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  1. I was probably the Jason they killed in their previous match. I had one kill 2 minutes into the match when momma starting calling that they're at the shack despite the 2 traps I left there. I arrived and chased them all off before they looped back and went back for it. After that I was surrounded by 5 of them and no amount of hackING was working. Everyone one got crippled they'd limp away and another got in my way. Didn't give up and run away like discretion would demand, but waded into them until they killed me. Ah, well. Game on, my friends
  2. Agreed. I also like the isolation and the challenge of trying to communicate with other players via flashlight and emotes. For me it adds to the spirit of the game
  3. Heard that. That's why I don't use a headset. I just play and keep to myself
  4. You and me both, bro! It took me forever to go up to my grandfather's farm after seeing that movie. Still as good as ever
  5. Dark Night of the Scarecrow - 1981. Another great classic from the 80s
  6. I loved both those movies. The original was aboit as scary as they come
  7. Rock on. I'm glad you liked them
  8. The Woman in Black, Ghost Ship, John Carpenter's The Thing, Grave Encounters
  9. Also, I'm sure you already have, but if you haven't I recommend both versions of The Fog. I like them both. I just watched Hell Fest and it was pretty good, too
  10. If you haven't seen Trick R Treat, that's a good one. I also recommend a movie called Malevolence. Lesser known movies, but pretty good ones. I have more suggestions if you want
  11. How cool would a matchup be if our boy Jason entered into Wrong Turn territory? Those mutant cannibals at first would think a single victim would be easy pickings, only for them to realize they've bitten off more than they can chew when they mess with the wrong guy? To have Jason take on a whole mutant clan and send them packing would be a movie worth watching
  12. I vote for Part 6. Not just the script, but I think it had one of the funniest moments when the little guy shot Jason with a paintball gun after Jason killed 3 with one blow. Overall, I like all the movies with Freddy vs Jason coming in last.
  13. R.I.P. Sid. Not just Captain Spaulding, but a very long career including a remake of Night of the Living Dead. He will be missed
  14. This is a solid reason why I play solo and without a headset. I prefer the randomNess of making my way around the map and attempting to achieve objectives, either by chance or plan. The few times I actually did kill Jason were usually pure luck. Cheers and game on, my friends
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