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  1. I was able to play quite a few rounds last night into this morning. Once in a while it glitched out but the playable sessions were equal or greater to the glitched ones. Maybe the hackers are letting up? Anyone experiencing more success with matches?
  2. It’s a glorious glitch, and the one time that I’m actually happy a patch didn’t fix what it was intended to. The mashed up Jasons can be really awesome looking.
  3. Another odd observation - whenever I get the random counselor glitch the match plays just fine. It’s almost like whatever “resets” everyone in the loading screen resets the servers or something.
  4. Servers are hacked again. It's affecting all platforms.
  5. It’s weird but this evening I can get every so many sessions to work to play out a full match (maybe every 8-10 matches). Didn’t experience this last time the servers were hacked. Anyone else running into this? This is just me joining random QP lobbies.
  6. Same here on Xbox unfortunately. This sucks.
  7. I’ve killed Jason a handful of times since the patch and he’s dropped almost every single time. I don’t have sucker punch equipped either. Sounds like you’re just having a string of bad luck. I’ve had that before where I’ve failed to drop him several times in a row. It happens.
  8. I prefer part 6 with the machete, though I also enjoy playing part 5 with the battle axe.
  9. Technically it's fair game, but I find it incredibly boring and lacking in any talent/skill when that's all they do. Just my opinion.
  10. Did more pocket knives get added to each map with this update? My friend just had a round where they got stabbed with 4 knives and Tommy wasn't called/in the game. I had thought previously there were only 3 knives, then 4 with Tommy's. Anyone else experience this?
  11. Thanks for your quick response @mattshotcha! So going back and reading some of the other posts, my understanding is that once the damage threshold is reached for the mask to come off, then it's basically a roll of the dice whether the mask comes off with each subsequent hit. Is that correct?
  12. A curious finding upon some testing with my friend in a private session. Here's the setup - we wanted to test a -HP Jason and a regular HP Jason with Buggzy using a machete in both combat stance and regular stance (no perks equipped to increase damage dealt out). Our Jasons were part 4 and part 6. Hits to remove the mask on part 4: - Combat stance: 4 - Regular stance: 5 (stunned once) Hits to remove the mask on part 6: - Combat stance: 4 (both with stuns and without stuns) - Regular stance: 6 (stunned twice) // 4 (no stuns) My question is this - are we sure that a stunning hit consistently does the same amount of damage as a non stunning hit? Or perhaps these rules/changes don't carry over into private matches?
  13. Can confirm the random counselor glitch is still a problem post-update.
  14. Whether they award extra XP/CP, it wouldn't make much of a difference to those who have gotten to lvl 150. The XP is meaningless after that and the CP just keeps accruing because there's nothing to spend it on once you get the perks you want. If there was something else to actually spend the CP on, I'd be all for awarding extra points.
  15. They’re both distraction characters. As the above poster said - hit and run. They get plenty of hits with their weapons.
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