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  1. my daughter and niece play and they're 10! they don't go in to game chat so they never hear what anyone is saying! (which is for their protection AND the other gamers protection!) trust me everytime they scream when Jason finds them would break your eardrums šŸ¤£ although their commentary is quite entertaining! like when they are Jason and grab someone you'll hear "awe, you need a hug! here let me give you a goodbye hug" or ooh my you have a headache? I can fix that! then squeezes their head to death šŸ˜‚. point being if you dont have to go in game chat then definitely dont!! but if you do.. stay quiet for a bit and listen to what's being said, you can tell fairly quickly which ones to mute before things get going.
  2. my BF actually had Jason somehow throw him in to a glitch by accident! he was near a fence and Jason grabbed him, the pocket knife stab to the neck of course made Jason drop him, which resulted in him landing between a tree and the fence..stuck.. couldn't do anything lol Jason would hack away at the fence and throw knives but wasn't able to kill him.. he stayed there.. stuck for the remainder of the game. šŸ¤£
  3. Thanks!! I've never noticed it (or I should say, I have never paid attention to it lol)
  4. I have never been able to figure out where the fun is in cheating? you pay money for a game then cheat your way through it! a waste of money and time if you ask me. I think most times the ones I hear in game chat "cheating" or teaming etc. are fairly young kids. I usually remind them that their lack of hair on their balls is a sign they should return to playing Roblox or stick to private games if they feel the need to cheat, and their lack of sportsmanship is in fact a great sign that their parents have failed them. they typically leave for another lobby. šŸ¤£šŸ¤£
  5. I pretty much stick to a select few (Victoria, AJ, Tiffany, and Jenny) rarely do I venture away from these (unless the game throws me in as a random lol. Thanks for for the gamertag advice!!
  6. I'm new to the forum! I've been playing F13 for a few months now and for the most part I enjoy it. My boyfriend and I both play on xbox. (he's lvl 39, I'm lvl 47) I still scream everytime Jason morphs near me or grabs me šŸ¤£ which happens alot. I typically do not have my mic plugged in and will either go it alone or catch up with whatever player is near by. as for forum chat, I will likely stay quiet on the serious topics (like the lawsuit) and engage in the lighthearted topics (life goes by way to quickly to be so serious). Looking forward to "meeting" everyone.
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