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  1. The only time you have a good chance at breaking out of Jason's grab (without a PK obviously) is if he grab you in a tight space and can't find enough room to perform a kill in time, or if Jason intentionally lets you go.
  2. Not gonna lie, I somewhat miss the Packanack roof glitch because I knew how to get on there too as Jason, the reaction from the cheating counselors crying and scramming once they seen Jason up there was great.
  3. Had a douche use this glitch on me yesterday. Then he laughed and spammed my DMs with tons of screenshots of the glitches/exploits he uses.
  4. I have seen a number of people say the trophy popped after killing Jason as Tommy.
  5. I've returned to the game after a 3 month break. The last two days I haven't experienced any trolls/teamers at all (minus the one player using the new rock glitch at Jarvis House). I'm impressed and happily surprised.
  6. I had it happen once to me on Packanack as well but it was before the latest patch.
  7. I just don't know what I'm missing either. I wish there was a tracking list that tells you which you've done and haven't. What's the "big tree" kill?
  8. An update that counts counselors quitting when grabbed as a kill for Jason would be nice.
  9. It's the teleport/sliding glitch. It's supposed to get patched soon.
  10. As Jason, my favorite maps are Crystal Lake small because how condensed it is and Higgins Haven large because the shack is usually on the island making it very risky to attempt a Jason kill.
  11. There's a new Evil Dead game coming to next-gen. Don't know who the devs of it are yet though.
  12. The term the community has for this is called "Abduction". It is a cheating exploit that takes practice to get down. That's why I only use it against bots or when messing around with friends. They've done it on me plenty of times.
  13. If you spawn near a car or the phone house there's a good chance Jason is going to morph to you right away, it's just bad luck. But remember that he won't have Shift yet, so getting away usually shouldn't be too hard and Jason will then focus on something or someone else. Though sometimes when this happens to me the Jason will be hellbent on tunneling me, so I make him go around in circles half the match while others get away in the car/boat or call the police. Or in some cases just do nothing the whole time lol.
  14. I don't think blocking players prevents you from getting matched up with them again. I've blocked trolls in this game only to have them end up in the same lobby again.
  15. It may be backwards compatible but a remaster I think is out of the question. Not worth the time, effort and money at this point imo.
  16. It sucks when you're a counselor and Jason spawns to you right away, and I have pity for players like this that are clearly newbies (hence him leaving the door open when he knew Jason was there and immediately trapping himself in the bathroom), but at the end of the day it's the name of the game. Also slashing is an intended ability and using it is no excuse to be a filthy exploit cheater.
  17. Sounds like this may have been my experience that I shared you're thinking of.
  18. This is understandable. One time when I was Jason some Chad got in the car and immediately ran over a couple players without my knowing. Another player messaged me telling me Gun is going to ban me for teaming when I had nothing to do with that troll. This is why it's important to have hard evidence because it can be misconstrued. I'd say when a counselor is opening cabin doors and they're right next to Jason and Jason isn't grabbing/slashing them and just walking on by then that's a pretty clear case of teamers.
  19. Hard to think of one as Jason, anytime you just get your ass kicked I guess. But as a counselor I'd say anytime you get caught being too cocky or getting killed on the "You Survived" screen.
  20. Maybe BC, but the games on life support and I don't see fans re-buying a half-broken game again. And a remaster may count as new content and would require a lot of work and a big team, which is unrealistic at this point. I'd rather see them or a new developer make a whole new sequel once the lawsuit non-sense is over with.
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