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  1. As a rule, I generally don't intermix online while playing. Instead I keep to myself and play the game as it unfolds before me, survive or die. If I make contact with another player using flashlight signals and emotes, and we come up with a game plan, then I will play it out. The other night this kid inboxes me while he is tommy and wants to kill jason. Okey doke. We grab the sweater, catch Jason between us, and bury the axe in his head. Thumbs up all around. Then he invites me to his party. Mind you I don't use a headset but I can still hear him talking, we die the next round but kill Jason again on the third game. The fourth game we try again. It's a Savini Jason and other members of the lobby are pack hunting. Okay, whatever, so I go off on my own to grab the sweater and come back to do my part while they're all swarming on Jason. Of course, Jason gets away from his attackers and comes after me, keeping between me and the others like a smart player would do. All I hear is the other members of the lobby calling me stupid and useless for not getting to them while I'm running for my life. Of course Jason kills me then proceeds to wreak havoc on the rest. Next thing I know I'm getting hateful inbox messages, some of which had to be censored by xbox. I know the online community can be rough, but damn. As fate would have it, I come back as Tommy and try to help, but by then they're all dead. I play out the rest of the match but die since no objectives were completed. And all I can hear is the hate directed at me. Of course I leave the party, shaking my head, but there are times I wish I could reach through the system and grab the little toxic maggots by the throat. It was a good reminder why I make it a rule to keep to myself. Still love the game, though. Silence is golden. Cheers and game on, my friends
  2. Fireplace is easiest and has never glitched for me. Also the butcher knife on the toolbox
  3. As a counselor, it gives you a second chance at life lol. As Jason, it is cause for swearing worthy of a drunken Irish sailor.
  4. Now that would be a movie worth watching
  5. Totally agree. I just want to see those cannibals get their asses handed to them by someone bigger, badder, and meaner
  6. Quite right. Not to mention having a map that automatically tells you where the other counselors are at any moment and repair items as well
  7. Lol. I'm there with you. I main Deb as well and the repair badges were quickly knocked out. Trapping jason was easy when you place the trap outside the cabin door and he has no choice but to step into it if he wants to break the door. All other badges are coming along but the boat escape will take a while. Cheers and game on, my friend
  8. I had one a couple of weeks ago when I started destroying power boxes, laying my traps and ignoring the counselors until I finished that task. It seemed at first things were going wrong because one of the cars was already fixed by the time I was done and both traps I set by the fuse box had been tripped. I destroyed the fuse box again but couldn't lay another trap. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by 2 Vanessas, a Bugsy, and an Adam with a Chad on the way. While duking it out with them mama calls saying someone was in the shack. I had to decide whether to go to the shack and let them call the cops or stay where I was and trade blows. I lost my mask (sack), the sweater was taken, and I couldn't check the lineup to see if Tommy was in. Every time I grabbed a counselor I left myself open for a bat to the head. I really didn't want to just start swinging wildly and then I hear the car start. I morphed to the car and stopped it, killed the AJ that was driving it, then I hear the cops were called. Lo and behold, who should I run into on the way back but Fox wearing the sweater. Caught her off guard while she was heading to join the fuse box squad. Killed her, breathed a quick sigh of relief, and morphed back to the gang, who apparently thought I gave up because I shifted right into their midst and killed a Vanessa before they could react. Taking a few more stun hits, I kept after them, caught Chad in a trap, killed him, morphed back to the car just as the other Vanessa tried to drive off. Caused her to drive off the road and get stuck. Just then Bugsy tries a hit from behind,he missed and I smacked his head into a fence post. Vanessa runs off but she hurts herself climbing through a broken window. Caught her while she was spraying herself and hung her on the wall. Morphed to Adam who was dancing on the road and thought he was clear. Took a PK but chased him down and can opened his head. Just then Rage kicks in. But no Tommy amd no survivors. Mommy was proud of me. Cheers and game on, my friends
  9. Lol. I think you represent the majority of us when you say you'd make fighting Jason the very last desperate resort. And as the movies will show us, it almost always turns out badly. So yes, escape would be the first thought on anyone's mind
  10. That's a really good point. Besides, how many times have we seen in the movies where Jason knowingly wades into a bunch of armed people to do battle? Jason goes to hell is the obvious exception since there's no SWAT team in the game? So most of the protagonists usually take him on alone or in pairs
  11. I prefer to remain silent and anonymous, especially if there's teaming. I will just finish the match, collect my points, and leave the lobby. Every so often I will get an inbox message. If it's a teaming with Jason message I will ignore it. If it's someone trying to reach out to work together to escape or kill jason, then it's game on. At that point we usually don't have to message further because by then we are on the same page. I like the game play better that way because for me it recreates the atmosphere of actually being trapped with Jason and overcoming obstacles to escape. Or I will die. But that's kinda the spirit of the game to me. Cheers and game on, my friends
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