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  1. I hated team killing when it was in. I always remembered some guy playing Adam while i was playing Chad the lad who just came up to me with a machete and attempted to murder me, no warning so i ran and games like that happened quite a lot where Jason's were getting about 4 kills because the rest were killing each other. I have enjoyed the rage buff as i have felt that Jason needs to feel more... Jason like, now he brushes off many things which adds more of a fear factor against Jason as counselors now need to run from him when he has rage, When going up against a Jason with rage i tend to attack Jason to get my stamina back but it doesn't always work. I think a balance change of Jason not being able to grab while flinching could solve this. Less time to get away from him but it should be enough.
  2. Ah i see now, thanks.It has been awhile since i watched part 3 or 4.
  3. I loved the teamwork part of this game but now, like in Mayday's video, you will find alot of people like that who troll you just for fun. I remember at launch in Higgins Haven where someone called the police and we all met up at the road beside the main house and walked as a team with Tommy Jarvis to the police. Those were the days... (seven of us Jason as didn't appear to stop us after the police arrived.)
  4. Heh, some things look a tad too black in the dark. I mean i know he has quite a dark colour shirt but i don't think it would go completely black. (something i might need to test)
  5. Steam: sfckjc1973 Feel free to add me if you want to do a couple of games.
  6. Prepare for a nit pick but it has always annoyed me. Part 3's shirt when in a shadows looks completely black to me, i find it very off putting. (I find that part 4 has the same problem.) Here are some examples: Thoughts on this?
  7. Thanks for the clarification, good to know that it might become one of the main priority's.
  8. I completely agree with your part 4 stats and if they do decide to put the can/can't run into background mechanics then i agree with all of your stat choices aswell, you would have made it much more balanced.
  9. I think it would have went along with the fact that he was killed in the movie but i see your point. I feel that Jason still needs to be a tad stronger to help him early game.
  10. I have no idea if this will be possible due to the lawsuit although i see it as balance changes, We have seen the part 7 rework where he got buffed so here is my argument: Part 4 Jason was really aggressive in the Final Chapter but in-game he is so weak compared to the other Jason's, To encourage players to play him more i believe he needs to be buffed at least changing his -shift and maybe changing it to a +shift (getting rid of the +weapon strength) and giving him less health points to go on the fact that he was killed in the movie. I think it would be powerful for a running Jason to have +shift (maybe a bit too overpowered) and replacing the -water speed with -morph. @mattshotcha Would another Jason rework be possible?
  11. Hi all, i have been playing Friday the 13th: the game on PC since launch i was just too lazy to create an account here until now. Level: 150 Hours: 578 Favourite Jason: Part 8 Favourite Counselor: Fox
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