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  1. Ahh, okay. I see. Thank you for teaching me something new! Did not realize there was a difference between QP/private matches and combat stance/blocking. Good to know.
  2. Is there any information/stats on how block works in QP versus a private match? As in the damage Jason does/does not take? I didn't realize there was a difference between QP and private matches when it came to blocking. I'd be interested to learn more.
  3. I think this is a great idea. I'd love to see this implemented. Wouldn't count as "new content" I don't think. Just a "rework" similar to the rage change. That way Tommy isn't wasted.
  4. Happy they are focusing on the roof glitches, but I sure wish their priority was fixing the environmental kills they messed up. That impacts my game much more often than the roof glitchers. 😕
  5. I truly appreciate players like you who drop key items for the repair counselors. Drives me crazy when a low repair counselor insists on installing something when a Deb/Eric/AJ, etc. are standing right next to them. However, nothing drives me more mad as a repair counselor than looking for the fuse everywhere and finding out a Buggzy/Vanessa/Tiffany, etc. was holding it the whole match and did nothing with it. If I play those counselors, I give it to a smarter counselor and show them where the box is if I know.
  6. Well I didn’t see anything abnormal like I usually do when it’s glitched....but I was just spectating so it may have looked that way to Jason. I just know they had the prompt to kill but it wouldn’t go through. Looked different than it normally does when he’s struggling to get a glitched counselor.
  7. Is killing someone hiding under a bed glitched now more than before? The last couple sessions I’ve been in the Jason has not been able to get these two counselors hiding underneath beds. I know it glitches sometimes but these Jasons are trying to do the button prompt but their Jason was just twitching without doing the motion. Worked on a bed no one was hiding under. Made me wonder if that was broken now too in addition to environment kills.
  8. Same, aside from a whole lot more glitched kills when Jason. 😒
  9. Agreed on the knives/firecrackers. I wish there was an option to turn off having every counselor with 1-2 knives. Irritating to have to grab them two or three times. I guess it's good practice for shift-grab practice since you have to grab them more than once but still...
  10. A 2 repair is pretty terrible. Sure, some people do well with it with practice, but I wouldn't say it's "pretty easy" for most. She takes a long time to do repairs compared to better repair counselors. My opinion anyhow. Always irritates me when I see a Vanessa installing something when a perfectly suited repair counselor like AJ or Deborah are standing right next to them.
  11. Yeah this is a known glitch. Not sure how they get back there but I had a friend experience it recently. Knives do nothing, it’s like an invisible barrier. I don’t think Jason can get back there. Tried to figure it out in a private match with a friend but no luck.
  12. She can be a very useful counselor. I just hate that a lot of people who use her are cheap and/or trolls. In the right hands she could be a fantastic part runner/distraction. Just doesn’t seem like that’s what most people use her for. I’m neutral on Shelly...sometimes I find a use for him. Don’t typically play him though unless I want to mix it up.
  13. No, I didn’t think to record. I just wondered if that was a thing. Not looking to really report anyone.
  14. Hard to say but I feel like that would not really be adding new content, just “repurposing” existing content as they say. Make the bots a little smarter/challenging. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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