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  1. true. also u can’t always be on the ball. also other factors like having the right controller n figuring out perfect sensitivity for you’re hands muscle tissue response takes time to adjust. it’s all very technical lol. good times......good times. 🙂
  2. Today Sun april 14th I tried to get into quick matches and me and others couldn’t load normally into game. one game it was just me vs one person as all others dropped. its almost 10.pm. trying to uninstall reinstall. also set lvl to 0 but I have tapes plus patches. soooo. maybe will be better later. curious if only dealing with this. i’m on east coast in connecticut.
  3. Maybe Friday the 13th style map sizes with custom maps for each killer. then you can have a mode where both killers kill as many unlucky ppl as possible. the more who can get more flesh and blood into a dark portal machine can escape back to what ever dimension of horror they came from. some type of head to head where it’s vs each other to kill more players. you could go against each other but like jason will come back but will be a spawn time penalty depending on how u are hurt or if you’re finished off by other psycho. then we could possible see a real freddy vs jason fight while survivors are also being killed. also so maybe weird monster spawns like the classic un-stoppable blob. gets bigger with each kill. this could be a stand alone game or a sequel to DBD or new game. I def would love to be able to work on a team. these are just scraps of ideas I have that have influence from tons of games i’ve played over the years since duke nukem online and of course The man Mario with lungs of steel.
  4. I love everything Jason. as seen via my interesting Fry container guy wearing a jason mask. I say say we all blow up Friday the 13th twitter and all who were involved and tell them we all are here and we support this series. Like when kick starter was going. Its like a Fire you get it started. Great well you need to keep it going. Keep stoking the Fire. we may have hit snags but that’s when we need to work at our hardest. Id say start by releasing the Savini Skin and jason X skin at the new cap level. To draw people in. make some new modes like league modes or ladder matches. maybe add more context kills. maybe even design some new maps that may have not been from the movies. like modern day crystal lake. also use the more up to date modern jason map from the mid 2000s. I’m tired at the moment so bare with me. we all need to put on our thinking caps. maybe add freddy Krueger to the game with nightmare on elm street maps. so get new line cinema or whoever did it and have a cross over. then have a freddy vs jason mode where they compete to see who kills more people. something innovative. lets brain storm. the series can be great again. I may have missed the kickstarter do to wrist injury and loss of job but I want to show my dedication as a true loyal fan and keep jason in the ring where he belongs. a champion.
  5. Ok I know This Topic Was Defiantly Was Beat more beaten to a pulp more times then all the counselors Through out the Friday The 13th series. However I Will give it a stab. Ive been a fan of the series since I was a kid. I’m 36 years now going on 37. I watched the movies when i was a kid cause well my parents were cool. Also I thought jason was cool. Just a bad @## person. I felt for him as he was pretty much murdered and was just seeking revenge. so to my point. Video games are for fun right. we all agree on that. Also we agree it was cool that people who at the time were able to back the game helped a lot. we can agree on that also. I would have but I had a wrist injury was forced out of my work cause of a corrupt boss at a popular package distribution company. so i had to go without games for a year. I was watching the kick starter go on and was sad as I knew i’d never get cool stuff that usually gets released with stuff like this or promotional things. so yes we all agree that people who backed the game deserve kudos. However what excluding people who either missed out cause of unforeseen circumstances or people who are new to the game and want to have fun and continue to support the game as well as be fully immersed in everything friday the 13th does is in short exclude from 100% of the fun. lets not kidd ourselves. This won’t help anyone. What this will do is make the game Toxic. They could have given Backers signed autographs of the whole cast and crew. they still can. and maybe even a mask all broken in savini style signed by everyone that can. Then do do the cool thing and sell the savini jason dlc and all other dlc every friday the 13th. If we come to a common ground we can all enjoy the spirit of friday the 13th. also he more people that can buy dlc will help pay for a sequel. I’d like to see a jason vs freddy mode maybe where they both see who can kill more people. something out of the box. Either way way games are supposed to be enjoyed to the fullest. I’m sure everyone even the people who backed the game would agree if they are true gamers and kind souls that all content should be able to be purchased. that way we can all continue to pour support into all the masterpieces that come our way from the eventual series of Friday the 13th. I guess that’s all I have to say at the moment. Hope I am not the only one that feels this way. Long live Gaming and the friendship it brings. Game exclusives like this should be able to be enjoyed by all the fans. Trust me t makes sense. Been a gamer since I played mario on the nintendo. Like the farmers commercial I’ve seen a thing or two. I know dividing people as gamers will eventually make things toxic. let’s save the toxicity for walstreet or chemicals not the video gaming community. 🧐
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