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  1. the reason @TheDevilsEyes92 only got calm, reasonable answers on this post was they published it on 4/20, maaaaan ✌
  2. if you ever get locked either step in a trap or go in the water. most of the time it breaks you out. also, sometimes you can drop your weapon or use your rear veiw & its fixes it. not all the time.. youre welcome, keep up the goood campin'
  3. flare guns cause alotta problems for some players it seems. lemme tell ya, flare guns are great tools. two things ya might not know: 1- if you arch your aim high you can hit jason from very far away, the distance should keep jasons mitts off you. 2- you can always use the flare for its intended purpose, marking jason. if his music is bumpin outside your cabin & youre not sure where he is, fire the gun & he will appear on your mini map.. then pick a window farthest from jason & make a run for it.. shooting a flare to see where jason is at is very helpful. as a weapon, it can be risky.
  4. if you loaded in as a character you didnt choose its just a glitch. very common these days. happens most often when players join a lobby last minute. its just victoria. she dresses like a grandma on purpose 😅
  5. teamers are boring so just move on to the next lobby. plenty of fun players out there to play with. 👍
  6. gotta have that thick skin to protect my crotch from broken glass & jason attacks.
  7. ive had an eyeball on her for a while.. she is one of the "retro cloth" style toys with real clothing & sweeet art work on the packaging.
  8. that map is hilarious.
  9. no. most the time i only get hate mail if we fail against them 😅
  10. the funniest time it happened to me was jason & some dong were teaming up & the counselor was running people over, but he wasnt very bright. he jumped out the car to unlock the door for jason, and while he was doin that i climbed out the cabin & stold the car.. ran him down & escaped heeheehee
  11. ive seen this alot.. ghost jason! picks the throwing knives up with his thin air hand! its the next best thing to getting a new jason since we cant have any new content. i say leave it in.
  12. the last few weeks ive been coming up short on the jasons... my friend on the other hand has been getting FLOODED with the jasons lately.. i mean like ever other match it seems.. i told him stop using the damn game genie!! it should pass soon then I'LL be the one swimming in the jasons.
  13. hell yeah. collecting the badges was really fun i thought. itd be the shit if after you unlocked them all you could wear them on your counselor!
  14. one way to look at it is like this: its a new game mode that you play at random & against your own will. sometimes, it may be too late before you realize theres an evil car driving around, but thats why you have to be cautious when a car is out on the creep & not heading for an exit.. if you can survive against an evil car & jason, its awesome. its a great challenge. it does not matter if you win or lose because youre playing against people who cant be killed by jason. they can talk all the shit they want, it means not a damn thing. your only choice is to exit the game & find a lobby more suitable to your enjoyment, or you can try to take them on against all odds. the one thing you can not do is let it ruin your good time.
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