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  1. I'm blind sorry. I misread the top line of your sentence. I suppose it's a waiting game then. I look forward to playing again when I can. Guess back to div2 until then lol. Yes i choose f13 over div 2 at times.
  2. Is there a way I could find out if it's my client game or if I indeed have been banned for something? Appreciate any attention I could get on that matter! I play on ps4 btw same gamer tag. Been using it for a better part of 20 years
  3. I'm MercBeast, also my game tag. Been playing this game several months and enjoy it very much so. I'm 42 so an old gamer lol. Dislike the use of ingame glitches and exploits immensely so if u ever see me playing on ps4 getting on to someone about it I apologize.
  4. Just randomly got this error. Not sure why I would be banned if that's what happened. I dont glitch/cheat or hack.
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