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  1. Buggzy one is the best, just imagine entering the room and seeing Jason... It's so interesting to watch how Jason is hunting silently, so cinematic, this game really manages to serve more experiences even after hours of playing. Remembered how I was looiking for a tent in the woods and since I was really close to escaping, it added some tension. I was so immersed that I was damn scared by the reaction to a dead body, which had NEVER happened to me, ahah.
  2. Do you mind if I post some vids? Liked how I obtained the hope and then lost it and then obtained again
  3. I used to be scared of Part 4 Jason and always was feeling nervous when saw him on the cut-scene. Cause I thought that he's really fast in everything (killing, breaking the doors, running). But after playing as him, I recognized how slow his shift and water speed are, sometimes it's useful to play different Jasons. Now when I drive the car or the boat I'm totally calm and even feel superiority over Jason, cause even if I move with medium speed - he can't take us.
  4. Had a match with toxic players with Part 9 selected for me randomly. I felt nervous but somehow grabbed them using shift 2 times in a row, which is not statistically consistent for me, lol. I even thought that there is an old grab box zone working for him, but didn't find anything on the web about that, so, I guess, it was just luck. I haven't decided yet how his shift perk is really useful and how many extra seconds it gives.
  5. I use Thick Skin and Medic because it's a good combo for tanking the traps. As soon as Jason morphs I tank them with a minimal harm for the rest of the match. Usually it makes Jason panic, ruins his strategy and gives an advantage for counselors. Also I use marathon because there were situations when I almost escaped to the police but Jason grabbed me at the extrance due to the lack of stamina. For Chad I replaced marathon for Nerves of steel because his mini-map disapperars really fast. And currently experimenting with Eric's perks against the sense. Put Thick Skin, Level Headed and Home Body on him. Maybe he needs them because he's the worst runner in the game.
  6. Cool, glad that it's working, gotta try! It happened to me while I was playing as Buggzy, so I'll reset his perks next time. Ugh, seems like a new bug with this new patch, which is supposed to improve the game, not ruin it.
  7. Hmmm, I remember I had all these perks working the whole year and previous patch was released in January. Seems like more recent problem for me, I swear.
  8. Did the patch break the perk's functioning for Tommy? When I ressurect as Tommy I no longer have double spray and thick skin.
  9. Saw several times how Jason couldn't perform environmental kill after the new patch, that's bad...
  10. Actually, I had the most intense matches just after the rage change. Before it, I was scared to target objectives and preferred to wait until everything will be decided by itself or run/stun Jason til the end of the match or my death. But now it’s better to search as many cabins as you can and do objectives in the first half of the match, this pace is kinda exciting. Also, it can be explained by me gaining more experience and becoming more pro, but anyway… Still remember how I run from Jason on Crystal Lake trying to avoid hitting him. I really like that house on crystal which has a lot of beds in it, took a breath while Jason was crashing wrong beds. Seeing his feet at eye level, gave me goosebumps, whew. That’s why I hate bullies even more now, it’s not that necessary to hit Jason when you have unbroken cabins and full stamina. And now I hate and scared of stalk even more too, ahah. Never know if it’s the right moment to leave a cabin. In the same match I was talking about, me (Fox), Vanessa and Tommy left alone waiting for the police. Of course, we were waiting in the house, which is in the southeast part of crystal lake. Then Jason came and all ran in the different directions, Vanessa to the north part, Tommy to the camp on the south. I stayed at the cabin and saw how Jason chased Vanessa and decided to go towards Tommy to look for protection, but he hid inside the tent and so did I. It was hilarious to see through the gap how Tommy hides in the opposite tent and see how he comes out later. But when Vanessa got caught and that flashing mask appeared I was sitting in the tent and begging for Jason not finding us until police arrive. Sadly, I was killed because Tommy ran in the wrong direction with his shotgun, ugh. I hope you did understand everything with my English :D
  11. Yeah, had a match with similar emotions recently. As a counselor, met a toxic team which started offending me with no reason. Tried to pick them up by car anyway and one of them even acted normally for the moment before the next match. Then I was a Jason and meanly killed them using a stalk. The rudest one with 150 lvl almost escaped but I managed to catch him. Never thought that it would be so amazing and satisfying to kick some brazen asses. Not a main Jason but moments like this totally worth playing as him, such an experience.
  12. Yes, not pretty easy but possible. I’m not that good with the mini-game but sometimes it works flawless. A dozen of skill check sections also happen to me and things get more complicated when you fail one and need at least 30 seconds to complete the repair. Depends on the luck literally. P.s Sorry for mistakes, not a native english speaker/
  13. Actually Vanessa is more than a «part runner/distraction» type of counselor, 2 repair and high luck let counselors like her and Jenny fix everything pretty easily and start the vehicles really fast. Shelly has a good voice acting, «HE’S COMING» is kinda unique and authentic lol, it's good to have him in the lobby.
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