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  1. So players have found a way to intentionally make weapons giant now? It used to happen once in a blue moon seemingly out of random.
  2. The Evil Dead Game has been officially announced. Coming in 2021.
  3. Just played some matches for the first time since the update and the dedicated servers went down. First match as a counselor ended quick because the host left. My first match as Jason also ended quick because the first person I happened to kill was the host. Eventually I got host was able to get through a few games despite the lag for every game being almost unbearable (though pulling the plug on the teamers at the end was enjoyable). Suffice to say it looks like my time with F13 has just about come to an end. It was a great game and I am still looking forward the devs next horror game and hope to support it.
  4. I've been apart of killing Jason countless times by now and honestly most of them are pretty forgettable. I remember killing a Savini once and I guess killing teaming Jason's is satisfying. The most satisfying thing for me in the game is STN after a tense chase. STN against teamers also often makes them rage pretty good.
  5. https://twitter.com/Friday13thGame/status/1324811312325681152?s=20
  6. Sounds like a solid update. If it is indeed the last one then it seems like a good one to go out on as it covers most if not all bugs/exploits. Thanks Matt!
  7. If anyone wants to help each other to grind for remaining trophies on PS I'm open to it. Message me.
  8. Right. From my angle it looked she would have been on it. She must have been next to it then. I know she used the glitch since I perfectly placed the trap.
  9. Well I spoke to soon. Just had somebody use the by-pass trap glitch on me today. They were fixing the phone literally right on-top of my trap unfazed. Sure enough they rage quit as I was about to get them.
  10. Had someone use the infinite PK glitch on me tonight. Then they suicided anyway. And of course their friend used the bed glitch.
  11. I feel being able to stun Jason with more objects while in Rage would remove much of the challenge and the suspenseful final stretch it's supposed to be. And as mentioned above, would only encourage players to keep beating on Jason, bullying and tea-bagging him. There's a reason playing like that only pushes him into Rage faster.
  12. You're unlikely to get a rational response. I never message any toxic players first. It's just not worth the time for me, I'd rather just be done with whatever went down in that match and move on to the next.
  13. My favorite is when they're unaware of my presence then they open a door and I'm right there.
  14. Yeah, I only know one friend who knows the bypass trap glitch and showed me. Thankfully nobody uses that one.
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