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  1. I just realized by watching a video that knives made special sounds when you missed a monitor (like a knife thrown on wood, metal or on the ground), they are no longer in the game, but can we add these back? I don't know if it's been asked before, but even if it's a very very low priority i think that not very complicated to resolve Thanks for reading my post
  2. The game doesn't look scary anymore, the old graphics (and animations!) were really great for the overall feel of the game.
  3. That's a weird reason but interessting, thanks !
  4. yeah that's make sens, what kind of person stays outsider in front of a campfire while raining ?
  5. Hey everyone, i recently noticed on youtube that intros of each match are now different than before, i like them A LOT but i also noticed that the graphics sucks. 2017 intros are so much more beautiful and smooth, is that normal that 2019 graphics are worst than 2017 ? I'm just asking btw sorry for my english i'm also new at this forum, i LOVE this game If you want a comparison :
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