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  1. I have Savini and love playing as him. I think everyone should have the chance.
  2. I do really hate that packnack small gets picked so much. I quit out of lobbies if I see it chosen on purpose
  3. I like the rage buff. I still usually fix things and escape as a councilor. It just made it a more fun time as Jason... was so sick of players smacking me and teabaging. This way, I don’t mind getting it; if you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine lol
  4. I think they should just leave on double xp. The grind is too slow without it.
  5. That’s really disappointing. I thought patches would come out faster with the new company involved. Especially the car/knife and environment kill issues are really crappy btw, can an admin change the title from weed to weeks please?
  6. I missed the stream earlier this week. Anything interesting?
  7. Your job as Jason is to kill them all, anyway you see fit (not counting glitches). Be one with the dark side, let their hate flow thru you, Darth Jason
  8. Would love a double or more XP event for this weekend. I’m only 4 levels from 113
  9. @mattshotcha ran into a new bug on Xbox last night. Pulled people out of the car multiple times and couldn’t execute any kills. They just break my grasp. It happened at least 5 times in the same game. I did kill them all anyway, but was way annoying
  10. He talked about it on tales from the stream today on twitch/mixer
  11. Matt announced that a new patch should be out next week to fix the new issues caused by the patch.
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