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  1. I wish I could (SERIOUSLY) but the frame rate drop when hosting is enough to keep me from doing it.
  2. Good luck with that. People are too selfish to care about the experience of others. Host a session yourself or just get used to it.
  3. Speedo Chads usually (read: 99.99999%) drop the minute they get grabbed without a PK.
  4. Dear God. Is it really that hard to just play the f*cking game without glitching/cheating? People have nothing better to do?
  5. Wonder if there are multiple ways to do that glitch? Because I haven't seen the bed glitch in a long time. I had figured it was fixed.
  6. Sounds like a whiny-ass Jason who thinks counselors should just stand there for him and make it easy.
  7. Both amount to the same thing. I never understood why they didn't just make "suicide" kills count towards Jason's kill count, because inadvertently, he caused their death since they saw no other way out and chose to kill themselves. It would have completely stopped people suiciding if that had been the case. Just my opinion.
  8. I've been killed as Jason before, but never like this... 😆
  9. Ah, I had always thought "sliding" referred to the counselor action seen in the video where they "slide" around. I know the glitch you're speaking of, but I certainly never would have thought it was called "sliding"... My apologies for the misunderstanding.
  10. Can confirm sliding is still very much a thing on Xbox One. Just saw this Adam doing it in a lobby this evening/early morning (for reference - recorded 5/6/2021). Will report to JasonKillsBugs... @mattshotcha
  11. Yeah, Xbox. Frame rates post dedicated servers are ass, this is true.
  12. Well at this point, I can’t even play properly with the P2P servers. Even as host my game is still laggy as hell and my internet is actually very good. I don’t really ever see ping rates below 100 anymore (mine was a consistent 60-70ms before all this). Now no matter the host I’m consistently 150-250 or more. As host, others seem to have 150 or less but my game is so unplayable that my ping (which I can’t see as host) has to be 350-500 at least. The frame rate is like 2fps 😂 Playing as Jason is also very difficult in my experience now. Grabs are even worse than before and forget throwing knives. By the time the game registers to throw the knife, the counselor is long gone. 🙄
  13. I've had this happen a handful of times. It's very irritating because once your counselor escapes to the cops, you have zero control over them. Unfortunately, from what I've been informed, it has to do with the latency between connections of the Jason player and counselor. It may registered on your side you escaped but not on Jason's end. Makes no sense to me, but that's the explanation I was given when I filed a bug report.
  14. I was able to play quite a few rounds last night into this morning. Once in a while it glitched out but the playable sessions were equal or greater to the glitched ones. Maybe the hackers are letting up? Anyone experiencing more success with matches?
  15. It’s a glorious glitch, and the one time that I’m actually happy a patch didn’t fix what it was intended to. The mashed up Jasons can be really awesome looking.
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