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  1. they should come back. this has happened to a few friends of mine as well as myself. i have also been knocked down from level 150, to 0, weirdly back up to 100 for some reason, and it eventualy was back to 150 one day when i logged in. give it some time i guess..
  2. havent had a chance to try it out yet but i just wanna say these new custom match options are THE SHIT. im very VERY happy about this. thank you all so much. what a wonderful suprise. great job. hats off. i never doubted you friday the 13th the game, i knew ya had it in ya. so many new ways for jasons & brats to come together. i may be getting ahead of myself, but i dont care. friday the 13th the game rules.
  3. i have to disagree about shelly. hes not useless because he has the highest "laugh my ass off at shelly" stat. i played as him for about 4 days strait the other week & had a very high rate of escaping. i put both marathong & restless, thats 15% & 13%, as well as 20% think skin. i was all business, no screwing around, & id call the cops & escape a whole damn lot. he has strength & stealth & repair isnt too bad.. plus he is funny as hell to play as.. surely his best quality. if i had to wing it without really thinking about it, id say vanessa is the most useless because almost everybody plays as her & almost nobody knows how to play as her (noobs heehee).. im only half kidding.. honestly i dont think anybody is all that bad.. maybe chad but he fires that car up like a champ..
  4. im in a good mood & a pat on the back for spewing out great info is just what you need. im trying all this out & im not doin too good yet. i have been defending objectives successfully but dying in the process. thats my own fault though. fixing things isnt too bad either, and she starts the car up ok. im using 10% n.o.s. & 9% map, both with 0% negitives. also thick skin so she can take a beating. what about jenny's flashlight? does she even need it? is she so fearless that her courage cuts thru the dark?
  5. @GeneiJin thank you for all the helpful information. very well writen. i am TRYING to try out this build at this very moment, but jason has left two games in a row within the first 10 seconds.. so what do you think of adding lone wolf instead of thick skin? is that pointless?
  6. i thought that the less fear you have, the less likely it is for jason to spot you with sense. my angle on that was basicly a survive the night jenny, where you stay off jason's radar as long as you can, keeping your fear down low.. like i said, ive never been much of a no fear jenny because it never works out for me, but maybe now i know why.. cuz im doin it wrong! haha sorry for the misleading info, i was just sharing the way i used my jenny.. i subjested night owl because seems more often youre in the dark than seeing dead bodies.. thanks for your much better advice, genei ! i'll stick to loud walkin fox 😂
  7. in addition to the map perk & n.o.s., i use the night owl, or even perhaps the lone wolf on jenny. but somethin cool is right, youre better off with thick skin instead. i have that perk on everybody. the main thing about using a no fear jenny, for me anyways, is to stay the hell away from everybody. you dont want to see any dead bodies, & you sure as hell dont wanna see jason. the longer you go without seeing jason, the longer her fear stays down... i guess... honestly, ive never had that less fear shit work for me very well..
  8. well if offline bot AJ is anything like challage mode AJ, mitch is going to have to go to the doctor afterwards 😂😂😂😁😅
  9. if you limp a weapon weilding camper out, they will chase you around trying to hit you. so then if you limp a few out & theyre chasing you, its possible to make them miss jason & hit each other.. so it can be done!
  10. in my case, offline bot mitch just wanted to help offline bot adam. he was just a little too offline bot high & blasted him by mistake 😂 so i guess this means they were programmed to help a grabbed team mate, or he just shot simply because jason was too close for comfort. this is on pack small by the way..
  11. part 5 seems to be very common. its easy to see why too. good ol' roy is a mighty fine jason.. it upsets me that part 5 is better than part 4.. part 4 is my favorite from the movies & i hate he has that granny shift! how the hell is roy out shifting jason?? yeaah i think youre right on part 3 & 8 as well.. i think its 3, 5 and 8 for sure.
  12. was anybody aware that the offline bots can kill each other with weapons? offline adam was about to bite the dust but instead he bit the bullet as a heroic offline mitch shot him out of my clutches. maybe too much out of my clutches, & the blood was on offline mitch's hands. first time this has ever happened to me.. anybody else?? i bet you can pit them against each other..
  13. thatd be awesome. like if he stepped into the shawdows & turned invisible.
  14. itd look alot like how he dodged that van in part 3 😅
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