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  1. Some circumstances I can see. If you had a choice to go after Deb or Chad, I would ignore Chad at first and go after Deb. I think repair counselors are highest priority, and that sucks for me because I main Deb for that reason. Deb, Lachappa, AJ, Fox, and Adam are my omega priorities. I will ignore Vanessa, Bugsy, and Chad unless they do something stupid like walk into my fist. Tiffany is usually a target of opportunity. So to those that don't know how I play, I can understand why they think I'm teaming. I hate killing Deb, but it's nothing personal. You have to harden your heart to it, or you can watch the taillights fade in the distance. And I trap the shack, plus mama will let me know if someone's raiding her wardrobe, so the noisy counselors can wait. Yes, that line of thinking has bitten me in the ass, true, but overall I've had more success with it. Cheers and game on, my friends
  2. Friday the 13th...Death to the Trolls
  3. Thanks, buddy. That's awesome to get the best of th e teamers
  4. It's almost always Vanessa, but one teamer incident stands out where the teamer was Lachappa in the 2 seater killing off the lobby. Since I don't use a mike, no one was able to warn me as he came bearing down me. Fortunately, my spidey sense told me something was wrong when he pointed the car straight at me, blasting the horn. I put a tree between us and watched as he crashed mere feet away from me. My dilemma was that even if he couldn't get to me, he could warn his buddy Jason as to where I was. One problem was solved when he got the car stuck, so I danced in his headlights, gave him the bird and a bow, and took off. When I looked back, I almost split my sides laughing as Jason showed up and tried to help him get the car free by punching it. I guess Jason still had some learning to do concerning roadside service. While those 2 ass hats were occupied with the car, the cops showed up, and I met with the other surviving counselor who called them, and we escaped. Cheers and game on, my friends
  5. Totally agree. I hope I didnt imply otherwise. Just saying your advice was thorough. Hell, I took a few pointers from it lol
  6. I was to offer up advice but anything I would say pales compared to the above advice by HaHaTrumpWon. The only thing I would add is to use your Sense sparingly. Flip it on to spot targets and shut it off again to let it recharge quicker and save it for when you're chasing a counselor in the dark. There's nothing worse than losing a counselor right in front of you.
  7. One trick I use to is rotate your POV to see behind you as a counselor comes up to hit you from behind. More often than not, if you time it right, turn and grab them, the counselor who was in front of you counting on keeping you focused on them and making a blindside hit easy is not ready to suddenly have to go rescue their partner and doesnt react in time. But the advice above is also more than effective, so practice makes for an good killer. Cheers and game on, my friends
  8. This is so true. I hate it every time I've run someone over while trying to escape, but I will never feel bad for running over someone deliberately blocking you. The first few times it's happened to me, I got out of the car and went looking for another escape while they took the car, but then I thought why should they capitalize on my efforts to fix the car and escape while they waited for me to finish? So I decided then and there if someone is asshole enough to stand in front of the car, either to try to get the car or to help Jason, then its hood ornament time and XP be damned. If I have an empty seat in the car, they are more than welcome to hop in. But otherwise, eat bumper. Cheers and game on, my friends
  9. I might have gone for a grab on AJ and threw her out the window to mix it up a bit. But 8 for 8 says it all, and it's hard to argue with success. That Chad a troll, through and through. I commend you for not rage quitting and seeing it through to the end. He deserved a slower death, to be sure. Well done.
  10. Everyone escaped in what had to have been a new record for quickest escapes by entire lobby
  11. I prefer grab kills and to mix it up. Slashing is only one of Jason's many tools and far too common. It would be like playing Halo using the assault rifle only. The grab kills are more fun and give the counselor a small chance to break free, adding to the survival genre of the game. If you have a Jason that only swings at you like a farmer hurrying to beat bad weather, it tends to remove that aspect. But to each their own. Cheers, and game on, my friends
  12. Part 2. Running ability and a lot of traps, plus high morph. Glass jaw but manageable.
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