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  1. I can see more use for Sneaky—trying to run out the clock, using terrain to really outmaneuver Jason. On a fast counselor, it might work well. Pair it with maybe Marathon or Restful and Thick Skin (so you can brave those broken windows if you need to), you could be a slippery one. Something like Heavy Mover is not something I'll ever use. I had a legendary Adrenaline Rush and I sold it, too. Why? Because a perk that is only useful if you successfully escape Jason's grab is useless in 95% of situations. Even the best escape artists can be quick-killed if grabbed. Escaping is usually only possible if the Jason has longer kills or on uneven ground, or trying for an environmental. Maybe if someone saves you, if the perk still triggers, but that's relying on other people too much. It's just not going to ever be a thing that's useful. You don't want to be grabbed by Jason, so having something that triggers only if you are and survive is awful. Likewise, while it'd be fun as a counselor to have a perk that grants you a starting pocket knife, that instantly becomes mandatory. If you don't have it, you won't compete with those who do. Nothing would be nearly as useful. That's one free grab escape per game per counselor, and then some. For example, imagine an entire lobby of players running that (and they would; if it existed, it'd be used by everyone). Some could disable traps while others easily kited Jason without fear of being grabbed and killed. They'd drop it if they died, so then the later stages of the game would be featuring even more pocket knives. Victory would be nearly impossible as Jason, who already struggles against good counselor groups. So many of the perks are so niche that I can't see ever using them, because unless you're trying to manufacture a very specific (and often easily disrupted) situation, they won't help. Easy Listening is another good example. Great! Extra stamina regen while near a playing radio. Except that means you're cornered by Jason and have to stay near a working radio for it to have any effect at all. You could still stumble, or mess up, and get grabbed. Jason could destroy the radio. You might never find the house that has one. And it's still not actively pursuing an objective, unless you're just trying to run out the night. So yes, in a situation where the time's down to a minute or two and you are near a playing radio and Jason can't run and doesn't destroy the radio and you don't stumble and get caught, THEN it might be truly useful. Most of the time, it's utter chaff. So many perks need complete overhauls or consolidation. To me, stuff like that's just too damn specific. I have many ideas for how I would overhaul the stat and perk system, and maybe I'll make a post on it, but unless Gun and company are hiring, it's mostly just fun theorycrafting.
  2. My problem is that I don't trust the firecrackers anymore. So many times it's just completely failed to affect Jason that I don't rely on them anymore, and count on them not working (pleasantly surprised if they do).
  3. This is a pretty good suggestion. Also, maybe it shows up on the map IF you've seen the item, and so know where it is. If it disappears, then someone picked it up and you have to find it again. Or maybe you can, as a lengthy action, "mark" an item so that it shows up on the minimap. Something like kneeling down and setting a bear trap, only it takes longer to complete.
  4. Thanks! I will try some new setups sometime. Still really hoping to roll legendary Marathon and Restful.
  5. Tiffany, AJ, and Deb are my favorite counselors. What else do you use on Tiffany? I'm hoping to get a high-level Marathon and Restful one day soon. Why do you say Preparedness is vital to your Deborah build? Just to be able to identify what's where and get on it immediately? Actually, would you care to share your builds for all three?
  6. You'd enjoy playing with my friends and I. Most of the time we play legit, A.J. and Tiffany and such, Adam, Deborah, trying to coordinate well, but sometimes we decide to clown around. We go Chad, in the tiger print speedo, and make it a point to just knock Jason around and then spam Chad's stupid dance on him. Most Jasons, I think, find it amusing. Sometimes they get obviously aggro and pursue Chad to the exclusion of all else—while other counselors complete objectives. You'd be amazed how often that works. Some of the randos in the lobby join in. We laugh our asses off, perhaps more so if Jason gets obviously aggro, but he gets a benefit, too. We managed to get him into rage mode in less than 5 minutes in one game. When we do this, we pretty much just go in knowing we're going to die ('cause we're Chad), but also that the rest of the counselors are playing in Hard Mode, because Jason's in rage most of the game! This is especially therapeutic when the game's been glitching like mad or you've been playing with cheaters. Sometimes, it helps to just not take the game seriously, since it offers no kind of competitive integrity and every other game is significantly impacted by serious bugs (like the random characters thing, which happens 1 out of 3 games to me now).
  7. You must be the Jason in the video, then? Because that's clearly what's happening onscreen. "Exploits" are one thing. Outright hacks are a completely different story.
  8. Those aren't exploits. He's straight cheating. He's hitting you with knives with no regard for aim or hitboxes, and clearly when he grabs he's auto-grabbing you despite, again, facing, distance, or hitboxes.
  9. Strength should factor into breaking free from Jason's grabs. Right now, it makes no sense that your physical strength doesn't help you in any way while trying to break free from a grapple.
  10. So I was thinking about this. I'm not sure if leaving the glitch spots in is even possible while trying to fix the codes, but if it is, what if you made them instantly kill the players who went there? So far as I can tell, none of these spots are accessible without deliberate action, and it'd be a great way to punish the people attempting to abuse the trick and hopefully either drive them out of this game or at least make them think twice about trying others. Also, counting it as a suicide so there's no coming back as Tommy would be prudent, I think. What do you folks think?
  11. I may try that. The cheating is just ridiculous. Of all games, one like this one, with no competitive element to it, they're going to cheat. How spineless can you be, you know? But there's always someone who eschews skill or fun to cheat their way through games, or life in general.
  12. The amount of cheaters on this game on Xbox is becoming almost unbearable. Multiple times a night, I find people cheating, abusing roof glitches, or getting on a rock near the water where no Jason can get to, etc. It's almost enough to make me quit playing, honestly. I love the game's premise, its atmosphere, and the dedication to recreating the experience. Truly admirable. But the amount of cheaters who go unpunished and ruin the experience is a hard pill to swallow, man.
  13. If I lose my Savini, who is my favorite Jason, I won't play anymore. I'm hoping that won't be the case.
  14. I've thought about similar things. Alien: Isolation is a masterpiece of horror, and I thought even an asymmetrical Alien/Predator-hunting-humans kind of game, like this one, DBD, etc., would be a lot of fun. That game is very worth drawing inspiration from because it's pretty incredible as a way to build dread, and tension, key elements of creating a truly frightening experience.
  15. Can Jason sense you (pre-Rage) in a tent? Or does it count as a hiding spot? For the purposes of Homebody, does it count as being "indoors?" I'm guessing not, because of the existence of "Heavy Sleeper," but I figured it was worth trying to find an official answer.
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