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  1. no doubt. anyways... mc hammer worldveiw had me gaspin for air earlier..
  2. you can tell this was a sentance formed in the year 2020.
  3. oh ho ho that is a serious michael myers right there my friend! i think you snagged yours a wee bit cheaper than i did too... well played. that piece introduced michael into my cloth collection of psychopaths where hes had a long over due spot waiting. very good day for toys on that day i tell you. oh yeah, loomis laurie can not be slept on or that bad mutha will be impossible to get one day id assume like all the other damn halloweens.. another is the halloween 3 trick or treaters... that will probably slip thru the cracks on me too.. damn.. ive been meaning to reply to your last action figure post but ive been too busy for a post of that magnitude. & by busy i mean playing too many video games..... i'll get back to ya sooon..
  4. im not sayin part 4 sucks, im just saying he should be alot better, in my opinion.
  5. he kills a guy in the shower too, so thats 3 water kills for part 4! also, roy doesnt run in part 5 either, hes actualy the first jason to only walk. not to mention part 5 never uses a thrown weapon. part 4 throws a freaking hammer at the jarvis'.. its almost like 4 & 5 should swop powers. part 4 is my favorite movie & my favorite jason from the movies.. it was a real disappointment to find out how disadvantaged he is in the game for me.. i still play as part 4 & i do pretty good but if i had it my way part 4 would be the best jason in the game hands down. specialy since he is the last jason you unlock.
  6. @OCT 31 1978 first off thanks for the action packed reply. the movie maniacs are sweet, always wanted more of those back when they were first coming out. snake plissken stands out to me, puttin him on the shelf has been a toy guy's dream of mine. they have an escape from new york retro cloth id kill a man to own but im not ready to "pay that price" haha.. i love the retro cloths, they look great on the wall. i got a good deal on dinner table leatherface & nightmare 1 freddy when this store was going out of business & thats what started my retro cloth collection. if it hadnt been for that, i wouldve went with all ultimate necas, BUT im glad this was the toy path i chose.. damn, jason x in the box.. youre crushing it dude. hopfuly one day neca will put out an ultimate version, other wise jason x will have to stay out in space for me! i only have one ultimate jason, thatd be part 4.. part 4 is my favorite movie & favorite jason. ted white rules. i do have a few retro cloth jasons including, part 2, part 3, part 5, part 6, and corpse pamala from part 3 which came out recently. she looks awesome & it may seem odd but the best details are in her feet! got her toes stickin out her shoes! you got some big names in that collection of yours. i freakin love it. one i forgot to mention before that i must brag to you about is god damn ace ventura pet detective. he was at walmart of all places & the assholes forced my hand by stocking him.. id like more tmnt 90s movie figures, specialy casey jones, but im afraid i'll miss out on them bad boys.. back to action packed dreams of ownership.. the halloween clown michael & shape michael you speak of.. oh yes.. as well as the ghost michael with the sheet on his head... aww those are bad to the pvc bone. ALL of those older halloweens are sooo expensive! damn their plactic souls! as for your customizing obsession.. that is one hell of a hobby. do you do any sculpting from scratch? i used to make clay statues but i wasnt very good! creativity is one of the greatest gifts of them all. mastering your skills & bringing creations from your mind into the real world.. nothing beats it. thumbs up! id like to go on but i gotta wrap this up.. sorry its kinda all over the place.. oh & that ultimate part 7.. ordered mine too & been waitin for neca to bring that guy out forever. by far the best looking jason roaming the streets. my gawd. keep the ACTION at an all time high! i'll catch ya later on down the toy aisle..
  7. i dont know about all of you, but instead of all the jason X spaceship map content, i wouldve rather had more regular movie maps like camp forrest green, maybe even underground tunnel system remake crystal lake, abandon camp blood map, or voorhees house.. i wouldve loved it if more characters from the movie were in the game. like all characters were from the movies. not chris higgens as jenny myers, but just chris higgens, like they did with shelly & fox. crazy ralph needed to be somewhere in the game as well.. maybe you just see him on his bike randomly once per match & he just kinda rides away into the woods.. as the game is today, i think we ended up with enough great content considering the lawsuit & all.. except for two things... more maps, & more jason kills... i wouldve been 100% ok with more maps & more kills.. oh... & one more thing.. level cap 150... needed a reward REAL bad. often times when im checking levels in the lobby, if i notice someone is right around the corner from reaching 150, i message & congrats them.. most the time in their reply they ask "do i unlock anything?" which i sadly respond "no".. it really bums them out hahaha.. sorry..
  8. aw yes tricking him to go outside, usually after you come to a counselors rescue.. this is the main tactic i used on the third day to fight him on the road. i knew this early on because if i went into a cabin jason was in, id say fuck this & leave, just to have him pop up outside & scare the shit out of me!
  9. i love the nes game.. its a really good game IF you know what youre doing. i had the manual as a kid, so that made a big difference.. my tactic was to save the children at all costs during the first two days.. because i could not fight jason in the cabins on the third day.. no freakin way.... so id just let the kids die on the third day until there were only 5 left, since jason can only kill 5 at a time.. in the mean time id do anything i could to fight him with the torch on the road.. so... nes jason is the only jason who kills children... nes jason is the most savage of all the jasons! ha ha ha ha.
  10. nightmare on elm street game.. ive always pictured that to be much like silent hill. a single player, story based, survival horror game where your actions effect the endings & situations. instead of desending into the "otherworld" like in silent hill, youd go into the dream world.. sometimes you could even be tricked into thinking youre awake but then boom the floor drops out or something like that.. you wouldnt know which supporting characters you could trust because they might be freddy taking their form.. things like that.. alls i know is if someone ever makes a NOES game, it must be scary as hell.
  11. holy shit that is awesome! i noticed mrs voorhees head in that smaller room.. does she attack or have a purpose? i also noticed a picture on the wall of the boat from 'jaws' on nes.. nice touch! gotta love the doom community..
  12. you can still do some amazing things as jason once you got the controlls down good. if a group of brats all gang up on jason, sure he should be able to triple decap those fools, but that would be a bit over powered. jason is not bruce lee ya know, he has to bail out & come back later with a sneak attack.. jason's best ability is his big jason brain (you). out smart the brats is jasons best option in most cases. keep practicing & learn from your mistakes.
  13. im not crazy about the remakes of halloween either. although it does have some good michael action & he looks great as a feild drifting hobo haha.
  14. i went & peeped this beauty out on ebay.. i also see you have a hobo michael myers.. i dont think i need to say it but both items are pure action figure goodness to the max.. ive never wanted to radio in for tommy jarvis so bad in my life ha ha ha ha! damn fine action figuring, damn fine.
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