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  1. if you are in a party, only party members can hear you, walkie or not. walkie talkies are for game chat only. if game chat isnt working for you, try reseting your console. seems to be fixing the problem in most cases. walkie talkies are fun.
  2. many are still loading into quick play unaware of the current problems. while private matches are still working, some may have a hard time filling your own lobby. so here is what ive been doing: as i said earlier, the public lobbies are still filling up, only to be kicked. so what ya do is, load into a lobby, then exit. check your recently played with list for those who were in that public lobby. now invite them to your private match. anybody wanna run with a rough crowd? join me & my campin buddies for a night of carnage by adding me on xbox live. 1030pm central is most common time to find me, glowing ooze. given certain information has come to light, it may be a long wait for public quick play to return. dont be a fool & rob yourself of some great friday the 13th action, join a private lobby today! no crybabies. happy camping to all!
  3. it sounds like the ruffling of blankets or something. it does make a sound, and you can hear it if youre close enough, even outside. @Top_Cat is correct.
  4. interesting. thanks for the info! i gotta go see chad smoke that cigarette 😁
  5. it just happened to my friend last night. pack small, morphing after the car.. the thing was is he could still walk around for a while under the map until it dropped him totaly out.
  6. ya know whats funny? when a little group of idiots all suicide at the start of a match, then they sit thru the entire round! why... would you do that? they think theyre trolling but who got trolled? i still played the round & had fun while they sat it out.. whats the fun in that?
  7. some of these players are champion quiters. they quit so fast its like they yanked the cord out with their toes. just dont let it bother you. points or not, you both know they were doomed. so just dont let dumb shit like this piss you off & youll be rippin heads off like a cool calm jason.
  8. what the hell.. ive never seen jason's picture red like that before.. that was weird!
  9. yes. id like these options too. pick the characters, they have the same cloths & perks you set on them. thatd be great. also, id love the option to switch the bots to "attack mode" where they seek jason out & only try to fight him. the bots dont have to be any smarter, just violent psychopaths would be nice.
  10. @CrissRiot i think the video i watched was from 2017, if that helps.. it was in a stream done by Red Letter Media back when they were playin this game.
  11. yeaah so i was watching some old videos of the game the other day. when tommy spawned in, he said "this is between me & jason".. i seen another where tommy says "jason belongs in hell, im going to see he gets there". @mattshotcha why was this feature removed? is it ever coming back? another thing i noticed is back then, if jason resisted the sweater stun before they could activate the big kill, jason did the "slow head tilt" made famous by the star of halloween, michael myers. it seems this animation was removed as well.. any info would be appreciated.
  12. i just recently, and FINALY i might add, rolled the 10% map to upgrade from my 9% map. i have 10% nerves already. ive been playing as jenny with the 9% & 10% perks for a few months now. i will say that using the 9% was still very helpful, & it is worth running if that is all ya got.
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