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  1. eh i just wish there was a way we could ALWAYS do it, just by ourselves, without having to gather friends to allow you to do it...
  2. you think it would also be possible to implement all the new options for private matches, but into offline bots? I'd like to do that, it'll be like a sandbox for Jason, starting with rage and just unrelentingly hunting down those pesky bots. Even an offline counselor mode would be cool, doesn't need to have some new Jason bot, I'd just like to roam around the map as a counselor, looking for parts in the quiet foggy night.
  3. Haha yeah thats annoying as hell. I'd end a game and it would say I killed like 15/8 lol
  4. An absolutely heartbreaking question, but I just haven't heard much lately, and I was told by MattShotcha (think thats how to spell it) that he'd forward along my idea to be able to disable rain all together or just in bots, but they still don't seem to have done anything on it yet..
  5. A trade off that I'm willing to take, thats how desperate I am to go back to the old times in the game lol.
  6. My god. Such wasted potential. Well, we will see what the future brings. I just want the old graphics and everything that was there before the new shitty engine lul
  7. All I want is them to bring the old engine back with the old graphics, animations, intros and customisation screens, as well as keeping bots in, because I won't be able to experience all the old stuff that returned if I had to wait an eternity to get in an EMPTY lobby.
  8. AND MOST OF ALL JUST FIX THE GRAPHICS WITH THE ANTI ALIASING AND EVERYTHING LOL. Just make everything look like it did when it came out. I miss it so damn much. Or at least give us a build with the old graphics but add offline bots to it.
  9. Bots have a glitch which I haven't got a clue if it still lurks around the Camp. Y'know how bots throw firecrackers RIGHT before you grab them? They still throw it even if they're not in the animation anyway. And in the grabbed animation, they're facing you, so they throw it behind you. If they had a utility knife and break out of your grasp with it, you stagger backwards in the knife stun animation, and you stagger into the radius of the firecrackers. Your FOV stuffs up like there's some invisible wall around near you, and when you stagger into the firecracker radius, it straight up CANCELS the use of their pocket knife. You go to grab them again and surprise they have another one. I'm pretty sure this is a bug anyway because I wouldn't expect bots to get 2 knives. Especially since this has happened in EASY bots mode.
  10. I do the same. I never break generators, I just like the look of the camp with the lights on, I actually try to position myself/Jason to be on a good angle where a light is shining in a good angle. Kills in houses look terrible when there is no light.
  11. Posting here too because from experience they don't read my reports on Jason Kills Bugs Bots sometimes freeze in place at the front door to a cabin, once they freeze, they will never move for the rest of the game unless jason harms them or grabs them. Bots also hide in hiding spots such as closets and outhouses when I am decently far from them, and they are completely unable to exit the hiding spots for the rest of the game, resulting in a boring and long match, waiting to get rage, only to reveal that they are glitched in a hiding spot.
  12. I've asked for the better anti aliasing countless times but didn't get much of a response. Is it a hard thing to achieve or is it just some simple coding or something
  13. Just wondering because I'm really not liking the current look, I really hate the anti aliasing. Even on epic settings it's like I'm playing terraria or something Also, I suck at technology and all that so even if it was allowed, I wouldn't be able to do it 😅 Another thing I have forgotten to talk about but have known about it for a while, is a glitch that I believe occurs every single time the "Shishkebab" kill is used. It looks like a second spear appears inside the original and now bloodied spear, and it kind of flickers between places and looks like it's flashing. I would upload a video to show what happens but the max upload size is equivalent to a pube hair
  14. The option to disable rain already exists in private matches, but it can only be disabled or enabled by the host, I'd like to see an option to just turn it off in settings, so I can play without it in offline bots as well.
  15. About 5 or 6 times in a row, I restart the match in hopes to get no rain, yet it gives me rain each time, I hate the look of the rain, blah blah blah, can't be bothered explaining it all again, its in one of my previous posts, but please PLEASE make us able to disable rain altogether... And also please fix anti aliasing lol I want the game to look like it did when it first came out
  16. It is a shame. This game had HUGE potential, and Camp Forest Green seems like a nice map. Would've loved that.
  17. 😐 Got some bad news for you, kid. It don't exist and never will because this game can't get none more content
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