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  1. Hello Jake and welcome to Camp Crystal Lake! (Forums) High five for being a die hard fan like me. I'm interested to read your own F13 stories and short stories. Do you mind giving me a link for me to check it out? I too write my own short slasher stories.
  2. Great intro! ...and welcome to Camp Crystal Lake! I'm so looking forward to play with you and team up as Counselors! So stoked to play the game!!!
  3. Anyone from the Philippines? ..or somewhere in ASIA? :)

  4. Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake! So looking forward to team up with you as a counselor once the game is already out!
  5. Thank you. High five! I am also looking forward to playing a counselor. It's a dream come true being stalked by Jason! Haha Specially each counselor has their own unique ability to survive. I'm excited to see more of the counselors and I love their original 80's look!
  6. Hello fellow Friday the 13th fans! Care for an intro? Well, I'm an Asian guy (most likely to survive but die next to the black guy in a horror movie) who's obsessed with the Friday the 13th franchise and other slasher flicks! Blood, guts, gore and psycho stalking killers are my thing. lol I currently live outside US (Philippines) and I fully support this game! I hope this forum is possible for me to make friends and interact with people who has the same interests like me. Been dying to have a convo with fellow F13th fans who are also STOKED to death to play "FRIDAY THE 13th: The Game" I just pre-ordered my Machete Steel Case version of the game. So yeah, if you're interested to chat with me just answer this question: "Will you rather play as JASON VOORHEES and KILL? ...or fight and SURVIVE the night as one of the horned up COUNSELORS? Hear from any of you guys soon! Chi Chi Chi - Ma ma ma, - SlasherSplatter
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