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  1. The kill probably glitched when he grabbed you so it registered as you being dead but you escaped. That happens if a kill glitches and the person escapes.
  2. Yes I’ve seen this happen multiple times to both myself and other players on Xbox One. The drawer will glitch if there’s something in it. I have a couple video clips if that’s helpful to devs. Only thing you can do is flick your light on or off. The rest of the actions don’t work.
  3. So I know about the glitch where firecrackers delete pocket knives from your inventory but have they ever just disappeared on you? I just had that happen to me. I had two....used one to disarm the phone box trap, fixed it, called, then was avoiding Jason for a bit, got grabbed, and bam, no pocket knife and I’m dead. I didn’t pick up anything in the meantime.
  4. Yeah, I've experienced this before. I always assumed it had something to do with fear level and not being able to use the item. Very frustrating in those circumstances where you have the spray but can't use it. Might be one of the many bugs this game has though rather than fear-related.
  5. I actually enjoy the mashed up versions of Jason though 🤣 you get some really messed up looking ones.
  6. I’ve seen Jason’s HUD disappear at times but never a counselor that wasn’t in fear. Must be a bug I guess. New to this recent patch?
  7. 100% this. When used properly, it’s without a doubt Jason’s best weapon.
  8. Was your fear really high? The only time I've ever seen my HUD disappear is when my counselor's fear is high. It comes back after the fear decreases (going indoors, getting away from Jason, etc.).
  9. I personally love the heavy bloody skins 🤣 my main is part 6, heavy bloody skin, with a machete.
  10. The only thing it really does is give you that part’s kills. You still have the same strengths/weaknesses. I guess the only thing you could say that would be different would be swing speed and/or reach (ie the spear vs the pig splitter). If you’re big on slashing, a faster swing speed with a different weapon (like the pig splitter or machete) might be something to consider. Just depends on your playstyle I guess.
  11. Just had a quick question for all of you. I consider myself pretty good at throwing knives as Jason in this game - generally most of my throws connect with the counselors. However, with the most recent patch, I feel like they've been missing and going through the counselors' bodies more often than not. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this? I also wondered if maybe this was related to the whole barricading door glitch where there's lag/latency/etc. between the server and the players and it is registering the counselors in a different location than where my knife is going on my screen? Could just be my imagination, but wanted to see what others thought. Thanks in advance.
  12. I might be in the minority here, but I feel like the window glitch/animation-cancel and Jason's rapid shift times sorta balance each other out in a way. Even though I hope the glitches/bugs are fixed soon, I've kinda had fun adapting to a new playstyle for a bit. I used part 8 for a while with this new patch but have gone back to my trusty part 6. I do have a lot of fun giving a run around to rapid-shift Jasons with the window glitch though. Has made for some intense survive-the-night rounds 😂
  13. Not sure if this a bug, but I’ve encountered it a LOT on XB1 the last few days - network errors that freeze the session and kick everyone out. Didn’t do that much (if at all) prior to this recent patch.
  14. @mattshotcha That barricaded door issue is definitely not an isolated incident:
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