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  1. I want to check out all the fan films, starting with Vorhees, if it's released on time. If I had to choose my 3 least favorite F13 movies, it'd have to be Freddy vs Jason, Part 5, and finally JGTH. BUT make no mistake, I still regard all if them higher than some of the other franchises, obviously excluding Halloween, Scream, and a few others. Cheers and game on, my friends
  2. Let's not forget that both Laurie in Part 2 and Jamie in Part 5 both appealed to Michael and made him hesitate for a second, just like the Pamela sweater stun. That might be useful in a 'Kill Michael' scenario. And since Michael has never run except as a kid (to my knowledge), choosing a Michael would require different abilities for him to utilize. But Michael has been slowed down by guns, knitting pins, hangers, knives, fire, planks, fire extinguisher, truck, fire axe, etc. So there are plenty of weapons that can be utilized against him. I think a Halloween game would be awesome. Cheers and game on, my friends
  3. Agreed. In all actuality, Halloween had plot of Michael Myers trying to kill off his sister and later his niece until the 2018 sequel. The killer has a target and goal and anyone who gets in the way is killed. The original F13 was about a deranged mother avenging the death of her child, followed by her child avenging the death of his mother. Not much in the way of room to stretch the storyline, true, but the plot line does exist. But that's just my take on it.
  4. I tend to avoid going into the shack until I know tommy is in play and on board with a kill attempt. The earlier you grab the sweater, the better chance Jason has of finding and killing you before you and Tommy hook up, especially if he has booby-trapped the shack and you have no PK. However, once tommy has been eliminated, I have used the sweater as an extra defense to give me a chance to escape, and it's worked a few times. But to grab it and hold it when others need it, I suppose it's no different than holding the fuse or keys so no one else can use it, generally frowned upon. But I've played with people who have done far worse than that, so to each their own. Cheers, and game on, my friends
  5. Lol. Deborah Kim became Letty with glasses. I'm pretty sure she was in a swimsuit, too . Game on ,my friend
  6. Right! Any other time they're in limbo. But this time Deborah Kim became Fast N Furious lol
  7. Months ago I was on the Higgins Haven map. About 5 minutes into the match I heard the car start. My first thought was no rush, they always crash into something and get stuck. So I morphed a little further up the road near the wooden bridge and strolled, yes strolled toward the headlights in the distance. Much to my surprise not only did the car not crash onto anything, but Deborah Kim did a neat little loop around me and left me flatfooted and dumbfounded as she drove away to safety, taking two other counselors with her. I learned a major lesson in humility that day lol. Ah well. Game on, my friends
  8. Yes, it's Higgins for me, too, with Packanack and Crystal Lake tied for 2nd and Jarvis for 3rd. I love how they are laid out just like in the movies. In Higgins, I like how the bridges make for a choke point for car escapes, making a successful escape all the more satisfying. But out of all them, I think I've escaped Crystal Lake more than any other. Cheers and game on, my friends
  9. Beyond doubt Kane defined how Jason moved and breathed, like when he turns his head first then follows through with his body. So he will always define Jason Vorhees on any level. Having said that, CJ did an outstanding job with his posture, fast walk, and quick turns of his head to spot a new target. I will also give props to Richard Brooker in that his size and menace broke new ground with Jason and began the trend of the super strength Jason, followed by Ted White. Warrington Gillette brought an adult Jason to the big screen and did an amazing job with his sinister stalking. And the rest of the Jason actors did well in their own rights. But Kane is the iconic and essentialJason and deserves his niche in fandom appreciation
  10. 5 by my count. To be fair, another time was because I let my stepson try it. But even when I lose the mask, Tommy is in, and the sweater has been taken, I still go for the kills. Once I shifted right into a kill squad and by sheer blind luck, grabbed SG before anyone could react and killed her. Twice, though, that tactic backfired and I died. But that's game play and the choices you make. Cheers and game on, my friends
  11. I should also point out that the case file of Ed Geins was also the inspiration for Psycho and influenced Silence of the Lambs. The film about him starred Kane Hodder, who looks nothing like Ed but portrayed him perfectly.
  12. The fascination with horror movies over the years has definitely evolved from being tense from the atmosphere created to simply being outright shocked. The originals like Dracula, Frankenstein, etc were basically entering uncharted territory and set the stage for the later efforts. We can thank Hitchcock for understanding the effect of suspense over gore, and I'm grateful Carpenter was influenced by his examples. I do enjoy the old black and white movies simply because those are the ancestors to what we enjoy today. The Hammer films were another great series with knew how to raise the hairs on your neck. After Halloween and Friday the 13th, the horror movies were all shock and jump at you types, and they most certainly have their place in theaters. With the advanced special effects available today, it was only inevitable that the shock movies would more commonly use them. The originals used what they had at the time and they did well. I notice a recent trend in movies that have returned to the formula of suspense and atmosphere over gory effects, and I'm grateful for that. People like to be scared, and both types serve that need quite well. Also, Texas Chainsaw was influenced by Ed Geins story, which is another point. Today's movies have more history to use as source material, so the story lines can be more diverse and original. The zombie craze was indeed started by Night of the Living Dead, and I think it was far superior to the sequels that relied on gory zombie munching than plot and suspense. I hope I didn't bore you with this. Cheers and game on, my friends
  13. I always assumed she got them from the police evidence locker or something like that since she is the sheriff's daughter.
  14. I would vote for Ali the biker or Sgt. Brosky. Both of them would be bad ass
  15. My personal favorite will always be the 1978 original. I understand Rob Zombies desire to put a fresh take on the story and thought his version involving Michaels childhood put a different spin on his background. However, while I did enjoy the 2018 version, I preferred the plot of attempting to kill his sister to be far more sinister. To me, it creates the atmosphere that she will never be safe until he is dead and gone forever. He will always have a target and those who get in his way are in mortal danger, even if he consistently botching the job of killing his sister and niece. In addition, the Samhain story also loosely ties in Season of the Witch, with Michael being another form of the ancient evil that Cochran was putting in his masks. The 2018 version shows that Michael has targeted Laurie and will always pursue her, but I would prefer a simpler explanation as to why, otherwise at any point he can pull a Jason and just start killing everyone he sees like he did in Resurrection. Also, in 1978, the film was based on suspense and atmosphere and didn't require a high body count. 2018 followed a formula closer to Part 4 Return of Michael Myers. Enjoyable to be sure. And finally, the Zombie version was more like a Devils Reject and was far too profane to make it an actual remake. It would show how a dysfunctional family setting could create a serial killer, but not one of Michaels caliber. Cheers and game on, my friends
  16. People who leave the lobby before the match even starts or within 30 seconds of game start. Jason teamers or those who play Tommy and do nothing. I also get annoyed with players who lead Jason to me and then run off instead of helping me fight him off. Players who take the car after I died fixing it and then just joyriding around instead of escaping. And finally, the bad luck of spawning next to the fuse box and running into Jason before I've had a chance to do anything useful. But that one I chalk up to bad luck. Game on ,my friends
  17. They did bring Tommy Doyle back as a hero, played by Paul Rudd in his big screen debut in Part 6, Curse of Michael Myers. Although it wasn't the best film in the franchise, the formula involved with him being obsessed with Michael worked very well. So with that in mind, bringing the original Tommy Doyle back for the upcoming sequels where Laurie has an equally obsessed ally would be a great plot line. It's a pity there isn't any real way to introduce a new menacing villain in Halloween like the idea of the evil infecting another person like they teased at the end of Part 4. But since those entries are void for the Blumhouse sequels, I have nothing more to say about those. Cheers
  18. I agree. His traps are dangerous at first and his knives will slow you down, but the longer the match goes the better your chances of survival. Part 6 is a good starter, though
  19. I've said it before and I'll say it every time. Part 9 Jason is definitely my kryponite. As fearsome as Savini Jason is, and as powerful as Part 4 is, Part 9 is the most dangerous to me. I groan every time I see his bulbous, tumorous head lol. Ah, well. Game on, my friends
  20. Love the Halloween movies as much as Friday the 13th. A game similar to Friday the 13th centered around Halloween would be awesome. There are enough mask variations to play different Michael Myers and enough background settings. Game on, my friends
  21. When you think about it, that would be Jason's ideal scenario. Kill someone, put them in the machine, fix them up, and kill them again. He'd have an endless cycle of killing
  22. That's the way to play, no doubt about it. There's been several times I've been killed sitting idly waitingfor a counselor to hop out of a cabin and run to the car, then jason appears and pulls me out of the drivers seat. A couple of times the other counselor will hit jason to free me, and a couple of times they drive off while jason is punching my head off. Lol. Sacrifice. Ah, well. Game on, my friends
  23. I agree completely. I use Deborah all the time and repair whatever I can in the time I have. If the car or phone box is trapped and I don't have a PK, then I drop the repair item right there and go search for one or another item. I've played many a match where I've fixed a car and watched it disappear off into the distance, being left behind to suffer the wrath of Jason. And ironically (or not, depending on your point of view), it's usually a Vanessa player who hoards the keys, waits for the car to be fixed, and takes off in it. Again, though, that's usually the player running her, not Vanessa herself. And I did my part, so I'm good. Game on, my friends
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