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  1. Hard to think of one as Jason, anytime you just get your ass kicked I guess. But as a counselor I'd say anytime you get caught being too cocky or getting killed on the "You Survived" screen.
  2. Maybe BC, but the games on life support and I don't see fans re-buying a half-broken game again. And a remaster may count as new content and would require a lot of work and a big team, which is unrealistic at this point. I'd rather see them or a new developer make a whole new sequel once the lawsuit non-sense is over with.
  3. Counselors not being able to see where their teammates are would also be punishing the players that are playing properly.
  4. I don't know why anyone would slash in a slasher game based on slasher movies....
  5. Vanessa can repair. You keep canceling what you're repairing until you only get a quicktime that's 5 or 6 ticks. That's very do-able. No reports of Jason still being able to rocket cars into oblivion. Yet anyway😆
  6. Played about 10 matches tonight. The very first one me and the Tommy attempted to kill what seemed to be a moderately rookie Jason. As Vanessa I got the mask off in one or two machete hits running no strengths/weapon perks. Lucky for the Jason when he went on his knees it was against a wall so he lived. Jason did seem to take a fair amount of damage beforehand though. If Jason's not blocking or making any effort to defend/evade counselor attacks that mask is still coming off soon enough.
  7. I think the last patch went smoothly without a hiccup so fingers crossed the luck continues.
  8. If Gun doesn't want to make a sequel I think another developer would. Though I'd happily take a Halloween game in it's place.
  9. I don't have a problem with someone being in a hiding spot the whole match when I'm Jason either, because like you said once you hit Rage, you're going to find them. It's frustrating when you're another counselor though because you have teammates not making an effort to do objectives,etc.
  10. Also leaving while grabbed should count as a kill for Jason.
  11. On PS I was dealing with two teamers. So to troll them back I started using a glitch, then one of them said they're reporting me for cheating. Funny how that works😄 Play fair and I will too.
  12. Happy Anniversary! I wish I got into the game when it launched, but better late than never. I've invested probably thousands of hours into it since last year and have made some friends along the way.
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