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  1. I always thought it was funny, even if I'm jason watching them escape. If you escape you deserve a little victory dance
  2. I like it. Gives you that sense of urgency in not only finding a knife but to find Jason's shack and deliver it
  3. This might be a corny idea, but what about a cursed object scavenger hunt like in the little known, hardly related except in title tv series? Every item is cursed and you must being them to Jason's shack as the vault. You could that free for all or as teams. Last team or player to complete the list gets killed
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing a guitar used as a weapon in an environmental kill like in Part 8
  5. Pinehurst is not my favorite, but it's ironic that I've survived the night there as much as I've died. The only frustrating thing about Pinehurst is that everyone seems to quit it within the first 30 seconds, leaving a half lobby before any objectives can be completed. I like the jarvis map simply because you do have room to move around for a while
  6. Yeah, I've done it. I smashed the car while it had 2 counselors trapped in a cabin, who thought I was in league with them until I killed both occupants of the car and morphed away to give them a fighting chance. No one could believe it. Having been one of those victimized by bad counselors, I felt it my duty to put them in their place
  7. Third. I understand the frustration with the glitches; cussing at the tv when they happen gIves me headaches. But in spite of all that, the game is still loads of fun to play and worth it. Believe me, if you remember original Nintendo with the flashing light, then these glitches aren't really all that bad. Cheers and game on, my friends
  8. I'm picturing A.J. or Deborah Kim smashing the car or throwing a counselor through a window wearing a bathing suit lol
  9. Not at all. The more input, the better. I'm just glad you put some serious thought into how it could work. Great things happen from taking ideas and molding them. Game on, my friend
  10. How cool would it be if Part 9 Jason had the ability of possessing instead of killing a counselor and taking his/her skin? Jason would continue on with all the abilities but look like the counselor he took. His music would still play as he nears another but you wouldn't know who he is, especially if he takes an isolated counselor and joins a group. You wouldn't know which counselor he's in until he attacks another. I think that would add a serious edge of suspense to game play. Game on, my friends
  11. I'm gonna have to say Kenny. An average guy, jack of all trades and master of none. Easily forgotten but there when you need anything.
  12. I've done it trying to find an environmental kill. I've had it done to me by one Jason as payback for the Flip-off emote as he stomped toward me. He was like, 'Flip me off, will you?' I responded with 'Spin me around and kill me, will you? Oh, wait, you did.' We had a chuckle over it
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