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  1. There already is an option to disable rain in Private Matches. I'm just saying I wish the option was in Offline mode.
  2. Yeah Pamela would be fun. Unfortunately the devs hate such a good game. Dunno what happened to that quote I quoted from clone lol
  3. I'd really like to see this as a thing because not only does it sometimes reduce FPS, but (copied from a steam discussion that I commented this on) Without the rain, it gives me a good sense of nostalgia, because it makes it look like it did when it first came out. Sometimes when I get a game without rain, I just let the moonlight shine on Part 3 Jason's face and it gives me a nostalgia overload. Especially on Higgins Haven I really like the look of the game without rain, sometimes I just make Jason stare into the moonlight without rain, and the sight of it is just mesmerising. IMO, the look of the game in the moonlight WITHOUT rain is good at any time. Like in this screenshot. An option to disable rain in the offline bots gamemode would be fantastic.
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