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  1. thats crazy.. i never have a problem loading into a game.. it breaks my black heart to know some players cant get a game started. only problem ive had lately is joining a party sometimes. everybody loads into the party, but it wont allow one person to join no matter what. close the party, someone else starts a party, then everybody loads in except for one. eventualy it works & it never takes that long but its just a weird problem..
  2. no way. there needs to be a penilty for beating on jason. you do not need to stun jason every five seconds to survive. you dont even need to stun him once to survive in fact.. it takes almost fifteen minutes before jason is raging out if you keep the attacks to a miminum like you should. in that time, if you didnt escape or set up a jason kill, then you will pay the price! @DontZzz34 & @OCT 31 1978 id love to see those kinda changes as im sure you both know. particularly a cleaner combat mode. even with those changes however, i think rage should stay the same. there should be a penilty for attacking jason too much. i think there should also be a penilty for taking the mask off too. like weapon strength doubles when the mask is off.. its like what @The Milwauking Dead said, jason was intended to be OP. youre supposed to be running for your life from an unstoppable maniac. the rage buff also helped sway the game play more towards strategy.
  3. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  4. now dont get me wrong.. jgth IS very stupid, for a friday the 13th movie anyways.. jason is an evil body jumping slug & only has like 10 minutes of screen time... i mean c'mon.. specialy since it was billed as the "final" movie.. then ya got the shaving... and the "get the hell away from her, ed" and jason suddenly has a sister now, ect.. its a horrible idea for a friday the 13th film.. all that aside, its a fairly entertaining movie. the uncut version is really gorey at times & new line was genious when planning an R rated version for theaters & an uncut version for video. something paramount shouldve been doing since part 5.. overall, the movie does make me think of a little girl in a pink dress, sticking a hotdog thru a donut....
  5. no doubt. after all, look how fast he shaved his own beard between 2 & 3, all while his shoulder was healing.. the man's a natural!
  6. you got that right pal. ima be up to my ass in friday the 13th. im sure i'll bump into you at some point like always sir πŸ‘
  7. im startin my friday the 13th right out the rip tonight after i get home from work around 2am.. i'll be playin the game while the movies play on a small vhs/tv combo. i plan on puttin on part 2, 3, 4 and 6.. im also going to arrange the pepperonis on my pizza to look like a hockey mask... just kiddin, my ovens broken.. oh & part 8 is my least favorite F13 movie... i just do not like it! theres some great moments sure, but damn. i hate the flashbacks, i hate the ending.. its such a stupid movie! id rather watch jason goes to hell and that movie has jason shaving a naked man's face....thats how much i dislike part 8 haha update: so i watched part 8 for the first time in years over the glorious friday the 13th weekend. its still one of my least favorite in the series but it was better than i gave it credit for. i still hate the parts i did before but found alot of charm put into the movie. jasons watery breathing & soggy foot steps, jason slaming that lady down after the double choke, which looks like a very real bump that lady took, and so on. im not gunna list everything but i liked it more than i remember. still would rank it low on the list of course. so yeaah there ya go.
  8. i dont remember... do you even unlock anything when you reach 150??
  9. im at camp blood every night with a usual group of people. i think there are about 8 of us but its not too often all 8 are on at the same time anymore. on average its at least me & 2 others. we are always havin a laugh & soakin up some hard hitting jason action! we play on xbox. im getting home later than i used to tho so im missin out on some of my campin buddies lately.. if anybody wanna get down with us we're always ready to ride out down & dirty til the E-N-D.
  10. if the achievement was glitched nobody on ps4 would have unlocked it yet & i think we'd hear more about it if that was the case. @Dragonfire82877 does it even tell you what percentage of players have unlocked each achievement? that would confirm if its glitched or not.. ps4 needs to quit fuckin around & let the ps4amaniacs in on some stats! also, i kinda doubt its the door kill from outside. i dont remember ever doing that one.. i certainly could have overlooked it as just another door kill tho..
  11. i am shocked & appalled. that would make things very difficult.
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