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  1. On 5/25/2020 at 10:37 PM, Top_Cat said:

    Pretty sure everything is one per match. You can do multiple things per match to add one to each. One car fix, one boat, electric box, hit Jason with bat etc.


    You’re best off just playing the game and not worry about them. You’ll have all the badges, tapes, trophies/achievements before you even get the 500 Jason match trophy/achievement. Then you’ll have over 500 Jason matches left with nothing else to aim for if you want the platinum achievement. 

    usually i prioritise my badge progress, like running to stun jason with firecrackers, boat repairs, boat escapes, hiding in a hiding spot once, and jump through a closed window, all that in the same match, if i prioritise the badges why wouldnt that be faster?

  2. 3 hours ago, Top_Cat said:

    It sounds dumb but its actually a good idea:

    I remember when the game launched and teamers would start the car and Jason would stop it & they’d keep doing it till the round ended. Same with the boat. To cheat and get the badges quicker. Plus ruining any matches where one is Jason. 

    I’m not sure if they changed the badges to 1 credit a match to counter this or if the teamers were unaware it only counted once.

    You’d still be seeing teamers doing that now if more than one credit per match was awarded. 

    What about repairs? Do they count one per game?

    Like if I repair both propellor and fill the gas tank of the boat, in one game, will it only count as one?

  3. I made a previous discussion about this but feel I didnt get much reponse on where to report them, I have their steam account, they left the game before I could record it unfortunately, I'll try to get another game with him to record it


    My hatred to him originally started because he was talking shit to one of my female friends in my F13 group, saying he's "coming for them cheeks", and he was gonna have a "good time" with her. He then continued to antagonise another one of my mates, and he said "mate i can literally hear the salt coming from you", as he giggled and laughed while you could hear him shaking his hands in psychotic excitement. He then was playing as savini jason, and performed one of the unreleased kills on my friend, the one where Jason slams his pitchfork on the floor and throws the counselor on top of it. It looks bad without proof, but I'm gonna try to get a video of it, maybe theres some way to inspect his profile from the link and maybe devs can see his activity in the game somehow? Idk I don't understand much about online stuff lmao but ill try to get a video for now

  4. On 4/16/2020 at 9:39 AM, SteveChristy said:

    It was bugged at one time, but that was long ago. As I recall (someone feel free to correct me) there was one kill that either couldn't be done, or wouldn't register as being done, which stopped the trophy/achievement from popping. A patch corrected the problem, and I remember getting the trophy right after. Keep in mind, as @OCT 31 1978 pointed out, there are certain variations of the corner slam kill that have to be done at different locations. It's the same animation every time, but the object you're doing it on counts as a separate kill.

    This is a good list to refer to; http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10137-kill-list-updated/


    ooooohhh... so the kill where you grab their head and smash their face into a wall a few times, the animation also can be done on one of the walls outside packanack lodge, but are you saying that it also has to be done in other spots like the fence in front of higgins barn?

  5. On 8/29/2017 at 1:08 AM, hu_soldier13 said:

    Higgins Haven – Barn fence – Face smash

    That kill is also on part of the Packanack lodge in one of the packanack maps, also can perform that kill on the supports of the cabin that Ginny is grabbed in by Jason at the end of Part 2, but does the credit not count for that kill unless its on the fence at higgins barn?

  6. Otherwise we have no idea if you're working on bugs or things we'd like to see..

    For instance, I was told about a year ago by Matt Shotcha that he could forward along my idea of adding an option to disable rain in offline bots, I haven't heard anything about it actually being implemented into the game...

    The whole "entering a firecracker's stun radius while being stunned backwards by a bot counselor's pocket knife cancels the use of the pocket knife" is still a thing, and the music stuff where the kill animations from the shears weapon, the DLC pickaxe kills, and the Rugby Player kill, the music is unaffected by the music volume, and the music and other sounds from those kill animations are DEAFENING, they're cool kill animations too, but I can't use them because they're so damn loud..

  7. I got a link to the steam profile of a russian "man" that plays DEAFENING russian heavy metal songs over his microphone,  he instantly got out of a stun from Pamela's sweater, where you have to spam E until your wrist hurts.

    He quits any time hes not jason, and when he knew we were gonna get revenge on him he just committed suicide..


    This is the link, idk where to report players so im putting it here

    [Nope, removed by forum staff]

  8. I originally didn't know it was a stupid thing to do because of my utter lack of common sense, but some random ass dude just came up to me on steam and messaged me that he had the file that gives you dlc clothing, emotes, medium bloody skins, and even our beloved Savini Jason. (Obviously the file is long gone now)

    He actually asked me to pay for it and again due to my complete lack of common sense, I went down to 7/11 and bought a steam gift card and he gave the file to me, and it worked so I gave him the code for the gift card and stuff.

    It's only just occurred to me that its annoying how now that no one can get that file anymore, I basically wasted $20 on that day to something that was going to be banned anyway lol.

    Storytime's over


    Also hell nah I'm not sooking like "ooooooh i paid for that gimme my money" I'm just sharin the info of how damn dumb I was lol.

    But yeah the files gone now so nothing we can really do..

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