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  1. They use hiding spots when I can clearly see them, and they don't come out. I just had a 5 minute standoff waiting for deborah to get the fuck out of a cupboard to get a good looking kill on her and she never came out. Update on this: Yes I've used stalk and in the past it worked, but now it seems to be bugged, they don't leave for the entire game, I had to search an entire camp for a bot counselor and it was only when there was three minutes left when it showed up that they had been in a cupboard the entire time.
  2. It's absolute trash rn Also add the option to disable rain in bots lol
  3. The bots just decide to turn around at the last second and see you and then run away from the place where you get the prompt to do a special kill. Even when they're in a ai path that doesn't make them turn around.
  4. Aight y'all can you just stop getting off topic and talking about dedicated servers? I just want to know, is there ANY hope of me being able to get a good nostalgia experience with this game again, if they just simply give us access to the the game with the old engine. They're meant to satisfy their customers, no?
  5. Unpopular opinion of mine, but I really hate the look of Uber Jason, I would like his kills, but if they were to add a new Jason, I would easily have to say I want it to be from the 2009 reboot, he looked the most badass in that
  6. No I didn't ask that as you can see, I asked for offline bots but with the older engine, I didn't say anything about dedicated servers, just that offline bots would be good because I won't really be able to experience the old graphics if I don't have a game to get into, because not many players are on anymore, even on the dedicated servers, which really don't do much anyway
  7. I'm sure most people will agree with me here, that the old engine was absolutely much better. It wasn't at the time, but now I can see so clearly how the newer engine has destroyed the game. Anti-Aliasing is atrocious now, the new intros suck (old intros were much more HD and good looking), the colors are messed up (example, Part 3 Jason's shirt is basically entirely black now, instead of a dark, blue-ish green). But then, it could just be me, because I really liked the old engine, I didn't at the time, but I feel I would now, for nostalgia purposes, to make the game look like it did when it first came out. I loved the old grabbing, new one annoys me with the little sound effect that occurs every time you grab a counselor. And another thing with the older engine, the ragdolls in kill animations! The counselors used to turn into a ragdoll as soon as they hit the floor they were standing on, but now they wait until the animation is done, causing them to glitch into the floor. Being able to go back to the old engine would be great, but of course with the addition of offline bots, because not many online lobbies have active players these days..
  8. Don't get me wrong, I love Part 3 Jason and his lumpy forehead, but I kinda feel like different Jason's would look cooler, particularly the ones you use. Kinda like how in Mordhau your character appears on the main menu.
  9. Trident, but I don't have savini anymore because they patched that winmm.dll file. I had no idea it was bannable. But it's fair enough. I feel like they should add a pitchfork to use the trident kills with, because thats what they originally had in mind I think, as seen in the XIII kills trailer he does the same kills but with a pitchfork. Seems like a more Jason-themed weapon.
  10. I've been trying to find the perfect settings that help me rewind back to when the game first came out. And I just found a screenshot I uploaded back at the time I'm thinking of. Can anyone that is really good at graphics settings tell me what are being used in the screenshot? I want those settings to use in the game to give me a nostalgic experience. (No, I wasn't hacking or some shit lol I just morphed and accidentally timed it so well that I got on top of the car. Anyone?
  11. Lmao this made me chuckle. This post does seem like someone almost begging to get banned lol
  12. Theres a player going around on the Aussie servers which I won't provide you with the username because I doubt naming and shaming is allowed on here, but this player is a fake Savini user and also has access to Uber Jason, and I've been told by other mates that he deliberately gets a kick out of running people down in the car.
  13. Me and a full party of 8 players spent about 20 minutes searching for the AU server. We eventually gave up and went to private match which had absolute atrocious ping, we went back to matchmaking and finally found an AU server
  14. Agreed, it could also give counselors some training on combat with Jason. As they'll all be close together and they will have to defend the person fixing the escape objectives.
  15. Another issue, that I've reported on JasonKillsBugs, but hasn't been listed, the music from these kills isn't affected by the music volume slider, causing it to be VERY loud: Rugby Player, All Shears weapon kills, and all pickaxe DLC kills. And another one, with bots. I believe bots are only meant to have 1 pocket knife if they have any at all, but sometimes right before they are grabbed by Jason, they quickly trigger a firecracker throw, which throws it behind Jason, when Jason staggers backwards in the pocket knife pulling animation, if he staggers into the radius of the firecrackers, it seems to CANCEL the use of the pocket knife, giving the bot a second use for one knife.
  16. The full nostalgia experience, but with bots, so you don't need the crazy waiting times lol. Also you're picture that appears at the bottom of your posts, reminded me of the old customisation screens. They looked so much better, so much more HD. The new ones just look terrible and... idk.. bright? They looked better with the smooth lighting.
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