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  1. I agree with all this sentiment, and have advocated for it since I joined here. I don't think waiting for the game to die should be a precursor for access to online content offline. The hacker issue is a good enough reason imho.
  2. I hate complaining when employees are trying to fix the game, but Is there an ETA with this fix or should I just be more patient? or is there a place that has the latest info regarding this..constantly getting blue screened and errored out of the game like alot of people seem to be.
  3. Yes this is still happening...and it happens I'd say at least 1 in 4 matches...I hope they fix this one.
  4. Spear would not be my first choice for the terminology no...they function as spears but they are not true spears (as in purposely designed for combat or hunting). The spears used by Cavemen were more then just sharpened sticks, they developed into a fastened piece of sharp flint or stone attached to a wooden shaft with sinew, vines, etc., would indeed make it a primitive spear (that's the best technology could offer at the time), a sharp pointy piece of wood is just that. But because of the nature of spears, if you read on I'm more willing to let the term slide, specifically because the wrought iron fence post Jason wields has a definite spear shape. The axe name on the other hand is horrible, Jason's a murderer he doesn't really "battle" anyone, and it's an axe used for cutting down trees..but I've given up on that as too many here have bitched about it...and am merely replying to your post. That's somewhat wrong about shuriken, breaking up the name "shuriken" it means hidden hand blade in english, samurai and ashigaru adopted them originally but during the infancy of ninjutsu arts the shinobi used whatever they had on hand because originally they were from the poor farmer class and would simply modify their farming implements, shurikenjutsu wasn't even initially one of the ninja arts, but as they moved to the mountains, their arts developed so to did their craft classification, smithing, techniques, reputations as spies and assassins and defining characteristics, they would learn and steal new types from fallen samurai and ashigaru and made them better, there are bo-shuriken which are typically sharpened metal spikes of varying shapes and sizes, and there are hira shuriken (aka shaken) which are the popular throwing star variety, when low on materials they could make crude versions of these two types, even using large modified coins or other pieces of metal, although the techniques would mean they would have to at least be near their purposed designs. They were often used as either a distraction device, or to target soft parts of a body in an effort to allow minor injury or nuisance to a target. However the most clever shinobi could dip them in poison they'd made and make them lethal either in throwing and injuring with them, or leaving them lying around to be picked up with a contact poison. Others account of them being left in feces or animal matter to facilitate tetanus bacteria, back then there was little treatment for the effect of the infection. They could also be employed as a close range weapon in times of last resort. A friend of mine is a modern day practitioner of ninpo at the Banri Dojo and practices shurikenjutsu among many other arts involved with ninjutsu. Anyways that's it for now!!
  5. Weird..i was playing on it fine this morning..for at least 2 hrs. Must be going on and off as they try to fix the problem.
  6. I'm still having issues getting on..has this been everyone else's experience as of late?
  7. Nah..I like my "battle" double-bit axe..builds arm strength. As to the Fire Axe, here's the wiki definition: Firefighter's axe, fire axe, or pick head axe: It has a pick-shaped pointed poll (area of the head opposite the cutting edge). It is often decorated in vivid colours to make it easily visible during an emergency. Its primary use is for breaking down doors and windows. It's used during a fire emergency in most cases.. -shrugs- you can buy them in stores but they aren't as plentiful as wood axes or splitting mauls... here's an example: https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/yardworks-fireman-axe-0575122p.html but anyways..
  8. I hope so...cause the switch version is not as smooth or good looking as the ps4 version..but I mean the switch version at least retains the unlock files on the switch hard drive.
  9. Another example of why having stuff unlocked offline on the PS4 is very desirable..playing as part 3 and Roy, isn't enough for me. My son is currently playing all his stuff offline on the nintendo switch and has access to his unlocked stuff, he may not be able to get levels and new stuff but he has access to more than i do currently.
  10. I'd love to talk...but I have to go use the "battle" axe I bought at the hardware store, to "battle" a tree in my backyard...I saw a Fire Axe and a Wood Axe at the store, but the "battle" axe just seemed perfect for Felling the trees๐Ÿ™„
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