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  1. @mattshotcha Damn, I was looking forward to this update. Did you forward my idea of the disabling rain option like you said?
  2. Agreed, I think this is just an impatient kid that dies every round because he don't know how to swing at Jason :v
  3. Yeah the anti aliasing looks shit on pc, they need to improve it. Also another graphics related bug, whenever a bot counselor lights firecrackers, there is a large lag spike during the lighting sequence until they throw the firecrackers away.
  4. I know I should be reporting this to Jason kills bugs, but they don't really seem to communicate and give a shit about what I have to say, and I never know if they've read it or not, they don't tell us anywhere what bugs have been reported. (This bug hasn't been tested in online, only offline bots.)
  5. Well said. But now I'm fucking scared I'm gonna get banned for something that I didn't realise was bannable back in the day :v
  6. Fml giving others something and others nothing is absolutely unfair. I don't want him for the stats and shit, I just want him because I love Tom Savini and the kill animations. I just always get attacked online when stating my opinion. Literally always. Anyway, I don't want to make enemies, I haven't been on this forum for long, I guess there's nothing I can do get Savini back. I just want the kills after all
  7. Why disapprove? I'm just speaking up for those who didn't get him, its just not fair.
  8. If I didn't have a right to him, who did? It's just silly, I didn't even have the game when he was available for purchase, its stupidly unfair. How come others get to enjoy the fun of him, but I don't? We get punished for trying to have fun that others get to experience but we don't? Seriously, fucking stupid.
  9. If anyone knows, I would like to know when the next update/patch will be released, or at least what will be coming with the update. I want to see if my idea of an option to disable rain in offline mode is going to be implemented.
  10. It's just a small thing, I understand theres a few other bugs but this is really small, so it shouldn't take much time to fix. They just have to recolor the blood decals and change the order of appearance of blood in the kill.
  11. This is exactly what we need!! Basically a sandbox mode if you will. But I suppose it's counted as new content, isn't it?
  12. A zombies mode? Like Call of Duty? Just gotta survive the longest? I just want an offline counselor mode with a bot Jason, OR no Jason, just a single Counselor, so you can get used to the map and stuff
  13. I don't know if this is counted as a bug or just a suggestion to change the look of blood. Right now, blood decals that are put onto environments like walls, are brown instead of red, also they are faded and hard to see. (Shown in first image) Aside from this, the order in which the blood decals appear on a counselor during the "Eviscerate" kill, are out of order. The first hit is when the machete enters the counselor's neck, some blood appears on the neck, the machete moves DOWN the counselor's body, but no blood appears until the third time Jason slices down, then after that the blood that should have appeared during the second slice appears. As seen in these images, the blood that should appear at the chest, only appears once the Machete reaches the stomach. And in the image below, the wall-head-crush kill was used on Adam, but the blood is very faded.
  14. IMO, kills only look good on some of the counselors. Which are only all of the ones from when the game first came out. Because I think it takes me back to when it came out, this combined with the option to disable rain I mentioned in a recent post, would make the ultimate nostalgic F13 experience.
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