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  1. Not had problems being selected as Jason on xbox one since the patch. Around 1 in 6 or so games so far. Assume you have Jason selected as preference?
  2. Well no surprise something else is broken. Are you sure you test these patches out? First go as Jason and people hiding under a bed can't be killed. So they stay there cheating the whole game or until you quit. 😩
  3. On this subject what's the highest xp grinder perk anyone has got? I got a level 5 one but it's only 5% xp boost?
  4. The lobby thing happens far too often, if not ready to play leave the lobby. I think most do it just to annoy other players. The people in the cars will normally drive all over the map to show Jason where players are or run them down if they can. Hasn't happened too often. Also annoying when you fix part of the car, someone gets in with the keys and drives off even when you're right next to the car waiting to get in.
  5. I've seen people doing this though even as Tommy, not by accident but climbing in and out of windows like 4 times in a row to kill themselves. Get more xp longer you survive. Just denies Jason player 100xp for the kill.
  6. A few things that bug me : Why is there always 1 person who refuses to hit start in the lobby? Keeping everyone, including themselves waiting the full count down time to play? Jason helpers, either taking items as far away as possible to where they are needed. Putting bear traps by windows unlocked doors. People running you down in the car on purpose. Rage quitters just as you're about to kill them. Also people who commit window suicide?! Just climbing in and out until they die. I had a player as Tommy Jarvis do this recently. Try and put up a fight. Also players with stamina perks who just want to run around a big table in a cabin the whole game. At least the roof glitch is fixed now.
  7. Do you know in advance when double xp is active? I only spot it when you get the xp score after a game. Just seems to be random days for a couple of days at a time.
  8. Just had first game since the patch played as Jason lucky me. Shift and sense become available at the same time and the cool down is very quick. Handy for chasing Vanessa players. Another thing I noticed if you are idle for too long it will say you will be kicked from the game in 60 seconds. Which is handy for those people not really playing but their character is in the game. Music seems better and more effects as well.
  9. Wondered how or when the double xp becomes available? Had it a fair few times. I'm level 111 now, but just seems to be random times for a few days?
  10. Well if you come across [A dude - Name omitted by forum staff] tonight he's a Jason helper, will pick up the gas, battery so other players can't get it etc 😞🤬
  11. Nearly every lobby I've been in for the past week or more always has at least one player who won't hit the start button! It's so annoying, we don't need a 3 minute timer. Can you make the timer only a minute long, most players pick their character before a lobby and it doesn't take long to change characters. At least the more players who hit start reduce the time each time. Why people need to be awkward and make everyone wait the full time countdown I don't know.
  12. Seems to just pop up out of no where and grab you. Long weapon and cool down on shift, morph far too short.
  13. I installed the update yesterday and within a few games there were 2 players on the Pacaknack roof, no wonder seems to be the most popular map? I like the comment above about the Jason kill squads, a while back I had 6 players trying to team up on me. So I hid in the water and picked them off when they were separated if I could. Complained so much afterwards, work for your kill not going to hand it to you. Lol
  14. Can only some counsellors close Jason's traps? It works sometimes when you crouch it comes up with A to close the trap. Sometimes doesn't seem to work even though you can see Jason's trap clearly.
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