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  1. One Jason would have to be Roy. It has possibilities and it would different to play as Jason with someone watching your back. Or have the 2 Jasons compete for kills. Interesting thought for sure. Cheers and game on, my friends
  2. Exactly right! The first thing he did when he took on Halloween, known as the Babysitter Murders originally, was that his name is with the title. The man is no fool and I have no doubt he'd see the marketing potential of a Halloween console game.
  3. It would be interesting to contemplate. Enough mask variations, settings that would include Smith's Grove, Haddonfield Memorial, various homes around Haddonfield, etc. Get John Carpenter to sign off and zero legal battles. The only problem would be Michael never ran, but he did drive. Vintage butcher knife, hammer, scalpel, gardening tools as his weapons. It would be something to see, before the trolls kick in. Cheers and game on, my friends
  4. I agree. If you spawn next to the fuse box, it's a pretty good chance you're right by Jason's first target. You might get lucky and have a Jason who ignores counselors at first, or you might get one who will take the time to chase after you and leave you with no time to search. Or you might spawn in BFE, find a shotgun and PK quickly, and have time to get your mojo going. Strictly a roll of the dice. Cheers and game on, my friends
  5. That just means you have to earn your badge credits game per game. It's actually better that way in my opinion. Cheers and game on my friends
  6. Yep. Had it happen to me earlier this week. FireKiller was apparently offended I trapped all the objectives and called me all kinds of names. I finally told him to get a life and then I got blocked. Another satisfied customer
  7. I just had a game where I did my usual trap setting before I began to hunt. Naturally, several got tripped because I laid seven traps and there are only 4 pks. I play to Part 2's main strength and asset. Before the match was over, and for a while afterward, I had someone calling himself FireKiller sending me inboxes, calling me a nerd for trapping every objective. I didn't return fire but he kept calling me toxic, no life and a fat basement man. I'm just curious as to your opinions concerning trapping, excessive or otherwise.
  8. Jason or counselor, I will let fate decide, or at least the computer lol
  9. I had one last year where I heard the car starting so I strolled, yes, strolled up the road where I fully expected to either smash it or find it stuck alongside the road. But even as I took my time, whistling to myself, I could only watch dumbfounded as Deborah swerved around me through trees and left me flatfooted on the road while she cruised to safety, taking 2 other counselors with her. Only happened once, but I was in awe lol. Taught me a lesson that day. Cheers, and game on, my friends
  10. I voted repair mostly because I main Deb and I'm used to fixing the car, boat, or fuse, sometimes with Jason bearing down on me. I know I've irritated more than a few Jasons by putting gas or the battery in while he's hurrying to get there and kill me, only to have me finish and run off before he gets there. Granted that I've died a lot in the inevitable chase, but I did my part. Cheers and game on, my friends
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