's shack and caught the guy coming out the window threw him back through 1 down in the first 15 seconds. Then every time I morphed near a car I got another, saw some pings way off in the distance, checked the map had a guess at the location they were coming from. Went there and literally grabbed a player out of the morph. A few shift and stalk combos later and it was all over in less than 7 minutes I reckon. Mother was very pleased!
  7. Well finally got a go as Jason must have been well over 25 games. Before that averaged once every 6 or 7. I've noticed the Jason's I play as recently always look different? Like a weird modded version, odd colours. Graphics not like the ordinary versions. Anyone experienced that?
  8. I was wondering why so many people seem to leave the game straight away recently? Maybe that's why. Lots of games lose a couple of players before it gets going.
  9. Yes I've noticed that a lot, last player to join is next to be Jason. Just feels like I've not been Jason now for over 20 - 25 games in a row. Never been that long before.
  10. Anyone else having trouble recently getting a game as Jason? That's my preference but played around 25 games in a row. Not once picked as Jason. Normally it's around 1 game in 6 or 7?
  11. Not had problems being selected as Jason on xbox one since the patch. Around 1 in 6 or so games so far. Assume you have Jason selected as preference?
  12. Well no surprise something else is broken. Are you sure you test these patches out? First go as Jason and people hiding under a bed can't be killed. So they stay there cheating the whole game or until you quit. 😩
  13. On this subject what's the highest xp grinder perk anyone has got? I got a level 5 one but it's only 5% xp boost?
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