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  1. Uhhh I don’t think I was the Mitch you ran over last match.
  2. Haha thanks for the apology but it’s not necessary. I don’t take anything in game personally man,we’re in the heat of battle lol. I think Mitch might be my new counselor, I like his speed and his stoner ways. I’m always online so hit me up whenever you’re on.
  3. I tried playing it. Couldn’t get into it for some reason. Maybe too realistic for my liking.
  4. I like the stealth third person games. Metal gear solid and Assassins creed games. The uncharted series was also one of my favs. But I’ll play any genre if it has a captivating story.
  5. Not really, just around my neighborhood. I try to avoid the busy streets cause of all the traffic and craziness.
  6. Another good outlet for me is exercise. Getting those “feel good chemicals” in the brain called endorphins. I like cycling outdoors for the most part. A lot easier and less strenuous on the body than running. More enjoyable too imo.
  7. The way you describe the game makes it seem so enticing, I might have to check that one out. I heard there’s only one enemy in the game (the alien) which makes it...slow. I’m not a big fan of first person, that’s just me. Prey however, broke the mold for me when it came to FPS. The atmosphere, gameplay, and story were all 👍. I just finished playing the Hitman complete season and it was pretty cool creeping around and having the freedom to finish your target in many creative ways.
  8. What are you guys playing currently or are planning to play? I have a lot of free time on my hands and need some suggestions. Recently, I’ve been playing Sniper elite 4 and Prey on PS4 both of which are surprisingly enjoyable. Anyone play the new days gone game? I’ve been looking forward to it but heard a lot of mixed things.
  9. Sometimes I’m sitting at home, bored, not on my PS4 and I start thinking. Thinking about all the negative stuff I been through (hardships, dramas, etc..) and then Wham, I get fixated on something or someone in my past which brings up a lot of emotion. Someone who I was talking with called it the “anger train”. Once you get on this “train” it’s hard to get off or stop thinking. Usually an hour of good gaming helps...usually lol. Anybody else ever been on this “train”? What do you do to stop it?
  10. Hell yea. The real world sucks sometimes...
  11. I guess they fixed it early this morning cause I’m able to login now. Sweet
  12. By the way, for anyone who has the same problem as me, the email I contacted them at was CONTACT@FEARTHEGUN.COM. They were surprisingly quick in resolving my issue. 👍👍
  13. Hey sorry about the late response, haven’t checked in in a while. So I finally got my progress back by talking to someone at GUN directly through email. By progress I mean level and characters (no badges, tapes, perks). But to make up for it, they gave me 15,000 points so I was able to recover some perks. But what I like about Part 2 mostly is the amount of traps you get, his ability to run, and his shift is a lot slower which makes it easier for me to get the choke at the end of it. I like Debrah mostly cause of her repair speed and she just “feels right” lol.
  14. Do you think this could be the work of hackers? Someone who’s got a vendetta against us or the developers. That would be crazy
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