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  1. Me and a full party of 8 players spent about 20 minutes searching for the AU server. We eventually gave up and went to private match which had absolute atrocious ping, we went back to matchmaking and finally found an AU server
  2. Agreed, it could also give counselors some training on combat with Jason. As they'll all be close together and they will have to defend the person fixing the escape objectives.
  3. Another issue, that I've reported on JasonKillsBugs, but hasn't been listed, the music from these kills isn't affected by the music volume slider, causing it to be VERY loud: Rugby Player, All Shears weapon kills, and all pickaxe DLC kills. And another one, with bots. I believe bots are only meant to have 1 pocket knife if they have any at all, but sometimes right before they are grabbed by Jason, they quickly trigger a firecracker throw, which throws it behind Jason, when Jason staggers backwards in the pocket knife pulling animation, if he staggers into the radius of the firecrackers, it seems to CANCEL the use of the pocket knife, giving the bot a second use for one knife.
  4. The full nostalgia experience, but with bots, so you don't need the crazy waiting times lol. Also you're picture that appears at the bottom of your posts, reminded me of the old customisation screens. They looked so much better, so much more HD. The new ones just look terrible and... idk.. bright? They looked better with the smooth lighting.
  5. Where do I go for the beyond streams? Also wouldn't I get banned or something if I keep making discussions on here about my idea constantly?
  6. I felt the exact same way when I bought the game, I thought playing counselor was boring as hell, and only wanted to play Jason. So I just stopped playing the game because I very rarely ever got to be Jason lmao. I regret that immensely. Where can I contact them to keep, as you put it, "bugging" them to add my ideas? I really want my disabling rain desperately because every time I restart my match when its raining, it always comes on again with more rain, and after about 4 restarts the game crashes lol
  7. Righto, also, do they ever tell us what they're gonna be putting in their updates? Because I'm really wanting to know if my suggestion of disabling rain in bots mode will be coming, or more importantly, your idea of that sandbox/scenario creator type thing you talked about. That sounds awesome.
  8. Wait, we will still be able to do private matches after the servers go down, right?
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