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  1. Time played - 161d 4 h 53m Counselors killed - 18,218 Killed by Jason - 2,750 Doors broken down - 21,850 No idea how many rounds as Jason - got the 1000 matches achievement years back.
  2. I try to do what I can, but I'm not going to use all my resources/energy on saving a lost cause if they're hellbent on getting themselves killed.
  3. Right, and I said as much in my original post. I was admitting that I tend to prejudge high level Vanessas and that sometimes I do end up being wrong. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened very often, which is a shame because for those few who do play her well, they can really help a lobby out through keeping Jason distracted and/or running parts. I just don’t personally tend to see that very often.
  4. You two are definitely in the minority from my experience with 150 Vanessas. Pushing objectives isn’t very common from what I’ve seen. Very few do anything other than troll and drop the minute they get grabbed without a knife. Some give a respectable runaround, but most are little bitches the minute things don’t go their way.
  5. I tend to pre-judge Vanessa players as well to be honest. Most of the time they tend to troll rather than push objectives (often while holding on to key items like the fuse or keys) and then drop the minute they get grabbed without a pocket knife. I've met a handful of 150 Vanessas who actually push objectives and I can respect that, but they are few and far between. I always find it funny that a lot of these max level Vanessas go on and on about how they have superior skills because they can run Jason around and/or survive the night - they're literally playing with the most overpowered counselor in the game...the biggest crutch. Do that with a mid-level counselor and then I'll give you props for your "superior skills." 😂 But honestly, she's played mostly as a troll because that's how she's built to be played. She's supposed to draw Jason's attention while other things are getting done.
  6. I suppose it depends on the situation. If Jason is morphing away to collect knives or attempt a more strategic position, then that's still playing the game. If he isn't attempting to pose any sort of offensive threat, then he's just running away and artificially prolonging the match, which is annoying and unnecessary. Waiting out the timer doesn't mean he "won." Just makes him look like a coward. Rage-quitting mid-death or just before death just makes you look like a little b*tch. You've been had; accept it, learn from it, and move on.
  7. Hello all. I realize this is a long shot and probably situation specific, but thought I'd ask if anyone has run into this issue before and been able to resolve it. The issue goes as follows: Platform - Xbox One, Disc Version (please advise if more information is needed) Problem - Lately my friend has been having intermittent issues with either opening the application and/or being able to load into sessions with me while in a party. Up until a few weeks ago, they had not run into any problems like this before. Now, every once in a while, they will be simply unable to open the application despite numerous attempts (error stating that the game took too long to start). Also, the longer a play session goes (going in and out of sessions), it seems to get to a point where the game becomes laggy/buggy for them and causes them to have no choice but to try and restart the game (which is often when it is unable to open). They have tried the following solutions with mixed success: Restarting/fully powering down the console Hard reset of console Uninstalling/reinstalling the game Clearing the cache/persistent storage located in the settings Sometimes one (or a mixture) of these things works and they are able to open the app again. Other times, the game simply will not work. It's almost as if the game got corrupted at some point, but I would think uninstalling and reinstalling the game would fix that. They have not run into this issue with any other application and nor have I. Has anyone else run into this issue and found a reliable solution? Thank you in advance to any suggestions.
  8. I wish I could (SERIOUSLY) but the frame rate drop when hosting is enough to keep me from doing it.
  9. Good luck with that. People are too selfish to care about the experience of others. Host a session yourself or just get used to it.
  10. Speedo Chads usually (read: 99.99999%) drop the minute they get grabbed without a PK.
  11. Dear God. Is it really that hard to just play the f*cking game without glitching/cheating? People have nothing better to do?
  12. Wonder if there are multiple ways to do that glitch? Because I haven't seen the bed glitch in a long time. I had figured it was fixed.
  13. Sounds like a whiny-ass Jason who thinks counselors should just stand there for him and make it easy.
  14. Both amount to the same thing. I never understood why they didn't just make "suicide" kills count towards Jason's kill count, because inadvertently, he caused their death since they saw no other way out and chose to kill themselves. It would have completely stopped people suiciding if that had been the case. Just my opinion.
  15. I've been killed as Jason before, but never like this... 😆
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