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  1. Well...a few ideas have been kicked around like a mask mode where Jason begins without his mask making him weaker until he obtains it. Counselor customization for offline, a Jason Editor, the ability to apply certain factors to the map like fog or rain..
  2. "numerous times" According to the forum here...it's been a fairly highly requested feature for years..having an offline progression doesn't require the game to end merely an offline save file for offline....i've read and included myself in a large portion of these topics and I don't remember reading anything saying waiting till the end of the game was the plan, other than maybe the poll with the end of the game plans and what you and Fair Play just told me....I bought the game with offline in mind given the back of the box description, offline was a little lackluster when i played it, realizing it's a shell for offline when I bought it 2 years ago...so please hold off on the "huffy" attitude please...I'm sure Fairplay can answer for him/herself.
  3. What does the end of the game have to do with it?? more people willing to buy it for a decent single player means more potential sales...
  4. more offline options, offline progression with all jasons and kills, maybe a jason customizer, change consellers outfits, mask mode as explained by me and a few others...
  5. Honestly i'd just be happy, to change the looks of counselers and pick any jason i want and any kills i want in offline mode...or at least give me the option to progress offline to. Options for other offline modes, etc. would just be the icing on the cake for me....
  6. So I haven't been back in almost a year, have barely played the game namely because i'm trying to save it for offline progression, saw there was a 1.20 patch released not long ago...but still no offline unlocks/advancement...is this ever going to occur? or is it simply going to be among the many ideas that die off into oblivion..i have a data cap where i live and i want the game to live on past the server shutoff... edit: Sorry for reviving an old thread, but this matters to me..
  7. Basically what i'm trying to say. Add a few extra minutes to find it. Give more xp if he manages to do the job without the mask at all. make the mode available offline also. there needs to be more then just offline bots and challenge mode.
  8. Aside from offline progression mode, how about a mode where Jason begins maskless and you can find his mask somewhere on the level while murdering people gaining some sort of benefit or enabling something that was disabled without it? not only would it make seeing the maskless face textures possible (or more probable) but also increasing the amount of "playable Jasons" in a way but giving Jason players another sort of goal while playing?
  9. I don't mind modern 8 or 16-bit stuff so long as it's deepened by today's type of game play depth. I mean I'm 40 and witnessed pong, Coleco and Atari..so graphics are secondary as long as gameplay is awesome.
  10. Lol....I was thinking the old Friday the 13th game by LJN on the nes... The knives don't really bug me...what bugs me is that afaik there is no real way to combat them other then simply attacking with your weapons as opposed to the grab kills. Exp. only is counted while you're connected to the internet (which defeats the point of calling it "offline"). I wouldn't scoff if they decided to make a separate progression save for online and a separate one for offline games, that way for the most part both types of players are happy.
  11. Exactly...I don't want a useless disc when everything is said and done. It isn't like there is a lot of alternatives to play that offer this kind of concept in a game, namely one with one of our favorite murderers.
  12. So I got the game for my birthday and sure enough the game is cool, but currently my internet is out. I'm stuck at level 0 with 0 CP I'd sure like a true offline so I can at least earn skins, kills, etc. offline, presently this game feels a little hollow without progression.
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