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  1. People are still roof glitching at Pacanack and Crystal Lake.
  2. It was as a quote from the live twitch stream today but it could be an actual emoji selection.
  3. A possible solution to Jason teaming could lie within the menu options. If and when a person sets their preference to Jason the devs could create a setting that would not allow them to join a party, create one or be invited to one. They would just be allowed to select quick play. I don’t know what effect this would have on match making or on the people who place there setting on “no preference” but it would cut down on teaming lobbies for sure. I don’t like how dead by daylight does their lobbies so that’s out of the question. That method would kill matchmaking. Just a suggestion. Would like to hear others thoughts.
  4. Can you fix the Pinehurst, Franklin cannon glitch by the rock and fence please!
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