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  1. I don`t have it in my heart to troll anyone innocent, but trolling back the trolls/teamers/cheaters is a lot of fun.
  2. I believe it works both ways, at least from my experience on PS4.
  3. Would love this so much. Would finally be able to play with my friends.
  4. I'm not sure if it's legally possible, but it does sound like a big change and addition in gameplay which would be unrealistic to expect at this point.
  5. For sure. I rewatched all the movies in the fall after playing the game all year and the detail and faithfulness the game has to the films is really to be admired. That part of the team did a great job in that regard.
  6. It's intimidating when I see a Savini because it does give the impression it's an expert player, having said that I've played with some awful Savini's and have killed one.
  7. I thought I was probably the only one today who had the idea that a Santa skin for Jason would be dope and funny as hell.
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