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  1. Not only is Kane a great stuntman, but his portrayal of Ed Geins was an incredible display of talent. Whether he's behind the mask or not, he is a talented actor. I will always have respect for the man and his abilities. I would like to see him in a few diverse roles, comedy maybe, but I think he does quite well
  2. I love the Flip Off emote and the Yawn. I'm glad they're in the game
  3. This one cracks me up. If Jason fails to kill the counselor inside before they get out, he is trapped in the cabin and used up his shift. That one is a gamble
  4. I don't understand the animosity toward Kane. Growing up watching these movies, I thought they all did a great job bringing Jason Vorhees to the screen. However, it really wasn't until Kane took the role that I truly noticed how menacing his movements were. I thought his absence in Freddy vs Jason and the reboot was a travesty and was glad to see they used him for the game motion captures. I will give them all their due praise, but Kane Hodder deserves his niche as the face behind the hockey mask.
  5. I'm in the distinct minority in voting for Part 2. His quick morph and 7 traps are the utmost in objective control, plus running ability. While he has a glass jaw, that to me is more than compensated for with his morph. Part 8 and Part 3 are strong seconds. I groan a little when I am a counselor and I face either Part 8 or Part 9. I used to be wary of Part 4 but now I know his major weaknesses are easily exploited, unless you're the last survivor. Cheers and game on, my friends
  6. To me, giving Jason the bird right before he kills you is the best way to die in style. I will do that everytime instead of rage quitting like a spoiled brat
  7. True that. The other night I spent manhood w minutes chasing over Tiffany who kept managing to avoid being killed and stalled for as long as possible. Up to the point where she rage quit before I could kill her, I had the utmost respect for her determination, even if she kept dancing and showboating after jumping through a window. Then she quit just before the killing grab and I lost all respect for her. They can dish it out, but they sure can't take it,
  8. I completely understand. That's exactly why I don't join parties I don't know. Last time I did all I got was toxicity. I prefer simple QP and let the game unfold, survive or die.
  9. This is one of several reasons I don't use a mic. While the toxic players are outnumbered by the normal, they make themselves heard or known far more. When he couldn't reach me over the mic, a toxic player had to inbox me to bash me for being really good at trapping. However, I've also had inboxes from some really cool players too so to me it balances out. Mostly. There have been times all I've wanted to do to reach through the screen and throttle the mouthy little bastards. Cheers and game on, my friends
  10. Everyone probably takes a break from the game from time to time, but all it takes is one viewing of one of the movies or even a trailer for the upcoming Halloween movie and BAM! You gotta fire it up and get some killing (or escaping) in. It happens all the time for me with Halo, Resident Evil, Star Wars Battlefront, and of course, Friday the 13th. You can try to fight it, but in the end...the thirst always wins. Cheers and game on, my friends
  11. I can see easing them into the role so they can get comfortable being Jason, but it's also important they get used to the kill squads or just an experienced lobby. Trial by fire
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