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  1. Would love a double or more XP event for this weekend. I’m only 4 levels from 113
  2. @mattshotcha ran into a new bug on Xbox last night. Pulled people out of the car multiple times and couldn’t execute any kills. They just break my grasp. It happened at least 5 times in the same game. I did kill them all anyway, but was way annoying
  3. He talked about it on tales from the stream today on twitch/mixer
  4. Matt announced that a new patch should be out next week to fix the new issues caused by the patch.
  5. I do agree the grind is pretty high. I always hit the game hard during increased xp events
  6. @mattshotcha Played a game on Higgins haven last night. I killed everyone but tommy, who was somewhere in the big brown house. I destroyed everything, searched the entire place place inside and out. I could hear him yell whenever I went into the main room near the spiral staircase. Possible glitcher.
  7. I made sure to equip perks on all consulars just in case I get the random bug
  8. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen that or is it just me being crazy
  9. I’ve noticed a huge uptick in people leaving early to mid game. I was Jason today and had a full lobby. One or two dropped off after loading in (not unusual) then everyone but one left within 4 minutes. Only got one kill 😢
  10. Ok, cool. I’ll look at it
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