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  1. @OCT 31 1978 thanks for the tip. rather the action figure be in hot water than myself.. cutting a pizza with jason's saw blade thing is out of the question.
  2. @OCT 31 1978 thanks! i dont think many would disagree that the new devastating J7 is real champion of toys. personally, i like the "big metal spike" jason comes with this time around. almost broke the saw blade thing trying to get the bastard to hold it.. HA not funny.
  3. jason is back... but this time.. i was waiting... over a year & a damn half but NOW the action figure of the year is mine! preorder be damned. best buy stepped in & sent it in 4 days. truely the best in action figuring. this guy is armed to the teeth, detailed down to the bone, & ready to send your shelf strait to hell. WARNING: choking hazard. all you figure heads have a wonderful day, & thanks for all the action packed support.
  4. ive had the same problem in the past loading the disc version, "took too long to start". restarting or re inserting the disc usually helped. i ended up buying the digital version while on sale for $5, & havent had the problem since. will not let your friend join the party.. says "can not retrieve party details" or something like that. this has happened with a few different people for me, where it will not allow me or the other person to join each others partys unless there was a middle man hosting. this has actually been happening with me & a friend for a few weeks now. so.. two things you can try.. 1- go to settings, network, check the NAT type. if it says "moderate", select check nat type until it says your NAT type is "open". this might help. 2- do NOT make a game party. load into a lobby alone, then invite your friend strait from the lobby. this will work for sure. ive done it many times. i guess because there is no party, thus no party connection details to retrieve. if you are only trying to play with one other person, its easy. if ya have a whole group, not so much. good luck. i hope this will work for you. very aggravating problem.
  5. man, how they gunna do T-1000 like that! @Dragonfire82877 im from around them parts, thanks for the info. i'll have to go take a peek inside our dreaded walmart super store..
  6. i preordered mine almost a year ago from big bad toy store. still havent been charged for it yet, so i still got some time to wait. ive been to a local walmart since these new jason sightings have been reported. i dont think our walmart is cool enough to have him early so i have my doubts one will turn up on the shelves here before the mailman barley makes it out of the delivery alive with my preorder. then i'll pose the living hell out of part 7 HA. good luck to all on their action packed serch.
  7. it was a made for netflix movie i think. pee wees big holiday.. its like a road trip to new york type movie. kinda like beavis & butthead do america.. getting into all kinda wacky ass situations along the way.. when i first herd about it i thought, oh no its going to be awful.. you know how they do these old classics these days! but i seen it & it wasnt all too bad.. if ya like you some pee wee, id definatly give it a whirl. there are some parts that are really funny.
  8. blood... hope this is not @Fair Play 's blood.... seems like rose will be our main character next time around. maybe she goes to serch for her father.. maybe ethans body is discovered & transported to a research facility... an umbrella research facility! like theyre trying to use ethan as their unltimate bioweapon, as they often like to do.. there is some info you discover towards the end of RE8, im sure youre well aware of, that id like to see farther developed. if that is the case, we could wrap up the winters family story with a nice trilogy, while then bringing in some of the original games story to farther tie it together. then we'll be ready to start fresh with an amazing 10th entry to the series. wow, so much resident evil to sink your teeth into over the years. thanks for asking. what do you think they should do next? what did you think of RE8 storyline? i thought it was.... rather odd.. the first thing i did in the game was try to flush the baby down the toilet.... i cant be the only one..
  9. it has some things to be desired as a survival horror game, but i had a great time playing it none the less. huge fan of RE series. loved RE7's return to survival horror, & while i feel RE8 lacks some of these elements, it makes up for in action. on a side note, ive been playing RE code veronica lately, having a very good time with that title! one of the best in the series.
  10. best quote in the world! i agree with ya stri, pee wee still kicks ass. pee wee big adventure is still hilarious. i love when hes walkin down the dark, rainy ally before going to the fortune teller.. cant bring up pee wee without bringing up one of the all time greats, phil hartman. may he rest in comedy gold peace. have ya seen the newer one, pee wee vacation or whatever? not the best, but much better than i expected.
  11. @Fair Play this topic has me hooked. sorry.. 😂
  12. you can, but i dont think they will take the damage.. do they? i just wait for the animation, toss a knife, throw a slash. @Somethin Cool if you could be so kind.. does a counselor take damage from a knife/slash during the trap escape animation? never seems like it does, only cancels it.
  13. ive seen this a few times. they will still glow red in jasons sense, the corpse, & where the player was standing last when they died, right next to the dead body. BEWARE. if you grab the enity, you may freeze in place. ive been able to kill the enity before, but last time i grabbed it, i was locked in place & couldnt do jack. of course someone can hit you to break you free, if anybody will that is. on the subject of grabbing a brat as they exit the car, id like to add the same thing applies when slashing/kniving a brat who is breaking out of a trap. you cant attack them until the animation is finished. you can still grab them, but i like to take advantage of the low health. time it right & you can combo them strait to HELL.
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