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  1. I'd have to say Shelly over the rest, with no disrespect meant for those who main him. Every time I've had to play him because of the random selection, i usually last about 2 minutes. Every other counselor I've played lasted longer. Granted, my game play has to adjust to each counselor, but even so Shelly just doesn't work for me. To each their own. Cheers, and game on, my friends
  2. Thanks, bro. And you're right about building each other up. I'm an old school gamer who played team games like xbox Conflict DesertStorm when the best feeling came when your team worked together and completed the mission. Although F13 is more or less a different genre, theres a place for the team building environment here. It's a whole lot better than snarling at each other
  3. I always viewed shift as a video game way to make real Jason's movie ability to catch up to his fleeing victims, whether you chalk it up to superhuman ability or his backwoods knowledge of the terrain to find shortcuts. But I will say that without shift, stopping an escaping car is very difficult if not near impossible. Plus Vanessa would be literally able to jog, pause, rest, and jog out of reach again for the entire match, making chasing her an exercise in futility. If you remove shift, then you will need to slow down the counselors as well. Just my humble opinion. Cheers and game on, my friends
  4. I've said it before, but I would like to see Part 9 Jason possess counselor bodies as one of his weapon kills.
  5. Someway to spray the gas over Jason and set him on fire with the flare gun
  6. World needs more sportsmanship like that and not the hostility generated these days. I miss the days of system linking 2 tvs and 2 xbox consoles together and having eight friends duke it out on halo ce all night long. Sure, venon came out, but at the end we split pizzas and laughed it out. No one does that anymore
  7. Although I prefer Part 2 myself, I've noticed the vast majority of Jasons I've encountered are Part 3 and Part 7. It's also odd that I hardly ever see any Part 4 Jasons anymore, maybe one in ten or so.
  8. I actually have 3 in mind. The first and foremost is the punk kid in Part 5 who had a road flare shoved into his mouth. The second is Shelley in Part 3 who had his throat slit but it took him a long time to bleed out and die, especially when he could have gotten help from Chili had she realized his wound was not a prank in time. And finally I go with Derek, also from Part 3, who had his head squeezed, which caused his eyeball to pop out. Just my opinion. Cheers
  9. Your logic and reasoning is right on the money. I don't think there is anyone on this forum or a fan of F13 that isn't itching for this lawsuit to be over and F13 move forward. Any news and/or rumors are welcome at this point, either fact or fiction. We are all brothers of the machete here, and united in the hope for future content. That is where our energy should be focused on. Cheers, and game on, my friends
  10. Totally agree. Believe it or not, I still have working consoles of Nintendo, Playstation, and xbox. One of the games that still works from time to time is the NES version of F13. Goofy and crude by today's standards, sure, but awesome for back then. And I played that one simply because it's an F13 game. Sometimes it's not about achievements, points, or power ups. It's simply because you have fun playing it. So I agree with you about being deaf to the critics. Just enjoy the game. That's what matters in the end. Cheers, and game on, my friends
  11. I've been a gamer back since Atari first gave me Pac Man and Asteroids. From there I moved on to Nintendo and beyond with Sega genesis, Playstation, Xbox, Xbox 360, and finally Xbox one, plating countless hours of electronic fun. Halo, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Conflict games, Gauntlet, Star Wars Battlefront, and others have been my favorites. But lately I've been focused on F13 simply because I love playing for the chance to survive the night. I'm also an avid movie buff and I've watched all the F13 and Halloween movies enough times to quote them, along with others. Playing F13 gave me the chance to experience what would happen in my favorite horror movie franchise. Escaping in the car, boat or to the police gave me a sense of achievement like no other game. I probably can't explain it fully, but I love it and will always be grateful for this game and it's appeal. It's what makes it easy for me to ignore the toxic players and keep going. In a way, dealing with the toxic online elements is like dealing with Mr. Voorhees. So yes, I do love this game and will continue to play. Cheers and game on, my friends
  12. This past weekend aside, there are still plenty of matches to get into and good lobbies out there. Good hunting and game on
  13. Had one last night where as Deborah I put the battery in just as Kenny comes running up with the gas can. I'm like sweet, all we need is the keys and we're off. The odds of him having the keys were slim, so I went off in search of them. I was expecting any minute to see the Car Repaired signal but nothing. Then I realized Kenny was following me so I went back to the car. At first I thought he was a noob and needed a hint, but then he dropped firecrackers. It hit me then...God damn teamer. Then Tommy comes running up and I could tell he was trying to signal for Kenny to put gas in. Kenny just stood there so I left in search of anything else useful. Tommy comes with me, and of course Jason joins the party with Kenny following him. Tommy and I jump into a cabin I had already booby trapped, but Kenny comes in too and, disables the trap, and opens the door. Tommy and I keep running with those two in pursuit. Tommy used his shotgun to free me from Jason's grab, and I drop my bat for him while I grab a wrench. We keep this up for as long as possible, freeing each other while Kenny kept trying ro get between us. Finally, all knives, weapons and sprays used up, Jason kills me first before tommy can save me. As Jason grabs Tommy for the final kill, Kenny drops not only the gas can, but the keys and the fuse. He had them all along. Long story short (too late), I hate teamers
  14. It's a good topic. I've pondered who is not only the hottest final girl, but who is the hottest one who bought the farm. But there are way too many candidates for that one lol
  15. As a rule, I generally don't intermix online while playing. Instead I keep to myself and play the game as it unfolds before me, survive or die. If I make contact with another player using flashlight signals and emotes, and we come up with a game plan, then I will play it out. The other night this kid inboxes me while he is tommy and wants to kill jason. Okey doke. We grab the sweater, catch Jason between us, and bury the axe in his head. Thumbs up all around. Then he invites me to his party. Mind you I don't use a headset but I can still hear him talking, we die the next round but kill Jason again on the third game. The fourth game we try again. It's a Savini Jason and other members of the lobby are pack hunting. Okay, whatever, so I go off on my own to grab the sweater and come back to do my part while they're all swarming on Jason. Of course, Jason gets away from his attackers and comes after me, keeping between me and the others like a smart player would do. All I hear is the other members of the lobby calling me stupid and useless for not getting to them while I'm running for my life. Of course Jason kills me then proceeds to wreak havoc on the rest. Next thing I know I'm getting hateful inbox messages, some of which had to be censored by xbox. I know the online community can be rough, but damn. As fate would have it, I come back as Tommy and try to help, but by then they're all dead. I play out the rest of the match but die since no objectives were completed. And all I can hear is the hate directed at me. Of course I leave the party, shaking my head, but there are times I wish I could reach through the system and grab the little toxic maggots by the throat. It was a good reminder why I make it a rule to keep to myself. Still love the game, though. Silence is golden. Cheers and game on, my friends
  16. Fireplace is easiest and has never glitched for me. Also the butcher knife on the toolbox
  17. As a counselor, it gives you a second chance at life lol. As Jason, it is cause for swearing worthy of a drunken Irish sailor.
  18. Now that would be a movie worth watching
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