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  1. even if you cloned bruce campbell, you still wouldnt be able to recast ash.
  2. this is the biggest problem with FvsJ. same with the F13 remake, which was written by the same people. man... the writing/acting is an absolute dumpster fire.
  3. far out! sometimes i'll even just stop during a fight (one on one of course) & act like im checking my map about to morph while keeping my camera on them.. its so funny. keep up the good murders!
  4. the machete, the pig splitter, & the fire axe work best for me. if you like combat stance choppin brats thru windows & combat choppin doors apart, these three weapons are great. i rarely use other weapons, sadly. i do love the pick axe & the spear, but they are a bit clunky if ya ask me. it takes some practice to know where to stand for a good window/door chop with those weapons, in my experience anyways.
  5. correct me if im wrong but didnt wes or somebody over there state that they would never work on another big franchised property like friday the 13th again? because of.. well.....ya know... how they got screwed...
  6. i have to agree. it is pretty stupid. at the very least, it shouldnt stun him.. bring the human sheilds back as well. however, you can avoid this simply by looking around first before grabbing a knife, breaking a power box, ect.. if i see a brat waiting for me to grab a knife, i'll face the knife acting like ima grab it, with my camera facing the brat, then as they run up for the cheap shot, boom turn 180 & grab that fucker! its a great trick. also as you said, combat mode is the best way to avoid this for windows & doors. in many ways, its how the jason player plays. like killing jason is too easy in my opinion, but for the most part, its jasons fault for being reckless. for fighting a gang of 4 at once, or for falling for the same trick over & over. you must learn from mistakes. thats why i ended up using combat for doors & windows in the first place. then i was like wow this is way better haha..
  7. i have considered a heel turn before just to have a little fun. i wouldnt do it to troll, the idea would be to kill more people than jason. setting EVIL traps & getting behind the wheel of an EVIL car... but.. i can never bring myself to do it.. i play clean & try to help when i can, sometimes dying in the process. risking your life to help the new players is a game all in itself. one thing i love doing, is if i started out next to an AFK player, i push them around with me & try to keep them alive. very fun game to play. once i ran around the garage/boathouse area of crystal lake fixing the car. everytime i ran by the afk guy, i bumped into them so they wouldnt time out. a friend of mine was on his way with the keys, just before they got there with the keys, afk guy sprung to life. i flicked my light at them, they followed me & we all escaped. can you imagine coming back to your game way late & having a ride strait outta there? totaly awesome. the best was when i pushed them all the way to the cop exit. believe it or not. the best way to do this is croutching behind them & croutch walking to push them. it gives you complete controll. every other time i have failed but hey its very challenging & basicly requires alot of luck. if jason finds you, youre pretty much screwed trying to defend afk guy. i must say, i have quinched my thurst for blood many times before in the name of justice. like when i got a dumb dumb following me around hitting me for no reason. as they swing, i push them towards my door trap a few times & take them right out the game. if i see fit to run down a troublsome brat, i murder them in cold blood. sometimes ya just gotta do it, i mean c'mon.. in these cases, i dont mind doing some dirt. as far as trolling & that kinda thing goes, im only interested in going toe to toe with jason for the higher kill count. i think trolling is stupid. but being a serial killer out for the blood of my peers? i may consider.. maybe one day i'll start killing everybody as devil tiffany or something.. it seems like alot of fun.. it also goes against everything ive fought for in this game!
  8. well i'll be a monkey's bare assed uncle.
  9. wait a minute... so if you mute jason he cant hear you? so why doesnt everybody just mute jason when the match starts then unmute him when its over? that cant be right...can it? hmm.. i swear ive been muted before by some snobs & i could still hear them i thought.. i dont remember.. someone will correct me if im wrong too HAHAHA
  10. i clean house as tommy like an 80's wrestler who got the hot tag or i get brutaly murdered.
  11. what you can try is mixing the small legendary bonus with other perks of the same effect. like legendary marathon has a water speed bonus, so you can mix that with the swim speed perk. youll be swimming your ass off.. the cop arival bonus apears on a few legendary perks as well.. play around with them if ya like but the payoffs arent really worth it compaired to just having thick skin, nerves of steel, medic, ect..
  12. they COULD just go stand on a big rock in real life if they wanted the non stop thrills of standing on elevated surfaces. VR be damned.
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