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  1. There's an Evil Dead game coming out in February and Ash is still in DBD. Granted that still likely could get pulled but we'll see.
  2. Feldman is a pathological liar. Nothing he says should be taken seriously. Also, he wants a "Tommy vs Jason" movie? Sure, it's called Jason Lives.
  3. I've noticed that when joining a quick-play lobby at the last moment, you will most likely get selected as Jason. Why is that?
  4. I'm just playing with you man. I enjoy your presence here it's entertaining.
  5. At this point I'm almost hoping the next game isn't Halloween just to spite Strigoi.
  6. In my experience in DBD the game tends to more heavily favor the killers. No, I don't think it will.
  7. It's baffling there was simply never an option to just play as counselor or killer like in DBD.
  8. It's very hard to resist running over Tommy when he's in the middle of putting the axe in Jason's head. I admit.
  9. Getting caught in the last seconds after 10-15 minutes of being chased and juking.
  10. Tommy doesn't have to kill Jason if he doesn't want too. Sometimes if Jason's a noob and struggling I won't find a sense of achievement in killing him so I don't bother. That's not teaming.
  11. Any one that's kinda long. Like that one where Jason forces your head into the axe. I just want to take my L and move on. As Jason I also refrain from kills that take awhile. Especially against skilled counselors because every second counts. But while I always have the choke and head-punch as moves I only use them when I have too because they are kinda boring kills even if they are the fastest.
  12. The cars could have been taxi cabs. New fun environmental kills where Jason dumps the counselor into a barrel of toxic waste.
  13. I used to do this with teamers and cheaters but it got to be so many that it got tiring to keep the list going.
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