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  1. This happened to me recently on xbox. Usually if you come back out to the menu. When it loads the next screen it disappears.
  2. Yes had last week, quit the game not going to wait the remaining 8 minutes just because someone wants to hide under a bed until the clock runs down. Just laughed when I said why cheat?
  3. The 2 that stand out for me those who form a kill squad with 5 players or more and expect you to walk right into it, earn the kill! I'll shift past a well place trap especially if more than 1 player in the cabin, not noticed anyone have a problem with that. I prefer to close and bar doors to cabin simply because it stops a good Jason shifting straight in before you can lock it. Annoying late in a game to climb in a window to find the door is wide open for Jason. A bit annoying if you get a Jason trapping every window at the first cabin they get to, just for one kill. Often run out the door once knocked down
  4. I'd say as a counselor surviving is a win whether escaping, get to the cops, surviving the night or killing Jason. As Jason killing everyone, maybe against a good lobby 1 survivor is a win especially if they don't fix any objectives call TJ.
  5. I rolled my first legendary hypo last night, worse stats than the epic I have.
  6. Did it count the final kill though? Mine came up 8/8 so guess it did.
  7. I find it's normally those who make everyone else wait the full timer quit the second the game starts actually or rage quit. They tend to enjoy annoying other people it seems.
  8. Wasted around 10mins to get a game last night, 7 lobbies in a row? What are they waiting for? How about a bit of respect for the other 6 or 7 players you're forcing to wait or is that a new generation thing? You want to play the game or not. No doubt sitting there watching the timer tick down just because you can. What's the point? Learn some respect.
  9. Nothing to do with patience, 7 lobbies in a row all have people 1-2 making everyone wait. No doubt sitting there watching the timer tick down just because they can! I'll wait 30-40 seconds when it's clear they are just being annoying on purpose I'll leave. Have respect for other people. Do you want to play the game or not? If you away making a sandwich? Leave the lobby.
  10. Just had a go where I got the 8th kill after the game timer had hit 0?! I saw the counselor jump out of the window, so I shifted through the open door and around the side of the cabin. As I grabbed them the timer was up and the graphic started to come up to say the game was over. I hit A button during this to throw them back through the window. I couldn't see it but heard it happen. It then stated 8/8 kills. Definitely the latest kill I've had as it seem to happen after the timer hit 0?!
  11. I know this has been raised before but it's gone beyond a joke. Just been in around 7+ lobbies and each one the timer was around 2 or 3 mins. Each lobby had at least one or two people who would not hit the start button? I really don't get the point of sitting there like a jerk making everyone wait for the full count down? Do you want to play or not? So many annoying people online tonight. And if you are doing something else leave the lobby until you are ready.
  12. Counselor - Most used or favorite counselor (s) : Victoria or Tiffany Favorite weapon : Shotgun or Baseball Bat Favorite perks : Thick Skin, Restless, then either Medic, Marathon or Sucker Punch Play style : Lone Wolf but try to fix objectives or guard others while they do Likes : Finding a PK in a draw early Dislikes : Jason Teamers or deliberately sabotage objectives, run off with fuse, gas etc Goal : Escape, Survive or kill Jason Mic : Nope, not much point it seems don't hear silly trash talk - Jason - Most used or favorite Jason (s) : Part 2 or 4 mainly Favorite weapon (s) : Fire Axe or Pig Splitter Favorite kills : Backstabbed with the Axe or Heart punch, Decapitation for speed Favorite environmental kills : Swirled in Toilet or Cooked fire place Play style : Tactical- Power Box, Phone Box, Car. Everyone dies no escaping Likes : A quick full round, people not quitting. Killing those trying to show off quickly. Dislikes : Quitting straight away or Rage quitters. Mic : Nope again not much point, not many seem to bother
  13. I don't bother with a mic most of the time so no idea what they are saying. A lot of quitters recently, including a couple of Jason players who weren't very good.
  14. There are a ton to do, I'm on on about 86% done but no idea what I'm missing. Might be specific Jason kills I don't play as some Jason's that often. Also rare environment kills, not sure I've got the bird bath one yet? If you check out the true achievements site I think someone listed every kill you need to do on there.
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