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  1. I made sure to equip perks on all consulars just in case I get the random bug
  2. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen that or is it just me being crazy
  3. I’ve noticed a huge uptick in people leaving early to mid game. I was Jason today and had a full lobby. One or two dropped off after loading in (not unusual) then everyone but one left within 4 minutes. Only got one kill 😢
  4. Ok, cool. I’ll look at it
  5. Thank you for the club invites. I’ll think about it. I don’t know if I can commit to group activities. I tend to play in spurts. If they made the XP double or more all the time, I would play more. It just is hard to play a lot when progress takes so long.
  6. Michael would be great, and the game wouldn’t need to be changed too much to make it work
  7. Hi all, it was suggested I make an introductory post, so here we go I’m Shainto (Josh irl). Been playing the game for a bit over a year. I’m around lvl 65 (got over 10 levels last weekend, woot). I play on Xbox. I’ve read the forums since I started playing, but didn’t feel like I had much to add to the conversation. I’m a big 80s slasher fan, just took my 15 yo daughter thru all Freddy and Jason movies. Michael is next. I tend to be a lone wolf in game, but I focus on repairs and always try to bring teammates with me when I escape. If you see me in game, I’m sorry I don’t usually do voice. I like to play YouTube videos while I game and I don’t want to annoy everyone with an open mic. I hope that is a good intro post edit: favorite Jason is either part 4 or savini favorite counselor is AJ, though Debbie is close second
  8. Sorry for doing two posts in a row, it was two different games, so I thought it would be ok. I’ve been a long time reader of the forums, just didn’t have much to add to the conversation till this post. Plus I had the day to myself and felt like joining in. Overall, I think the Xbox community is better than when I started playing a year ago
  9. And now a Jason flipping cars with knives and breaking doors with one hit at Game start
  10. Really wish I could name and shame. Just had someone intentionally standing in front of the car as I was trying to get away. Freaking annoying
  11. The Xbox community isn’t quite as bad. I played all day yesterday and only encountered one teamer and no glitchers. They do still happen, but not as much as other platforms I think.
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