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  1. Just wondering because I'm really not liking the current look, I really hate the anti aliasing. Even on epic settings it's like I'm playing terraria or something Also, I suck at technology and all that so even if it was allowed, I wouldn't be able to do it 😅 Another thing I have forgotten to talk about but have known about it for a while, is a glitch that I believe occurs every single time the "Shishkebab" kill is used. It looks like a second spear appears inside the original and now bloodied spear, and it kind of flickers between places and looks like it's flashing. I would upload a video to show what happens but the max upload size is equivalent to a pube hair
  2. The option to disable rain already exists in private matches, but it can only be disabled or enabled by the host, I'd like to see an option to just turn it off in settings, so I can play without it in offline bots as well.
  3. About 5 or 6 times in a row, I restart the match in hopes to get no rain, yet it gives me rain each time, I hate the look of the rain, blah blah blah, can't be bothered explaining it all again, its in one of my previous posts, but please PLEASE make us able to disable rain altogether... And also please fix anti aliasing lol I want the game to look like it did when it first came out
  4. It is a shame. This game had HUGE potential, and Camp Forest Green seems like a nice map. Would've loved that.
  5. 😐 Got some bad news for you, kid. It don't exist and never will because this game can't get none more content
  6. They use hiding spots when I can clearly see them, and they don't come out. I just had a 5 minute standoff waiting for deborah to get the fuck out of a cupboard to get a good looking kill on her and she never came out. Update on this: Yes I've used stalk and in the past it worked, but now it seems to be bugged, they don't leave for the entire game, I had to search an entire camp for a bot counselor and it was only when there was three minutes left when it showed up that they had been in a cupboard the entire time.
  7. It's absolute trash rn Also add the option to disable rain in bots lol
  8. The bots just decide to turn around at the last second and see you and then run away from the place where you get the prompt to do a special kill. Even when they're in a ai path that doesn't make them turn around.
  9. Aight y'all can you just stop getting off topic and talking about dedicated servers? I just want to know, is there ANY hope of me being able to get a good nostalgia experience with this game again, if they just simply give us access to the the game with the old engine. They're meant to satisfy their customers, no?
  10. Unpopular opinion of mine, but I really hate the look of Uber Jason, I would like his kills, but if they were to add a new Jason, I would easily have to say I want it to be from the 2009 reboot, he looked the most badass in that
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