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  1. Does anyone want to try out for a team on Xbox?
  2. You get points on what you do as a counselor and the Jason. One team sends their Jason to face another teams counselor and vice versa. Pretty fun and adds a competitive feel for the game.
  3. Currently looking for players to expand our roster on Xbox 1. My Xbox name is Ah Doritos. We played a double roulette tournament last weekend and finished second, so we are looking forward to the season and hope to finish as champions. Feel free to message me on here or Xbox!
  4. Has anyone ever compared the damage resistance of a 19% Thick Skin and a 20% Thick Skin? Do you get an extra + Weapon Strength slash or an extra block or something?
  5. Lol thank you, it's my xbox name. I guess I'll explain what happened so it will knock a few steps out for the solution. I was grinding up my PS4 account since it was x2 exp and CP. After I finished a match, my counselors were locked and I noticed I was level 0. So I hopped in a game to see if it would go back to normal once it finished and it didn't. I was like no biggie, I'll just farm CP on my xbox, should be easy since i'm level 150. I hopped in a game, still saying i'm 150. Finished the game and it hit me with that fat 0. Checked my perks, tapes, and badges. Still have my badges, but everything else was gone. Went to bed heated because I collect perfect perks and that's a real pain. Woke up and checked and the only things that came back were my perks, and it said I was 101. So that's the story, I'll reiterate and say that PS4 account seems to be working fine.
  6. Hey, I'm new here. I play the game on PS4 and Xbox1.
  7. My PS4 account seems fine now, but my Xbox 1 account still says i am level 101. I was level 150....
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