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  1. that would be great, instead of the enter/exit hiding spots. i dont even use that part of the perk. also, i love the icon for sneeeky, it looks hilarious to me. looks like it should be the "breaking & entering" perk for robbing houses ha!
  2. i think youll like it, they slide that crotch over that window at a somewhat silly looking speed. i never thought much of it until the rage update. replaced swift attack with sneeky with the idea of more avoiding, less fighting. slasher clone is a good egg haha
  3. my main perks are restful, thick skin and swift attack on fox. swift attack is good even after rage because if you need that tiny bit of stam it may give you just enough time to get in do the damage and get out with that sweet stam right on time. fear perks on stealth characters, stealth on high composer characters works fairly well but it doesnt fit my play style. mixing bonus purple effects with other perks is great too, like the poilce time bonus. try using grease monkey on chad or victoria, they fire the car up crazy fast. also works great on vanessa. i love the situational perks but it is very true that its kind of a waste sometimes. well worth it when the oppertunity presents itself and youd have to think 1 in 4 games youll be able to use them. i dont really like the perks that start you out with an item cuz you can always find said item, but i do like the start with a health spray perk, plus that has poilce time purple bonus. i used to like escape artist on mitch or jenny, but the more i used it, the more useless i found it to be. sucker punch is good for weak characters, sometimes all ya need is a quick stun. rage makes this perk nearly useless but you should be long gone before rage even hits. all in all, stick with stamina and health perks, thats all you really need unless you plan on hiding it out with some stealth & fear perks. i really wished the scout perk worked alot better but i had the best you can get & didnt see much of a difference. ya know what a highly under rated perk is? i think its called sneeky, where you climb thru windows faster.. that comes in handy if you have a 25%.. give that one a try, it works well for a good chase.
  4. they are down. if the "host" leaves, the game ends. just like the olden days.. this is very bad.
  5. you got yourself a deal. send an xbox message if ya see me at camp blood and we'll crack some skulls haha
  6. that would be amazing but im sure it would crash before hitting around 120 or so
  7. hell yeaaah mother is very proud! i wonder why the number is even programed to go as high as it does..
  8. thats good to know, i was wondering about that.
  9. very impressive, i like the extra kills too but shhhit if sweater lady glitched out into dead but not really dead mode then killed me as jason, wooo thats a bad jason day. speaking of extra kills, have you ever racked up a CRAZY amount of kills after tipping the boat? sometimes if you keep tapping A, it will drownd them over and over again if ya do it just right.. i wont even tell ya how many ive got because you wont believe it, but it crashes the game sometimes if it gets to be ALOT..
  10. @DontZzz34 the vengeful spirit of mrs voorhees is strong in you. i wish you a good slaughter while you run down your mental shit list of jason criminals. im the same, i dont always get the upper hand, but sometimes i really let 'em have it! its not how i like to play, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. very well done keeping the xbox community safe haha @Ahab about knowing for sure if theyre teaming or whatever, its just the plain as day stuff.. somebody climbing into a cabin unlocking the door for jason blocking you in, circling the cabins with the car while jason chases you and not the car and them tryin to run ya over soon as you try to leave, body blocking the tommy radio, things like that which have no other explaination. the team killers are kinda tricky, so once again just obvisous stuff. if one guy is driving the car killin a few people, whatever, i dont care, but its still note worthy for future referance that hey that dude might run me over. wouldnt warrent a full on this guy must die train of thought. its all up to your own judgement, but i see what youre saying. very well done remembering the old gamer tag of a cheater and leaving their pants full, thats awesome. hats off to you. that is also a very good point, most who play this way will have many acounts, its a draw back to the list idea. @SirMang i admire your ways of thinking about this in a positive light. i wish you a good slaughter out there as you crush the trolls. wonderful job sir. @Fair Play 3 strike rule, very well done. i like your heart of gold allowing a fair and balanced list. im glad to hear im not alone in the world of lists. i shall adopt your 3 strike rule, in some cases anyway. @Jason Todd Voorhees now heres a guy who means business with his list. very well done sir. thanks for replying to the post!
  11. that would piss me off alot hahaha hows jason gonna explain that to mother??
  12. that could very well be the cause, but who knows?? its not always in the cards to be able to get that test swing off when youre tryin to run and save the driver or trying to avoid the long arm of jason.. all depends on the situation.. i been killed in a no swing state of confusion my share of times! dead but not deads been around a long time but last night when i was playin holy cow it was night of the living dead.. i even died but not died, then came back as tommy while my lovely fox was still alive. i went and found her where i was last before i returned as tommy.. she was standing there, triangle still on the mini map, one for fox, one for tommy! i waited there for jason and he was still able to kill her! i gave jason the classic tommy thumbs up and let him dice me up since everyone was dead already.. i like your fair is fair way of dealing with that.. i dont let him kill me right away, i'll try to continue to help the team, BUT i will not escape and later on i let jason chop me up if he hadnt already...again.. i do think you have the right idea though, jason earned the kill, give it back. good form!
  13. on xbox, so far ive noticed a new boat in the bouthouse on crystal lake, wooden pallets in front of every outhouse, blankets in front of all tents, and double park benches.. not really a problem but its kinda weird the patch caused this to happen haha ive also had a few problems doing context kills and being context killed. the dead but not really dead glitch seems to be in full effect right now.. havent seen any boring roof glitchers yet but i can normaly play several nights in a row without seeing those fartbags believe it or not. seen alot of "theyre still up there" talk, so i'll take their word for it. maybe its just that the roof glitchers never REALLY come down...the old timers say..its not a legend....theyre still up there...even to this day...playing a great game...in a boring manner.....dancing....wasting everybody's time... other than that, i havent seen any other problems so far.. still loving the great friday the 13th action! thanks for all of your efforts gun media!
  14. it seems to do the trick. when the car gets stopped,i jump out, run like 2 feet from the car then tap A several times. i even take a practic swing just to make sure. its far less risky than the drop weapon tactic. oh the good ol' car, such a funny mess it can turn into sometimes haha
  15. if one of the locks youre talking about is not being able to use a weapon once exiting the car, try tapping A (or X, action button) a few times. it allows me to swing a weapon after i do that. just make sure youre not close enough to the car or youll jump back in.
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