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  1. Is Beyond a Twitch stream? (Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with it.) I'm an Xbox player, so I don't usually interact with a lot of the social media aspects tied to video games, just because it often requires accessing a separate device.
  2. Thanks. I was hoping that was the case. Do you know if we will get to keep any of the badge progress, cp and or tapes we obtain during this waiting period? Or should I just play a different game while I wait for progress to begin tracking again? (Example, my buddy found a Tommy tape for me to have tonight, but I wasn't sure it mattered to go get it, because I don't know if this pseudo progress will be erased....)
  3. I took a hiatus for awhile, came back about a week ago, played for a few days, then the other day....I saw I was reset to level 0. I didn't panic initially, because I swear I'd seen it before and it was corrected. But...it's been a day or 2 and it now has me at level 5 with 10kish cp and no tapes, badges, etc....I was 150 with 100s of thousands of cp, almost all badges, almost every tape...what do I do? I'm starting to worry that this will not self correct... *I play on Xbox One
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