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  1. then that means each jason basicly has infinity traps...... traps are kinda just an alarm to let ya know the brats are messin with your stuff.. once when say the phone trap goes off, you know they likely have the fuse. now you dont need a trap, you can just assume that after you pay a viset to the brats fixing the car, you can make another jump back to the phones, just in case. especialy if youre playin as mighty morphing part 2. just bounce back & forth between objectives.. rely on your own presence of mind to tell you to check on objectives, not the traps. but how do you get more traps as jason without changing the game? simply by being mindful not to step in the traps the conselors plant at the doors. as long as jason doesnt step in them, someone will...
  2. one trap, dead center of the doorway. been saving my ass for years. it is not a sure fire way to prevent the big kill, but it has its advantages, such as no sneaking in with the mask. no matter how ya slice it, i wouldnt call it a waste. less effective than cutting the power, but not a waste.
  3. i use the "drop the bat at my feet" method. this way, i give something up in exchange for the kneeling powers of the bat. im unarmed, & have to stand in that same spot to pick up the bat. fair trade.
  4. dude i was playing a few weeks ago & i came a cross a big ass pipe or somethin so im like ha ha ha sweet..... then i seen another... and another... & before i knew it, the camp was filled with HUGE shit everywhere.. i had a good laugh as that match progressed! i dont really care, its really only guilty of being hilarious. much like a good @Strigoi post. GGs MF
  5. i am too.. only thing missing is tommy absolutely needed to say: "there's no time for this bullshit, jason has to be stopped!"
  6. absolutley not. J7 sense is underrated. i can tell when someone is headed toward an objective from far as hell away. sound waves coming from the car area, better have a closer look.. a close eye on sound waves will make up for his lack of traps. being able to "hear" the pitter patter of brats from such distance is a huge advantage in my opinion. part 7 isnt the best, but he is my favorite along side classic part 3. wish i could say the same for part 4 -crys self to sleep-
  7. thats all we need is will smith to blow jason's head off while saying "welcome to crystal lake" as cgi blood flys. i hope whoever gets their hands on friday the 13th isnt a corperate hack. id love to see tom mcglockland (im not googling the spelling of his name) write & direct the next movie as he has shown alot of interest.
  8. keep in mind that its easier to lose your mask during rage & taking all that damage is NOT good for jason, rage be damned.. youre better off learning how to avoid taking damage. then again, it probably wont matter if youre not in the lobby with a bunch of psychopath jason hunters ha ha ha but seriously, avoiding damage is very important imo. use block to gain rage if ya really want to be raging that soon.
  9. this is exactly how i feel about the CS change. it has ruined my fighting/evasion techniques. tommy & the gang here make alot of really great points. switching it back & saying to hell with the sliding is what my heart desires. thanks for all this info & help! very interesting read as well.
  10. this is a joke, right? this game was a crawling hive of bugs.. if you listen to the old timers in town, theyll tell you.. enter/exit lobby until it makes you the host. problem solved AND less bugs than ever.. how do ya like the sound of that?
  11. im happy to see the tommy voice lines restored. that is so awesome! did not expect that.. thank you to all. i will still be playing until they pry this game from my cold dead fingers ha ha ha ha HA
  12. i recently watched the outtakes from part 8, and originaly, it was kid jason talking... from the open mouth of adult jason 😅😂😣😭
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