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  1. I play on Xbox One as well and have experienced this issue a handful of times. I kind of feel like it's an Xbox thing to be honest. I've had that issue with other games as well.
  2. @ChaosLordWesker Oh, I disagree with their assessment too because that exact thing has happened to me. I escaped, had no control over my counselor, and still got killed for it. It's total bullshit.
  3. Depends for me, but I feel like perks are best used to emphasize a strength rather than attempt to make up for a weakness. The best perk in the world isn't going to give me that much more stamina compared to other counselors who are built to have it by default. I think it also depends on which stat you're trying to boost and what number that counselor has. For example, trying to equip marathon with someone with a 2/10 stamina (sorry Eric) isn't going to do as much as if you equip it with someone with like a 4 or 5/10 stamina. I believe perks are better suited to fit a playstyle rather than try to make up for a weakness. If you want to fight Jason/kill Jason, certain perks will work very well. If you want to fly under the radar and escape, that would require (or rather, encourage) other perks.
  4. I agree. I would almost always have mine on random because I love the challenge of adapting my playstyle based on the counselor I get, but when 1/3 of the perks I often have equipped don't work....meh.
  5. The first one has happened to me a couple times. I sent it in to Jasonkillsbugs and they responded it’s a known issue and had to do with the lag/latency between you and the Jason. That glitch in particular pisses me off.
  6. If you have your counselor on random, the NoS perk is broken. It doesn't work with a random counselor selection. Don't ask me why.
  7. What system do you play on @Gamera85? I'd be happy to help you out with achievements and such if you'd like.
  8. That achievement definitely has to be glitched. I got mine right after my friend and I killed Jason. 😂 We had killed Jason several times before (all parts), the only difference was a random happened to drop him to his knees before I could as Tommy. Then all the sudden I got the achievement. Pretty sure that's not supposed to be included in the achievement.
  9. Has anyone had any issues with thick skin working properly since the new patch? I've noticed it intermittently not working for me. Sometimes if I get a random counselor and other times if I get who actually picked. For example, most recently, I got the random counselor glitch and got Jenny (video below). For this particular match, my perks were medic, thick skin, and slugger. Usually, it takes 3 pocket knives to injure a counselor with thick skin (2 pocket knives if you don't have thick skin). In this match, my Jenny was injured after two pocket knives and I had taken no other damage beforehand (i.e. broken window, traps, slashes, etc.). I've seen it happen a couple other times before as well where I get injured earlier than I should be (i.e. one slash from a part 3 when I had taken no damage beforehand). Wondered if anyone else had experienced any issues with thick skin recently? I know nerves of steel doesn't work properly with a random counselor, but never encountered an issue with thick skin.
  10. Depends on who is playing the counselor in my opinion. Every counselor has their purpose. Buggzy can be useless and just beat on Jason, or he can be a terrific distraction while other characters get things repaired. Just depends on who is playing them.
  11. I've noticed this too when it comes to Chad 😂 Might just be a programming glitch or something. Some counselors are different in their reactions - for example, I notice Victoria never reacts to the lights being cut out...guess they never recorded the dialogue for that? Either way, Chad is always entertaining with his reactions 😆
  12. Not new. https://fridaythe13th.gamepedia.com/Victoria_Sterling
  13. Everyone plays differently, so what's the one perk that would be a deal breaker if you couldn't have it? Which one do you swear by to get you through the game (whether it's escaping, surviving the night, or defeating Jason)? For me, I'd say NOS - vital for helping me survive the night/extended chases and also when evading Jason while driving. I could make due without any of the other perks I normally equip, but this one I have on pretty much every counselor for the above reasons.
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