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  1. well put. i can see why the average gamer might miss out on this great game simpley from one too many bad experiences right out the rip. while me on the other hand would still play the game if the bugs manifested themselves into real life & put my car on its side on my way to work. im so used to the bugs by now that its just a part of the game to me..
  2. @The Milwauking Dead the things we are especialy fond of can let us down the most. im with you on that sir. it was very sudden, and it hit me like a ton of bricks! this was my first time really playing a game of the future, so it was my first experience of a game being updated with new features. shit was crazy to me.. and yeaah maybe they had their priorities all wrong when the deadline approched. i wont argue that some things havent been handled the best. thanks for sharing your opinions.
  3. i shouldnt have lumped you in there like that as far as the bad mouthing goes, mr. christy. and once again, its no hard feelings towards any of you. the whole thing just sucks balls! happy camping sir, and may the courts be damned!
  4. ha ha ha HA thanks! im sure its nothin yall havent said before. gotta go hose off my 4 seater tires now..
  5. @NytmereZ @The Milwauking Dead @SteveChristy do you really think that makes any sense? they spent the time & the money with limited resources on all the new content, work until its all nearly complete, then they say "eh fuck it" get lazy and quit, wasting all that effort and losing all that money.. its like what @Fair Play & @OCT 31 1978 said.. it can have everything to do with the contract gun signed, and the contract neca signed as to why they can continue production for now. i defend this side of the argument because i love this game, even with all its problems. also because i dont think they would stop production if they didnt have to. i dont think theyd continue with patches & live streams for the community if they didnt still care about the game. i wont sit here and bad mouth the people that granted me countless hours of jason action. we all share the same fustraitions with the game being incomplete. everytime i switch out my jason kills i get upset looking at all that empty space.. but i still have a good time playing this lovely game and thats all that matters to me. not how many puppies gun media takes a sludge hammer to.
  6. yes indeed. i couldnt agree more. if you can learn one thing from Teddy Bear, its: NO MEANS NO! no hard feelings boys & girls. we all wish the game was getting new content....but its not. thats life. be happy this game even exists at all. now excuse me while i run over some puppies in my trusty 4 seater.
  7. my best guess is this.. MAYBE gun media COULD finish & release items that are in the code BUT they dont want to risk putting all that time, effort, and money into something that could get them into legal trouble. even if the "its already in the code" loop hole allowed them to finish things up, they would no doubt have to prove their case in a court of law. that takes alot of time & money AND who knows.. maybe they would have to pull the game...i simpley CAN NOT have that. they have so many bugs to fix with such a small team that any resources they have has gone into those problems anyways. another thing.. you think sean "whatever movie we can make to get rid of that damn hockey mask" cunningham is going let gun media get away with putting out new content without a legal battle? think again.
  8. kung--fu--THIS, BITCH! also my town sucks balls & only has "Elm Avenue".... weak dude.
  9. sounds like you did a good enough job to me. burning tire tracks into jasons entire camp ground while his little buddies sit helplessly as passengers is a wonderful slap to the face. the car has washed up in new york somewhere by now while theyre still licking the wounds of their cheating hearts. well done. my only advice is have fun & dont let the weak words of a snot nosed punk get under your skin.
  10. that was all the dead people's fault for dying in such close quarters LOL
  11. you and @badassgixxer05 survived the 90's, now alls ya gotta do is survive the night... ki ki ki..
  12. oooh yes! foxes roam in packs and eat jasons for breakfast! she dont take no shit and she dont give no fucks! dont turn your back on the fox pack, ya might wind up in a bodybag!! howl.
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